A & M Clothing Alterations & Repair, Williams Landing, Melbourne, VIC

A & M Clothing Alterations & Repair, Williams Landing, Melbourne, VIC

  • We Provide best value for money clothing alteration and service!

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  • Mobile: 0430 464 574

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  • Pants Shorten or Lengthen.
  • Skirt or dress Shorten or Lengthen.

School Uniform:

  • Take up or down slits
  • Shorten sleeves etc.
  • Take in or out from side seams or back seams.
  • Shorten length.

Skirt and Dresses.

  • Sleeve shortens etc.
  • Shorten, lengthen, take in or out.
  • Shirts & T- shirts, tops, blouses.
  • Track pants, formal pants, suit pants and business pants, jeans, chinos etc.)
  • Shorten or adding length.
  • Pants & Trousers.


  • All kind of clothes take in or out.
  • Shorten or lengthen.
  • Refashion old small size garments etc.
  • Gown? Party Dresses.
  • Length shorten.
  • Take in or out.

Indian Dresses Alteration:

  • Salwaar suits, gowns, Kurtas, Blouse, choli suits, lehngas etc.
  • Shorten or lengthen.
  • Take in or out.
  • Add or remove sleeves.


  • Replace, repair or readjust zips on most of the garments.


  • Add new buttons, sew on etc.

Alter or Repair custom made curtains:

  • Shorten or lengthen.
  • Ironing

Stitching Services:

  • Basic curtain stitching,
  • Pillow cases and Cushions etc.
  • If you have semi/half stitched garments ( i.e half stitch Salwar, Kurtas, Choli Suits, Blouses or any other kind of clothes.) and you want them to be stitched in your size.
  • Resizing as well.
  • Re-Fashion old cloths to new.
  • Body measurements – Provide measurements service for your custom made garments. (only for ladies)
  • And many more.
  • We sale Indian ethnic wear, Indo western Kurtas, etc.
  • please contact for more information.


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