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Suite 1007, Level 10, 125 Swanston Street, VIC 3000, Australia (Opp. Melbourne Town Hall)

  • Tel: 1300 FLY INDIA (1300 359 463)
  • Fax: (03) 9639 2432
  • Email:

Head Office Hours (EST)

  • Mon-Fri: 09:00 am – 06:00 pm
  • Saturday: 10:00 am – 03:00 pm

ABN: 56 392 778 429

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59 Responses to “Gaura Travel Melbourne”

  1. abinay reddy kuchukulla Says:

    i want to fly to HYDERABAD on january6th and return on FEBRUARY 26TH can you guys let me know about fares and my contact number 0433232939, 0466201835

  2. Sanjeev Says:

    I want to two return fare Brisbane to Delhi first week January and return before 10th deb can you find cheap flight any airlines

  3. babal Says:

    hi i want to fly on sunday 27 feb night and want to come back on 26 march to delhi can u tell me the fare by malaysia airlines plz thanx

  4. manu Says:

    i i wanna travel on 10th march to mid april can you tell me price for it from melbourne to delhi

  5. manu Says:

    i i wanna travel on 10th march to mid april can you tell me cheapest price for it from melbourne to delhi

  6. Anonymous Says:

    hi iam charanjit i want travel end of march or starting april for 5 weeks melbourne to delhi we are 2 adults 2 kids under 7 plz tell me the fare thanks

  7. charanjit Says:

    plz tell me the fare of starting april to may adelaide to delhi thanks

  8. Albert Says:

    I want to travel to mumbai on 3/12/2011 and return on 20/01/2012.We are 4 adults and one child. Can you find cheaper tickets for us

  9. sunny Says:

    plz tell me fare of india from 20th of may to 20 th of june

  10. Dipti Vadaliya Says:

    Could you please send the address details of Gaura travel branch office in Adelaide. I would like to enquire about cheapest air-ticket for India-two way.

  11. Sabby Says:

    Hi, we wish to travel from melbourne to delhi , melbourne to mumbai. we are 4 adults. Departure 2nd week of nov 2011 & return date 1st week of jan 2012. Please send me the cheapest quote.

  12. Ajit Singh Says:

    Hi, Actually I am looking for 2 air tickets from Brisbane to Delhi. Departing around 27th Jan 2012 and Returning around 1st March 2012. Is there is any deal around? or how much is the lowest price I can get. Thanx

  13. Ami Says:

    Hi, we wish to travel from Melbourne to Delhi around last week of january and return in first week of march.Please send me the best price.Thx

  14. Bhagwan Says:

    I want a return ticket from Mel- Mumbai and vice versa.
    16 Dec 2011 from Melbourne to Mumbai and 13 Jan 2012 from Mumbai to Melbourne
    Pl. send me best price.
    My contact 0430660100

  15. Balinder singh arya Says:

    Hi i want a return ticket sydney to delhi between 25th jan to 28th 2012 and 25th march to 30 march return. Pl send me a best price thx very much. My phone no is 0430734766

  16. cheenu Says:

    hi i want a return ticket melbourne to delhi.departing around 1 oct and returning around 20th nov.Is there is any deal around? or how much is the lowest price I can get . thx

  17. Bhavesh Says:

    Hi i want a return ticket adelaide to ahmedabad or Mumbai between 5th jan to 20th Jan 2012 and return between 20th feb to 27th feb. Pl send me a best price. thx.

  18. rajya Says:

    Hi i want a return ticket Melbourne to Hyderabad are channi,17th september to october15th or 16th return. pl send me a best no is 0401428452

  19. Navneet Says:

    Hi I want a return ticket melbourne to Delhi from 21 nov to 10 January and one more from 7 dec to 10 January. Both return should be in same flight.plz send me best price. My number is 0415266656

  20. Sunny Says:

    wanna travel melb to delhi, 3 adults on or around 28th Dec’11 and back around 2 Feb’12. any deal around or what best you can offer?

  21. surinder ghotra Says:

    I want one return ticket from adelaide to Delhi in last week of Dec 2011 &one ticket 21 Jan 2011 retun from adelaide to Delhi return sated for both is 10 /02/2012
    Can u please send me adelaide address with phone no

  22. Kamal Says:

    Hi want to go India ( Delhi ) first wek of Jan 2011 n com back after 80 to 90 days plz sent me cheapest any flight . Tanx

  23. sonia Says:

    hey its sonia i want to treval melb to delhi first of jan and back around end of feb plz can u let me know any cheapest fight ,, thanx

  24. RAJA Says:

    I like to fly on 26 nov 2011 and come back within a month, may i know about fares ,

  25. RAJA Says:

    i like to fly on 26 nov 2011 from Melbourne to New Delhi.May i know how much fares and available date.

  26. Dhaval Says:

    Hi , I want to fly on 1 feb and come back back on 29 feb. can you guys send me cheapest fares. thanks

  27. vivek Says:

    I want to know the prices of airline along with i want to stay in thialand for couple of days. plz let me know which flight best for me. and
    Iam expected to fly to india inthe end of jan. awaiting for your call on 0430887771 or
    email to me .

  28. Hardeep Says:

    I want to fly on 10 jan Sydney to Delhi nd come back on feb last. Can u gays send me cheapest fares.thanks

  29. Bally Says:

    I want to go India march and Comeback April plz give me good pri e thanks

  30. Kamlesh Says:

    Hi, am looking fares for melb to amd on 7 th feb and return on 18 th april in singapore air without hold. If u have any deal on this date pls contact me on 0425234605

  31. jatinder kaur Says:

    hi we want to know that from 10th nov 2012 to 20th january 2013 the airfares form Melb to delhi. Plz tell us any cheap aitfares and should be singapore airlines without long stay. if you have any deal on this date plz send in my email.
    thanks a lot.

  32. Naushad Says:

    Hi, Please provide me cheap airfare to mumbai from melbourne from mid march 2013 to end april 2013

    thanks and regards.

  33. ashwani bajaj Says:

    hi i want to know the ticket price from 20 dec 2012 to 4 feb to delhi.if you have any deal on this date plz send me email. thanks

  34. mohan mirasi Says:

    sat shri akaal paaji.hor sunao ki haal . maaf karna angreji nahi aandi meinu.par australia pata nahi kive aa gaya. paji apne kol koi perth toh delhi di koi sasti ji ticket mazood hai. main dec di 4 tareek 2012 nu jana te waapis da pata nahi . mainu iko raste di ticket da kiraya daso. tuhada veer. mirasi

  35. rakesh Says:

    I want to travel Melbourne to New delhi From 20 sep. and back
    in october .Pls send me cheap and best price with all terms and conditions.
    You may also send sms 0426894100

  36. Manisha Says:

    I would like a cheapest ticket you have to india šŸ™‚

    Travelling Melbourne-Delhi
    Departure from mel- 3-11-12
    Arrival to mel from del- 23/11/12

  37. rajwinder Says:

    i want travel melbourne to delhi 15 nov 2012 we r 2 adult and 1 child i want cheap ticket u can send sms on 0430448989

  38. rajwant kaur Says:

    i want travel mel to delhi 15 jan 2013 we r 1 adult and 1 infant i want cheap tickects can u send me mail if u have any airlines ticket email me anytime thanks

  39. merwyn noronha Says:

    Hi My wife n myself travel every year to bangalore from perth on 21st dec and return back to perth on 7th jan. Cud you pls give us the best rates Thx

  40. ramesh nath Says:

    hi,i woul like know about cheap flight melbourne to delhi 28 or 29 jan 2013 pls contact on my no

  41. alka tyagi Says:

    i would like to travel to delhi
    departing on 2 feb and eturning on 15 send me fares .you can ring me on my mob 0403532896

  42. gurminder Says:

    Hi i want to travel melbourne to delhi from 25th july to 22nd august please provide me cheap rates . Thanx

  43. Jasdeep singh Says:

    Hello Mate I want to knoe about the fare of October last week one way from Melbourne to Delhi just confirm me asap so that I can book a ticket for October .Thnx Jasdeep .It can be from 20th of October to 30th of October.

  44. Anonymous Says:

    I want go to Delhi at 3rd of Dec.&i want come back 18th of Dec.can u tell me about air fares…thanks

  45. Srinivas Says:

    would like to go to India during December 2013 – Jan 2014 for a 1 Month Trip. what is the cheapest fare I can get with the proposed dates. we are 2 Adults + 1 Child of 13 Years and another child of 8 Years.


  46. Harpreet singh Says:

    I would like to go to india on 22 feb and wants to return on 7-8 april,
    Can u let me know about reasonable ticket price thanks

  47. rajan Says:

    Hi I want to go India 13 Nov And back on 15 Dec and 4 ticts

  48. inderpal singh Says:

    hi i want to fly new delhi on december 7th & return on march 7th can u please let me know about fares thanku so much.

  49. Apurva Says:

    Hi, would like to enquire the price for Singapore airlines flying between 1/12/2014 from Melbourne to Ahmedabad as well as according return flight on 20/1/2015.

  50. Sunny Says:

    Hi ,I want to travel Mel to Delhi…..11,12,13,14, jan 2015 any 4 day…….and returen back 5th march…,iff you have a any good deal plz let me know……my mobile no 0425191823 …..!

  51. Ramesh Says:

    Hi I want to travel on 16/02/2015 and return 7/03/2015

    from Melbourne to Bangalore and Bangalore to Melbourne pl ring me about price or e-mail
    Mob 0411733624

  52. sakshi khurana Says:

    hi there,

    i m looking for job i have 6 year experience in reservations with my Indian company and 3 month with Australian company .please let me know if there is any position available for me ..

  53. Krishna Negi Says:

    Hi I want Melbourne to Delhi in 23rd,of Nov. Back to Melbourne after three weeks like 15 th Dec.for one person only Please find a cheaper flights laugage minimum 30kg 7-8. Kg hand luggage please send into my email address all quotes

  54. Jacob Says:


    I am looking for cheap tickets for 4 (2 adults 2 kids)from melbourne to chennai. Dates from 22/06 to 10/07. Please let me know. Thanks.

  55. sohaan Says:

    I Am looking for cheap tickets for 4( 2 adults 2 kids) from Melbourne to Delhi 23november to 15feb please

  56. sohaan Says:

    Hi I want Melbourne to delhi 15jun to 23 September one person only please find a cheap flights

  57. Vikram Says:


    I want to travel from Melbourne to Hyderabad with a family of 4.
    2 Adults and 2 kids.

    Date of Journey : Somewhere around 15th Dec 2016.

    Date of Return : 1st of Feb 2017.(Flexible)

    Can you get me the best deal please.


  58. naseernaskar Says:

    I would like fly to chennai from melbourne 5 adults give me cheapest best deal for the period of 17 jan 2017 to 27 feb 2017

  59. Maria Says:

    I would like to fly from Melbourne to Mumbai on the 23rd of October 2016 and return on the 10th of January 2017. Please get me the best deal. Thanks.

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