Indian Cricketer Gone Missing After New Year Eve Fireworks in Melbourne City

Indian Cricketer Gone Missing After New Year Eve Fireworks in Melbourne City

After the New Years Eve fireworks in Melbourne CBD, reportedly 19 year old Palwinder Singh Dhillon went missing. Palwinder’s teammates and tournament organisers have been searching for the 19 year old Indian cricketer.

Last month Palwinder Singh Dhillon and the Cricket Council team of India arrived in Australia to participate in a cricket tournament at Willowfest Australian Cricket Club, the Indian cricket team was scheduled  to return back to India on the 4th of January 2017.

One of the organiser’s Baljinder Singh Sandhu, mentioned that the Indian Cricket Team realised that Palwinder Singh Dhillon was initially missing after the Indian team had returned back to their hotel room in the Melbourne suburb of Preston, after watching the New Years Eve celebrations.

After the Fireworks, the Indian Cricket Team had split up into two main groups before heading back to their hotel, it was during this process that the other Indian team members assumed that Baljinder Singh Sandhu was among one of those groups, however as it turns out Palwinder Singh Dhillon was in neither of those groups.

The Indian cricket team thought that maybe he was a victim of crime or Palwinder Singh Dhillon went missing as he was unable to find his way back to the hotel in Preston, since then the tournament organisers have since reported his disappearance to the police in Melbourne.

Palwinder reportedly had no money on him and his phone is turned off, he also speaks very basic English and his passport and personal belongings are presently with the other Indian Cricket team members. At the time of his disappearance, Palwinder Singh Dhillon was wearing a bright blue turban and a blue cricket jersey that displayed the logo of Cricket Council of India.

The Indian Cricket team’s general manager Ravinder Singh has reported the disappearance of Palwinder Singh Dhillon to his parents, since that time Paleinder’s parents have been worried about their son’s well being and have mentioned that their family has no friends or relatives that presently live in Australia.

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