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Welcome to ‘The Astrology Parlour’ where you can find all you need to know about planetary alignment and how it will affect your life, your moods, your career and your relationships. Carol Robertson, through The Astrology Parlour, helps her clients and their problems with a combination of astrology, planetary magic and earth magic. Astrology is a vedic science, known to combat challenges and overcome deep seated troubles in life. This ancient science elicits facts and occurrences in an individual’s life by the movements of celestial objects.

Carol is an eminent astrologer and spiritual worker in Australia. She is engaged in helping people seeking consultation, astrological readings and retreats. Having an expertise in modern, traditional and medieval astrology, Carol strives to provide insight, guidance and remedial inputs to all the problems. All the magic and astrology practiced by her is based on vedic rituals and prayers. Her brand also has an online store for crystal balls, printed reports, bone readings, planetary magic, Earth magic, candle magic, jewellery, perfumes, soaps, herbs, roots and incense. The clients can always consult Carol for astrological services in analysis of life prediction reports, general predictions, match making analysis, astrological remedies and more. Check our events, videos and blogs online. Contact us or call on 0422 288 826 for everything astrology in Australia.

Carol Robertson

My name is Carol Robertson and I am an Astrologer and Spiritual Worker. I began studying Magic in 1999 and Astrology in the year 2000 and I continue to study to this day. I have studied Modern, Traditional and Medieval Astrology at Astro Mundi and Horory Astrology through the School of Traditional Astrology.

I operate River The Astrology Parlour from my home Studio in the beautiful Adelaide Hills in South Australia and while I share my time between Adelaide and Melbourne my main practice is in Adelaide.

To me Astrology is all about the soul. It is mystical, mythical, magical and extremely logical all at the same time. Both an art and a science. However the knowledge in itself is not enough, I believe we need to take this knowledge and use it for growth and advancement. My take on Astrology is to first know your self, connect to yourself on a soul level. Then look to the future, predict the possible events and patterns that lie ahead. Finally use this knowledge to achieve the best possible outcome. Astrology is all about empowering your life!

As a spiritual Worker I also work with Tarot cards as well as planetary and earth magic. I can custom make talismans and amulets to your personal needs and also perform magical workings on your behalf.

I offer a range of services including personal Astrology consultations, printed Astrology chart reports, Moon Oracle tarot readings for individuals or groups. Planetary and earth magical services. Weekend retreats and workshops. And hand crafted jewellery, talismans and other magical items.

I hold an Astrological Guild of Educators International Diploma so you can feel confident in the knowledge that I have the skills required to read your personal horoscope. Full details of my services can be found on the specific pages. Thank you for taking the time to get to know me!

I Can Speak The Following Languages: English

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