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It has been noted that palmistry originated in India and then eventually travelled to other ancient countries around the world such as Greece, Syria, Persia and Egypt.

Indian Palm Readers in Melbourne have an extensive knowledge in Palmistry and have done a lot of work in this area of Astrology. Palmistry has been mentioned in many Indian books and is widely used throughout modern day society, it is also highly popular among western countries.

Indian Palmistry is known to be able to tell ones fortune, personal characteristics and nature by the lines that are on our hands. In modern day times, palmistry has completely presented itself as an exact science of understanding the past, present and future of individual people.

In the 19th Century Palmistry was built on the foundation of research that was conducted by Desbarrolles and d’Arpentigny.They made a full time study out of collecting basic imprints of thousands of people hands, along with certain events that occurred in their lives and the general nature of people. At the end of their extensive research a hypothesis was developed and then verified with further research intended and supported.

Indian Astrologers in Melbourne use palmistry to make predictions, just like a doctor would when they examine their patients and give the patient their analysis from the observations. Palmist can predict all sorts of things just by looking at the lines on your palms. They can predict your health, marriage, fortune and financial status and many more things just by observing the palm lines. Many noted medical physicians use palmistry to help them predict their patience physical and mental state. Some of these doctors include Noel Jaquin, Eugene Scheimann and Professor Mr Edward Kowalewski.

Many people like to know how our palms can reveal our past, present and our future. Basically our hands are like photographic plates in which our brains write our impressions. In general, when an event happens in our life, our brains react in relation to that event and then the reaction leaves a mark on our hands. Astrologers can read the marks on our hands and they can understand the past of a person, as our sub conscious minds carries various impressions from our past lives. These impressions also bear a significant effect on our present and future.

Every single person has unique marks, these lines and markings reflect the nature and personality of that particular individual. Astrologers can look for signs and weakness by looking at the pads or mounts, they can also see clear and vivid events that will happen in a person’s present and future. Sometimes lines and marks can change from time to time, this may depend on the energies of certain planets.

Many people and astrologers believe the world is based around money, this saying is known as ‘Dhanamoolam idam jagath’. For one to live happily, one needs money! Money always comes down to aspects of our lives such as, will I get a good job? Will I earn a lot of money? Will I have social status, etc. Hindu Palmists in Melbourne will be able to look at your palms and be able to identify all of these things. They will be able to answer all of your questions relating to money! They will be able to tell you if you will be rich and live like royalty, or be poor and lead a life of poverty!

Indian palm readers in Melbourne will be able to identify other aspects of your personality and lifestyle just by examining the lines and markings on your palms. Some of these aspects include, are you a spend thrift or if are you a miser when it comes to how you view and treat money. In order to have success with money, the Sun, Venus and Jupiter should be good in your palm. The sun gives success and Venus represents a luxurious life and Jupiter ends it hand to leadership qualities.

Palmistry can also show aspects of your life such as your fate, this line generally it starts at the base of the palm and it ascends right up to the Saturn Mount on your palm. This line is best when it is clear and has no breaks in the line, this line will give you a continuous flow of money.

Your palm can also reveal other life events such as obstacles in your life, financial debt and litigation. If the fate line is present, then it may not totally clear and shallow, if this is so, then it may represent financial loss or lack of earnings. When the Venus mount on the palm is clear and the headline is strong, then you may become rich, which is usually generated by your very own efforts and intelligence.

Gain in sudden wealth, property or a promotion in a job, may appear when a line rises from the life line and proceeds towards the Saturn Mount. Wealth in your life can also be measured when marrying a spouse that is wealthy or will become wealthy during your marriage. Your palm can also reveal if you may receive an inheritance from a relative.

We even have lines on our hands that can reveal if you will receive money from other women, this includes money from a mother, wife or a female friend.

Certain lines on our palms can also reveal if we will face a lack of finances in our younger lives, but then recover in our middle part of our lives by working hard and obtaining wealth on our own accord.

The back of the hand is also taken into account when reading your palm, Indian Astrologists can tell if your actions are unrefined or crude by the texture of the skin and the length of your fingers.

Indian Palmistry Services in Melbourne can also reveal if a person is destined to become a political leader, highly successful business person or a person in power. This is determined by observing the fate line and if it is curved whilst heading towards Jupiter Mount. Success in business, journalism and communication is usually obtained when the fate line is curved and head towards the Mercury Mount.

If it is fame, wealth and notoriety that you are looking for, then the Hindu Palmist will be able to let you know if your palm contains a fate line that divides into three branches and they are all proceeding towards Saturn Mount and the Sun and Jupiter Mount.

When it comes to financial propriety between a married couple, there is usually two Fate lines in the hands of both the couple. This means that the earning capacity for the family is doubled. Your palms can also reveal if you will come into or make money after marriage, this line is known as the Heart Line. Palmists can see a marking on your palm that is the formation of the capital letter M.

If you are looking for clear precise answers to all of your questions regarding your past, present and future life, the why not make an appointments to see an Indian Palmist in Melbourne. They will be able to give you a detailed insight and report into all aspects of your life. They will be able to offer you remedy solutions to situations you are currently experiencing and for the future as well.

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