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No Minimum Commitment – No Contracts – Month to Month Basis

Once you secure a spot, you can continue to advertise in that spot as long as you keep paying.

Why Advertise on

  • The Biggest Indian Directory: was started in 2008 and since then it has grown to be the largest business directory in Australia.
  • is the top Indian Business Directory That Covers all types of Indian Businesses From Lawyers, Doctors to Restaurants and Tiffin Services.
  • We have more than 50,000 Indian Businesses, Movies & Events Listed with us all over Australia.
  • Most Hits Per Month: is visited by hundreds of thousands of Indian people every month. We provide value for money advertising compared to Newspapers and Other media sources.
  • No Minimum Commitment – No Contracts – Month to Month Basis.
  • Feedback: We have had great feedback from clients who swear by the fact that is the best advertising medium for Indian community in Australia.
  • Loyalty: Most of our customers have been advertising with us from the first day we started offering Paid Ads.

Option 1) Home Page Ad $50 – $100 Per Month

  • Small Home Page Ad: $50 per month – 1 Available
  • Large Home Page Ad: $100 per month – 1 Available

Option 2) Fixed Top Banner Ad Small $400 P/M / Large $600 P/M

This ad is not shared with any other advertiser and stays on the top all the time..

Option 3) Shared Top Banner Ad $300 Per Month (Size Larger than Option 2)

Only 1 Spot Available

This ads is shown throughout the website in the top header and shared by maximum 4 advertisers on rotating basis.

If you provide services all over Australia, then this is the best ad spot for you as it gives you the maximum exposure.

This ad is shown on all desktop devices, some tablets but not on small number of mobile devices due to small screen size.

Option 4) Right Banner Ad $200 P/M (1 Spot Available)

  • Large Banner Ad: $200 P/M
  • Subject to availability

This Ad will be shown on all the pages of the website throughout the website.. (on all desktop devices – Except Tablets and Mobiles)

Option 5) Left Side Banner Ad (1 Available above navigation)

  • $150 Per Month – Below The Navigation
  • $200 Per Month – Above The Navigation
  • Your Ad will be shown on all the pages under the left navigation. Your ad will be shown to all the visitors who are from a particular city. For example you can choose to advertise throughout Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne etc.

Option 6) Top Business Category Ad $50 – $200 Per Month

You will get a fixed top banner and top text ad in the business category of your choice. Price ranges between $50 to $200 per month depending on the business category.


Subject to availability

Option 7) Link Ad in the Left Navigation – $50 Per Month (All Spots Taken)

  • Link Ad will be shown on all the pages above the left navigation and gives you the most exposure.
  • Example: Cosmos Consultancy Ad in the left Navigation.

Option 8) Large Banner Ad on Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane Page – $100 P/M

  • You Banner Ad will be displayed as a banner ad on the main Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth or Adelaide Page.

Option 9) Business For Sale or Looking For Staff Ads – $150 P/M (Shown on all pages)

  • Get your business sold ASAP or Find a staff for your business in a hurry.


Custom Advertising Solutions Available to Suit Your Business and Budget.

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Please Note: The Payment is Due in Advance Before Your Ad Goes Live.

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