Diwali 2017 in Brisbane, 10th October 2017

Diwali 2017 – The Indian Festival of Lights Hosted by Federation of Indian Communities of Queensland (FICQ) | Australia

Sangeet Mela in Brisbane, 2nd September 2017

Hello Everyone, We cordially invite you, your friends & family to Support & join us for Sangeet Mela 2017.Children are warmly welcomed for a Joyous Celebration. Sangeet Mela is Australia’s premiere Indian classical music and dance festival featuring both Hindustani and Carnatic styles. EARLY BIRD PRESALE Use Promocode : SM10 10% Early Bird Discount applies […]

The Wangaratta Dance Festival in Wangaratta, 21st October 2017

Full program of Theatrical events for troupes and solos as well as Ballroom (Dancesport) events. Kid Friendly

Southern Cup in Melbourne, 27th August 2017

Welcome to the Southern Cup for August – our 2nd event for the Dancesport Development Circuit In Victoria! With 4 events planned for 2017, this is your opportunity to have a great day of dancing, gain valuable insight thru the Development Judging system, and also…. There are Prizes for the competitors with the most circuit […]

Dance 101 Winter Glow in Melbourne, 29th – 30th July 2017

One of our favourite events of the year – the GLOW PARTY! This year, we will glow in the middle of winter. DANCE 101 HQ will be decked out in special black light so your neon clothing, painting and artwork will truly pop. Award winning face and body painter Elenavation is back to celebrate with […]

Bryan Kest’s 3hr Power Yoga Master Class 2017 in Melbourne, 20th August

Bryan Kest’s 3HR Power Yoga Master Class is a well-rounded flowing asana practice integrating mental practices that enhance everyday living. The class is intended to invigorate your body and help you practice developing a calm, less reactive state of mind with dynamic flowing routines. In a Power Yoga workshop, you are encouraged to focus on […]

Detox Flow Vinyasa with Les Leventhal in Melbourne, 22nd July 2017

Opening the hips begins by cultivating awareness of the challenges we hold in our hips and pelvic region. While we work to release this tension, we can begin to relax and strengthen the quads, the inner and outer muscles of the thighs and also stretch the hamstrings. While unlocking this area of our body, we will […]

Limitless: Beyond the Mind with Duncan Peak in Melbourne, 13th August 2017

A workshop that focuses on developing the attitude of unlimited potential within through the understanding of the mind, its nature and how to detach from it. We’ll explore the way our mind functions, identifying causes of suffering, with practices and meditations to reduce turbulence in the mind. Commencing with a discussion around the four functions […]

YOGA Foundations Workshop in Melbourne, 5th August 2017

Learn about the foundations of our yoga practice. Get to know your up dog from your down dog and how to move with ease through your practice and flows. Then become completely relaxed when we finish our practice with a Yoga Nidra meditation. In this workshop you will be introduced to the foundations of our […]

Breathwork & Sound Healing with Christian Dimarco in Melbourne, 25th August 2017

This will be a beautiful evening exploring consciousness using breath and sound. You will be fully supported and guided into the practice of connected breathing. A powerful, safe and gentle breathing technique, it is a perpetual, unbroken breathing rhythm practiced with consciousness. This simple technique is a doorway to our subconscious and to becoming aware […]

Sound Journey with Christian Dimarco in Melbourne, 20th August 2017

Greetings Tribe. This sound healing will harness the sounds and pure vibrations of the ancient Didjeridu, native flutes, vocal overtones, and tibetan singing bowls. Using the power of sound frequencies and breath work we will bridge the realms of the subconscious, heart and higher self, where the inner journey of self healing and manifestations can […]

We Work This Shop Jul 30 in Melbourne 2017

We Work This Shop is a free weekly poetry & spoken word workshop hosted by Melbourne Spoken Word. It’s a space open to anyone to bring a piece for feedback and workshopping in a safe and constructive environment. We begin each session with a free write and then each participant is able to share a […]

PAPER WAVES – Waffle Irongirl – Theme in Melbourne, 5th August 2017

This one’s gonna be scrumptious, ravenous, yummy, lecker, tasty, salted caramel, hot chocolate, red wine, halal snack pack, delectable, enticing, well-seasoned, mouthwatering, palatable, nectarous, appetizing, savory, sweet, spicy and luscous. How much fun are you going to have with this theme? That was a rhetorical question, btw. I’m so hungry for what yopu are gonna […]

MSW Workshop in Melbourne, 18th July 2017

Melbourne Spoken Word presents the next in our series of workshops, this month with Amanda Anastasi on preparing a poetry book manuscript. So, you want to put together a poetry book. There is much to consider before you ask the question: Should I self-publish or submit to a publisher? This workshop will focus on the […]

Melbourne Spoken Word presents Sierra DeMulder (USA) in Melbourne, 20th August 2017

Melbourne Spoken Word presents Sierra de Mulder (USA) with support form a powerhouse line-up of Melbourne spoken word artists. Sierra DeMulder is an internationally touring performance poet and educator, a two-time National Poetry Slam champion, and a thrice-published author of The Bones Below, New Shoes on a Dead Horse (2010, 2012, Write Bloody Publishing), and […]

Birth Your Passion For Sensitive Souls in Melbourne, 14th August 2017

Do you have a passion or a dream but you struggle to take steps towards it due to the extreme feelings of vulnerability that come up when you do? During three fortnightly sessions we will each vision our unique gifts and offerings, and develop an understanding of how we can best manifest this vision. This […]

Speak Up 6-week in Melbourne, 30th August 2017

From writing to performance, Speak Up is a 6-week journey through the depths and power of the self through Spoken Word. Are you ready to be Totally and Utterly Yourself? To shine without fear of your own light? To be Creative, Vulnerable and Radically Authentic…. no matter how many people are watching you? Dive into […]

Buddhist Meditation Shambhala/Kalachakra in Melbourne, 25th July 2017

The Buddhist Kalachakra (lit. ‘Wheel of Time’) tantra is a Buddhist system of philosophy and meditation which aims at developing a stable mind, insight & wisdom, compassion and immutable bliss. It was initially taught by the Buddha to Suchandra, the King of Shambhala and is now practised in all Tibetan schools of Buddhism, particularly the […]

MOJO Dancing in Melbourne, 5th August 2017

***EARLY BIRD TIX NOW ON SALE – ALL TIX $35 (15 tix available at this rate.*** Also ***AUGUST DOUBLEBIRD tix now on sale – ALL TIX $70.*** Mojo Dancing (August 5) + Mojo Rising (August 19) BOOKINGS: https:// www.trybooking.com/KJKF https://www.youtube.com/ embed/YEc8nQShsX8″ ************************** ********************* “Divine! I feel like a human bliss bomb!” “Truly the best possible way […]

Voice, Body, Rhythm in Melbourne, 25th July 2017

VOICE, BODY, RHYTHM: AN EVENING OF TA KE TI NA TaKeTiNa Rhythm Process is a musical group process that combines, voice, movement and rhythm using the body as the primary instrument. Join us for a fun and engaging workshop with the inimitable John Anderson, certified TaKeTiNa teacher visiting Melbourne. No musical experience necessary! WHEN: Tues […]

Songs of She- Womens Chant Session. in Melbourne, 28th July 2017

It is a dark Winters night and you have come in from the cold to sit in circle and to open up your voice and to hear the beauty from within and the beauty all around you. There are some chants that sing inside you and call you deep inside to the infiniteness within, There […]

A Midwinter Gathering in Melbourne, 6th August 2017

THANK YOU! – WE HEARD YOU & THIS IS WHAT WE HAVE CREATED For years in our festival feedback surveys, we have been hearing the same things in different voices. 1. You want us to run more intimate workshops/smaller scale seven sisters events. 2. You are craving more opportunities to connect back with the sisterhood […]

Atelier MasterClass in Melbourne, 11th August 2017

Join Wellineux and Melbourne’s most remarkable guest speakers for a nourishing whole foods breakfast and hands on wellness workshop dedicated to your nutrition. Start your day before work feeling truly connected to your community. Depart feeling inspired, empowered and energised. Atelier is an eight part MasterClass series, dedicated to Wellineux’s eight pillars of wellbeing. WHAT […]

Mindful Morning in Melbourne, 3rd August 2017

Greenfields Albert Park presents; ‘Mindful Morning’. Wake up with gratitude and dedicate yourself to a morning of purpose. Join us for a guided yoga and meditation class with some of Melbourne’s most renowned teachers, overlooking Albert Park Lake, followed by a nourishing, healing breakfast. Share in a morning of nourishment, community and mindfulness. YOGA | Masha […]

MAKEUP MASTER CLASS in Melbourne, 30th July 2017

MAKEUP MASTER CLASS. ??????in Williams landing. Whether you are beginner or enthusiast, this class is for everyone. WE PROMISE YOU WILL NOT REGRET THIS. **** GET A FRIEND ALONG AND GET A SPECIAL DISCOUNT**** Do you find it difficult to do your makeup? Not able to decide the correct share of foundation, Lipstick or blush. Tired […]

Business Chicks workshop with Amy Cuddy in Melbourne, 29th July 2017

Amy Cuddy is a world-renowned expert on mastering your body language and building presence. Her TED talk, Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are, is the second most viewed TED talk of all time with over 40 million views. She’s a Harvard researcher and social psychologist who got women Power Posing in bathrooms all around […]

Melbourne Workshop in Melbourne, August 31 – September 1, 2017

Learn the skills to perform in hostile environments so that you can be “heard’! Book now to secure your place – call 1300 374 889, email info@louisemahler.com.au or visit www.louisemahler.com.au. You will discover the secrets of becoming a more confident, effective and highly influential presenter. By the end of the workshop, you will have learnt a […]

The Art of Mindfulness in Melbourne, 4th August 2017

During this six week course Daniel will guide you to a deeper understanding of the art of mindfulness and meditation. Discover the simplicity of self-compassion and self-awareness and the positive effect and impact they have on your mindset, your overall well-being and zest for life.Each week will be guided by a theme/ topic and discussion, […]

Reclaim Your Energy Workshop in Melbourne, 21st – 13th August 2017

Dive deep into your practice with this one-month intensive course designed to make the primary series accessible and approachable for vinyasa practitioners. Learn the primary series of ashtanga yoga in a small group setting with teacher Monica Aurora, a long-time practioner in the tradition and current student of the Shi Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Institute in […]

DJ Denise Twang (RRR) plays Littlefoot in Melbourne, 30th July 2017

Denise Twang is back for a Sunday arvo of twangin good tunes. Host of RRR’s Twang, Denise has spent more time on the airwaves than most people dream of! Great to have her back!