Elmtree Migration Lawyers Melbourne

Elmtree Migration Lawyers Melbourne

Elmtree Migration Lawyers assist clients achieve their ambitions. We specialise in migration law and help clients navigate the Australian visa process.

We Can Speak The Following Languages: English, Hindi.

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Kalpana Sharma Indian Migration Lawyer Melbourne

Lawyer | Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws Monash University

Kalpana Sharma has over 6 years of experience as a Migration Lawyer. Kalpana’s qualifications include a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws from Monash University, a Graduate Certificate of Migration Law from Victoria University and a Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Practice from Leo Cussen Institute.

Kalpana advises on all types of visas including 457, Employer Nominations, Skilled, Partner, Protection and Student Visas, Family Violence Matters and Merits Review Cases.

Kalpana speaks fluent Hindi and is a member of the Law Institute of Victoria.


Business Visa Specialists

As our lawyers also practice corporate and finance law, we are uniquely positioned to provide astute commercial advice for all Business Visa categories (including Significant Investor Visa). Apart from the visa application itself, we help clients navigate the various requirements for business visas and the type of investments that are compliant with Australian migration laws. Elmtree Migration Lawyers understand the whole picture.

Working in Australia (457 and ENS Visas)

The 457 Visa is a work permit that allows businesses to fill skill shortages when local workers aren’t available. It enables employers to hire skilled overseas workers on a temporary basis. Overseas workers can bring their family to Australia and travel in and out of the country during the term of their visa.

An employer must be a Standard Business Sponsor before it can nominate an applicant for a 457 visa.

The 457 Visa allows you to work for an approved Australian employer for up to four years. As well as nomination, other requirements include:

  • Minimum English language ability.
  • Confirmation of the skills needed to carry out the nominated occupation.
  • Arrangement for adequate health insurance.
  • Health checks.

You can apply for this work permit inside or outside of Australia. If you are a worker who would like further advice on the 457 visa process, or an Australian employer who wishes to employ overseas workers, please contact Elmtree Migration Lawyers now.

Business and Investment Visas

Whether your goal is to manage your own business or pursue equity or property investment in Australia, your business skills can enable you to migrate to Australia permanently.  Elmtree Migration Lawyers are uniquely positioned to advise on business visas as we also practice corporate and finance law.  We understand the whole picture.

There are a range of business and investment visas in Australia for applicants with the requisite skills. We can provide you with commercially astute advice on which type of visa  is suitable for your circumstances, what are complying investments and how to achieve permanent residency. For an overview of provisional and permanent business visas, see below:

188 Provisional Business and Investment Visas

188 Provisional business visas are the stepping stone to applying for permanent residency. Provisional visas are temporary and require you to establish/manage a business or make certain investments in Australia. You can travel in and out of Australia for the term of the visa. You can also bring family members with you into Australia.

888 Permanent Business and Investment Visas

Subject to continued compliance with provisional visa requirements, you may be eligible for a 888 permanent business visa. Permanent  visas allow you to stay in Australia indefinitely. After a certain time period, you can then apply for Australian citizenship.

Business and Investment visas have three different streams: Business Innovation, Investor and Significant Investor. Each has differing tests for designated investment amounts, financial thresholds and business skill requirements.  We use our extensive business, finance and migration law knowledge to provide unparalleled insight into your investment plans.

Contact Elmtree Migration Lawyers about your business proposal.  We understand the whole picture.

Partner and Family Visas

Bring the whole family together. Our migration lawyers can assist with Partner Visas, Parent Visas, Child Visas and other family visas.

Student Visas

Explore your options for studying in Australia. We can assist you in obtaining a visa for secondary, tertiary, vocational and English courses.

Refused or Cancelled Visas

If your visa has been refused on cancelled, we can advise on the various legal options available to you and assist in finding a suitable solution.


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