Indian Health Astrologers in Melbourne

Indian Health Astrologers in Melbourne

Having health problems and would like to know more about your health issues and how you can overcome them? Why not make an appointment and see a an Indian Astrologer in Melbourne!

Going way back to ancient times many people have relied heavily on seeking help and guidance form Indian Astrologers surrounding their health and wellbeing.

Even though modern day science is well and truly advanced, there are still unanswered questions that many people seek about the health, due to miss diagnosis or a health issue that simply has not been diagnosed for one reason or another.

Astrologers can read your very own personal chart to determine why you may have a certain condition and why that particular health issue has occurred. Indian Health Astrologers in Melbourne can use the 12 zodiac signs and the astrological differences between them to see what part of the body is more likely to be of concern to your general health.

Astrologers will have the answers that you seek as they are able to use detailed charts to ascertain your health areas that are of concern. The charts rely in vital information such as your birth date, your star sign and other important pieces of information that all add up and conclude the areas of general health and well being that you should be aware of!

Our very own star sign, along with the planets and houses are divided up into 12 equal parts, each part is represented by a part of our body, starting from the very top of our head, right down to the bottom of our toes. These Indian Astrologers are highly skilled, trained and extremely intuitive into the vital information that we require, keeping or bodies in tip top health!

Astrologers know that our health is ruled by planets and houses, each individual house represents a different part of our body. In total there are 12 houses in total and each pays a different part in keeping your body healthy. When any one of those houses are not balanced you will find some type of health issue, discomfort or health concern.

For example, the First House is purely responsible for the general overall health and well being of our body.

Astrologers are well aware that the Second House represents the blood and the general food that we eat and it’s relation with diabetes.

Astrologers can advise you about the Third House, this house is predominately about your lungs, such as asthma and your speech, a lisp or impediment.

The Fourth House is in relation to pregnancy and the associated issues that go along with it such as mothers nursing their infants. Genetic problems and how they affect you both biologically. Indian Health Astrologers will be able to pin point this issues for you and help guide you to better health.

The Fifth House is the ruler of the heart, Indian Astrologer will be able to give you detailed information and look into your own personal chart to give you clearer details regarding the heart.

The Sixth House is in regard to disease and other ailments, to learn more about the sixth house, please consult with an Indian Astrologer to find out more detailed information.

The Seventh House is all about the nervous system and any problems that are usually associated with the general function of the nervous system. Some of these may include the brain function and the spine. If you’re looking for answers to existing nervous function ailments then an Indian Astrologers will be able to assist you in seeking those answers.

The Eighth House is all about general health problems that may be caused by others, such as karma or gender specific issues. Hindu Astrologers are extremely knowledgeable and are able to pin point areas of concern by using detailed charts to find the answers you seek.

The Ninth House is in relation to the cerebral hemisphere of the brain and its function.

The Tenth House is all about metabolism of the body, so if you have questions regarding metabolism, then please seek an Indian Health Astrologers in Melbourne, so that you can both delve deep into what the causes are and how you can rectify them.

The Eleventh House is about circulation and how it affects the body. If you are having circulation issues and are finding hard to find solutions to your health problems, then maybe consider taking an appointment with an Indian Astrologers, so that they can delve further into your charts and resolve an immediate or future circulation issues you may be having.

The final house is the Twelfth House, this house is all about depression and any type of mental disorder you may be experiencing. This house is complex and many people find that contacting a Hindu Health Astrologer is a step closer to resolving any current issues of depression or anxiety that you may have. They will be able to look at your current health situation and advise you on the best way to prevent depression from occurring again in the future.

In Indian Astrology, all of these house’s can be used to ascertain the severity of illnesses and then remedy the cause of the actual health problem. Health Astrologer will know how to advise you and support you so that you will be able to obtain the best optimal health possible! It’s all in the charts and each and every health chart is specially designed for you, using your star sign, the plants and the houses.

To improve your general health and wellbeing along with any existing health ailments that you currently may have, call an Indian Health Astrologist in Melbourne today to make an appointment.

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