$10,000 Ultimate Street Car Challenge in Melbourne, 8th October 2017

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Ultimate Street Car Challenge!!!!The $10,000 Ultimate Street Car Challenge!!!

Heathcote Park Raceway

October. 7th

The format for the day is as follow,

Pre Entry only is now open

80 Cars Cap

Entry for the day will be $150

Spectators $25

Kids under 14 free

11am -1.00pm, Test and Tune
1.30pm – 3.30pm Grudge Racing and callouts (these will be pre arranged amongst competitors on or prior to the day)
4.00-8.00pm Est finish time, Eliminations of the 2 categories of racing

There is 2 classes that can be entered, “True Street” and “Outlaw Street”

Rules are Simple, All cars originally factory v8 can race in street class as long as all other rules are complied with The street class is for regularly driven street cars.

Not cars that throw club plates on to meet the rules but are not street driven regularly. If you fall into this category by all means feel free to enter the outlaw bracket.

True Street Sponsor Michael Konstandinou from ice ignition
235/255 DOT Radial tyre
Must be registered
Must run pump fuel “bowser” ie: United E85 or Pump 98 (no race unleaded or race E85)
must run mufflers (diff dumps are ok)
Must be engineered where engine isn’t standard equipment ie: LC/J Torana, Capri/Cortina with V8

Outlaw Street Sponsor Danko Knezevic Adicted Performance!
– No engineers required in outlaw!
As above BUT race fuels allowed
275 or larger DOT Radial tyre used

The Format
1/8 Mile heads up racing
Pro tree
No prep
Each round is drawn by competitors until there is a winner (out of hat)
Odd numbers Left lane, Even numbers right lane. Paired numbers race each other ie: 1 v 2, 3 v 4 etc Luck of the draw who races who!!!
Winner to go through, loser is out.
Any Bye rounds will be drawn out of hat where applicable.

We will have the 1/8 mile stripe video’d for close finishes and clearly lit up, video reviews will be conducted at the end of each round where necessary. Adjudicators decision is final……
The test and tune and Grudge portion of the day will give every competitor fair and reasonable runs on the day.

The Above info may change!

Johnny Nogas.

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