Halal Homes Hoppers Crossing, Melbourne, VIC

Halal Homes Hoppers Crossing, Melbourne, VIC

Halal Homes is an attempt to show a true picture of self-reliant and An Interest-free lands for our dearest clients.

While offering you affordable residential lands along planned commercial, recreational, and health facilities for its residents.

Halal Homes is the finest return on your investment by eliminating the burden of interest and mortgages.

Who we are

We’d like to believe that our concept of “Interest-free” land is the reason of our success.

That is why simply word of mouth is creating our popularity among the professionals who are looking for great place to live in Australia. That is why we always strive to give best services and standards we provide.

Our lands are specifically chosen, based on the needs of Professionals looking for the perfect place.


For those who desire to live in the Healthy place, without any hassle of city life. We are giving best space to them for their dreamlands.

The vision of Halal Homes is building the future by brightening the local diversity, promoting and creating a healthy living style through sustainable architecture.

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