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International migration has become greatly popular and demanding from the last decade, it has become a common trend and expectation for every young adult to study and eventually permanently migrate to a country away from their own.

The curiosity to migrate rises in many forms, it may be the need to Financially secure your family’s needs, develop an awarding career, obtain education from renowned Institutions outside of your country or simply the necessity for a better quality of life. Where there is a need, there is an increased chance of exploitation.

As the Director of our firm, I wish to address you on our approach to International Migration.


We are a professional team set up from Melbourne Australia with dedicated partners globally. Our Immigration lawyers are accredited and Registered with the Department of Immigration Australia. Globally our representing lawyers are also registered with their relevant governing bodies.


Our focus is to advise on the most reliable and cost effective pathway to migrate. There are many agencies in India currently operating who promise to get you out of India, however are very inconsiderate of your struggles, money and future. Majority of such applicants are advised the wrong courses, wrong universities, wrong visas and eventually become illegal in the country with very little choice to build a strong future. Many of these unfortunately return back to India with a bad status on their passport and are very limited to migrating options for the future, if any.


Our Lawyers aim to meet our customer’s needs and at all times will work with you to help you achieve the best in your decision. Initially we will arrange for a consultation in which we will outline to you the best options available to you and how we can help. You will receive a detailed report of the consultation and recommendations. It is our guarantee to you that we will only guide you of genuine possibilities and not make promises which will lead you in the dark.


It is not possible that you know who to go to in a new country, once you migrate you will constantly need to be in touch with a professional for all your immigration needs for the time that you are in the country. Often you land in a country with a valid visa but are unaware of the limitations involved. There are many young migrants who are directed to fraudulent and unprofessional agents and are not advised of the facts. Many migrants land on a promising visa however are often misguided by such agents and in the long term, bad decisions result in visa cancellations. Your case will be handled from India and from the country of your choice that you apply to and can approach for the correct advice when needed. This is our promise to you.


BEOZ is a firm that values trust, honesty professionalism, positive change, productive ambitions and a promising dedication for our young Punjabi Generation. It has been visible for many years how easily our own people are misguided by our very own people who exploit a young students and his/her family’s needs. This was the core reason for BEOZ to come to India and work with our own people to bring a change for a better future. Our projects will continuously develop to ensure that we work with the younger generation hand in hand and bring change in the areas of education, health awareness and environmental. It is a big dream but every step counts!



A team of Immigration Lawyers,Migration agents and Education Consultants, BEOZ MIGRATION is as diverse as we are knowledgeable. Since the firm’s founding, BEOZ MIGRATION has accepted that the best way to help our clients’ unique legal challenges is for us to understand our clients’ needs and expectations. Read on to learn more about how we can help you, call us today. Your case is important to us.


Let BEOZ MIGRATION be the solution for your Immigration and migration needs. By combining a fundamental understanding of the big picture with the complexity of daily interactions and experiences, our consultants provide proactive solutions to a diversity of clients. Our partners and associates are involved in some of the most innovative, sophisticated, and complex Immigration fields.


Planning to Appeal? We are ready to help. BEOZ MIGRATION has a team of lawyers ready to advise our clients on Legal Advice matters. We are proud to extend our legal experiences to help serve clients.


We’ve been providing Skills Assessments with a broad range of authorities in Australia. We assess your education and employment experience to make sure all your experience and qualifications are assessed against the correct Occupation. With countless successful cases to our name. Skills assessments are critical part of migration therefore we help our clients successfully resolve this hurdle as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Our team of expert education and qualification advisers are highly experienced in pre-assessing your qualifications and employment experience to guide you to the correct occupation as per ANZSCO. Three in Five applicants process their skills assessments independently and fail to choose the correct ANZSCO code.

Some of the most common assessment authorities are listed below. Contact us to get specific advice for you.


“Thank you for your help, it was so hard to find someone to help with how my visa doesn’t get affected if i leave the country for an internship. It was great to have someone help me personally by not just sending me links to look at.”

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