Beginners Tantric Yoga Course in Perth 30th July 2017

Cam Priyadarshana is putting together a 6 week course based on the teachings of Qigong Master, Loren Johnson, and Somatic Sexologist, Joseph Kramer, Ph.D., that will introduce participants to the fundamentals of Tantric Yoga.

Incorporating various breathing techniques as well as specific postures and meditation practices, this course will explore how to optimize and integrate sexual energy in the context of our fitness and spiritual practice. Covering topics such as ojas, sublimation and kundalini, this course acts as an approachable and accessible initiation into sacred sexuality and spirituality.

What to expect:

Sunday, July 30th
Sankalpa and Bhakti – Setting intention around ejaculation and orgasm as well as addressing the exploration of sexual energy and the rising desire for divine experience

Sunday, August 6th
Brahmacharya and Ojas – Abide in the creative force of God, which is the sexual energy in each of us. Preserving and cultivating sexual energy.

Sunday, August 13th
Bandhas and Pranayama – Breathing techniques to arouse sexual energy and the creation of locks in the body so as to retain that energy.

Sunday, August 20th
Chakra System and Yantra – Unlocking the major energy centers of the body and using meditation to direct awareness to certain aspects of sexual energy.

Sunday, August 27th
Kundalini Shakti and Mantra – Understanding how postures and sound awaken sexual energy and the dynamics of raising that energy away from the genitals.

Sunday, September 3rd
Sublimation and Microcosmic Orbit – Exploring the movement of sexual energy throughout the whole body through Spinal Breathing and the Nectar Cycle.

Remember, this particular course is based around a solo practice and there will be no partner work:

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When: Sunday mornings 8am-9:30am for 6 weeks, starting July 30th
Where: Tonic Yoga, 242 William St, Perth WA 6000
Parking: Ticketed parking around the venue. Very close to Perth Train Station
Wear: Comfortable, Yoga appropriate clothing
Bring: Water bottle and your own yoga props if preferred (mats and miscellaneous gear provided)
Price: $120 total for 6 weeks
Tickets Available at Tonic Yoga

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About the facilitator;

Cameron has dedicated his life to researching the phenomenological nature of the Human experience, from sensuality to spirituality. He is an authority on the evolution of Tantra and psychonautics, especially the development of awareness and mindfulness. He has had articles published in Paradigm Shift Magazine, poetry published in various anthologies and conducted studies concerning emotional intelligence as well as ethical decision making.

Cameron has studied Western psychology and psychotherapy at several prominent American universities. He is also a qualified Tantric masseur and guided meditation instructor. He has practiced Peyotism with the medicine men of the Sonoran Desert and has participated in a longitudinal study on psilocybin micro-dosing. In Thailand, he ordained as a Buddhist monk of the Theravada tradition and, in Peru, he learnt Shamanism from the ayahuasqueros of the Amazon rainforest. A sect of the Aghori in India afforded Cameron the spiritual moniker “Priyadarshana,” meaning “He of Loving Vision.”

Cameron is a pioneer of conscious sexuality, participating in sacred sexuality workshops through the International School of Temple Arts. He has been honored by Lifeline WA with a community leadership award for championing the cause of mental health and emotional wellbeing. A successful speaker, he has addressed audiences at various universities and schools across America and Australia. As a personal tutor and coach, he has also helped many men and women overcome their individual struggles.

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