6th Solo Photography & Art Exhibition of Zakia Hossain – Sydney

Beach Lover - 6th Solo Exhibition 2016

Beach Lover – 6th Solo Photography & Art Exhibition of Zakia Hossain 2016 – Maroubra, Sydney, NSW

  • Venue: Maroubra Beach, Australia, Maroubra, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia 2035
  • Date: 15th Oct 2016
  • Time: 4:00PM
  • Dress Code: Smart Casual Professional or Traditional (Bangladeshi or Western
  • Brings yourself, friends and family member to enjoy this great event.

Exhibition Abstract 

The Ocean is water:  … Most of this World is Water.  Most of our bodies are made of water. We need water to live.

It looks like everything would revolve around water. But it’s just many of those wonders. It’s vast, and almost endless. Just looking out at the ocean makes you think. What’s more amazing is beneath all that water there would be more land and many things uncovered. It’s just majestic to think of what the ocean holds. To the smallest fish, to the biggest whales, and some things we’ve never even seen before. Eels and Lantern fish are pretty scary.

Maybe that’s where we get the most feel of the world. Like I heard waves are the cause of the gravitational pull. It’s just amazing to look at how the universe works that way to give what we have now.

I love water. I love Ocean & i love to be in the beach. i will never get bored to live next to water all day and everyday.

I have found my love & inspiration near water. Thats why this exhibition is about. Ocean, Beach and love of water and life.

Focusing on Sydney’s best locations and well known beach life, love with people activities etc.

For Further details keep your eye on to my Website : http://www.zakiahossain.com/

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