Indian Migration Agents Melbourne

Indian Migration Agents Melbourne

These Indian Migration Agents Provide Services Such as Student Visas, Fiance, Partner And Family Visa Applications, Business Visas, Temporary, Provisional & Permanent Visas, Bridging Visas, Review And Appeals Tribunals, Permanent Residency (PR), Temporary Residency (TR), Employer Nomination Visas (ENS), Regional Sponsored (RSMS) Visas, Onshore Visas, Offshore Visas, Australian Sponsored Visas, Visas For Regional Areas, Citizenships, Refugee/Humanitarian.

Here is a List of Indian Migration Agents in and Around Melbourne City Who Can Speak Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu and English Languages.

Lakshya Migrations & IELTS Coachin..*
Suite 3937, Level 39, 385 Bourke S..
0433 737 306

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Indian Migration Agents Melbourne

Lakshya Migrations & IELTS Coaching Melbourne
Migration, IELTS & PTE Coaching
Australian Citizenship & PR, RSMS / ENS Visas
Skilled Migration, Student Visa
Migration Agent Rohit Mohan
Suite 3937, Level 39, 385 Bourke Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
0433 737 306

Level 21, 567 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000
03 86209054
0422 641 964

YML Migration Services, Melbourne
Suite 1304, Level 13, 227 Collins Street, Melbourne
03 9671 4554
0413 030 361

Global Migration Pty. Ltd Melbourne City
Registered Migration Agent Ranbir Singh
Suite 206 BB, Level 2, 480 Collins Street, Melbourne City
03 9364 0965
0433 840 304

Malhotra Migration
Student, Partner, Business, Visitor Visa
AAT Review, Ministerial Intervention
03 9671 3925
0452 157 646

Vision Consultants (Australia) Pty Ltd Melbourne
Suite 15, Level 28, 303, Collins Street, Melbourne 3000
03 9939 0545

Divya Ambika Pty Ltd Point Cook, Melbourne
14 Lambro Way Point Cook, Vic 3030
0401 193 519

Rakesh Chopra Migration Agent Craigieburn, Melbourne, VIC
0430 916 400

LEX Immigration Lawyers and Australian Visa Services
All kinds of Australian visas, Citizenship, MRT Reviews, AAT Appeals, Federal Circuit Court Appeals, Federal Court Appeals and Ministerial Intervention.
Ground Floor, 430 Little Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
0466 363 200

AUM Global Migration and Education Services Melbourne
Student visa, extensions and college/Uni change
Partner and Parent visa
AAT appeals
Level 2, 420 Collins Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000
0414 654 747

(IISAC) Indian International Student Advisory Centre Inc. Melbourne
Level 1, 506 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne Victoria 3000
03 9092 1500
0430 199 113

Indian Migration Agents Craigieburn, Melbourne, VIC
0850655 Email
03 9308 1957
0401 289 140

Eureka Migrations Melbourne
Work Visas, Business Visas, Student Visas, Partner Visa, Visitor Visa, Permanent Residence PR Visas, Refugee, Protection Visa.
Lv 30, 35 Collins Street Melbourne VIC 3000
0417 567 658

Vision Immigration Services Australia Melbourne, VIC
BA LL.B; Gr.C. in Immigration Law & Practice
Suite 37 Level 28 303 Collins Street Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
0412 256 000

Aggarwal Immigration Consultants Melbourne City
567 collins street,level 21 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
03 8087 9747
0433 582 001

Excel Migration Consultants Melbourne
Student Visa, Permanent Residency , Partner Visa
Level 28, 303 Collins Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000
03 9678 9100
0412 797 205

IAEC Education & Migration Melbourne
University Admissions, Private College Admissions.
Student Visas, Partner Visas, Parent Visas, ENS Visas, TR, PR, General Skilled Migration.
Working Holiday Visas, Visitor Visas.
Contact: Seema Shah
Level 9, 267 Collins Street,Melbourne 3000
03 9670 1140

Think Higher Consultants, Melbourne
Level 3, 480 Collins Street, Melbourne, VIC
0435 600 610

Auscanus Consultants Pty Ltd, Melbourne
Level 27, 525 Collins Street, Melbourne
03 9935 2873
0411 789 179

(CECA) Career Education Consultancy Australia Melbourne
Level 7, Suite 703, 227 Collins Street, Melbourne
03 9663 1318
0430 338 761

Prime Foreign education consultancies Melbourne
Level 4, Suite 412, 408 Collins Street
03 9614 7800
0433 311 259

Immigration and Refugee Specialists Melbourne
Level 9, 416 420 Collins Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000
03 9670 7222

Oceania Immigration Advisory Pty Ltd, Melbourne
With a team of registered MARA agents, we analyse each client’s individual situation and accordingly assist them in selecting and applying visa.
Raman Doegar (Director)
460 Bourke St, Melbourne, VIC
0400 773 112

Maganty Lawyers Migration Consultants Melbourne
Suite 301, level 3, 488 Bourke street, Melbourne 3000
03 9604 6404
0412 779 716

New Horizon Migration and Education Solutions Melbourne
Level 10 , 258 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000
03 8394 9678
0430 992 428

MERO Consultancy Pty Ltd Melbourne CBD
Suite 2, Level 4, 94 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000
03 9663 0007
0422 216 850

Yogi Education Group Melbourne
Head OfficeSuite 11.05, 2-26 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne CBD, Victoria 3000
03 9077 9556
0425 049 439

Marwaha Overseas Pty Ltd Melbourne
Suite 7d, Level 5, 1 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne Vic 3000 Australia
03 9078 3946

BN Global Consulting Services Melbourne
2/ 222 Latrobe Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000
03 9667 0135
0402 652 084

Immigration Visa Centre Melbourne City
Immigration Solutions and International Student Services.
Level 2, 222 Latrobe Street, Melbourne CBD, Victoria 3000
0401 738 608

MEMC Global Melbourne
We are based in Melbourne, providing migration and educational services.
S4.11, 365, Little Collins St Melbourne, Victoria 3000
0452 549 009

Pioneer Migration Solutionz Melbourne City, VIC
Melbourne City, VIC
0413 776 683

Bansal Immigration Consultants Melbourne City, VIC
At BANSAL Immigration, we help our clients with all kind of general skilled migration visas.
701/343 Lt Collins Street Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
0406 660 960

SK Education Services Melbourne
Name: Mandeep Singh
Level 4, Suite 402/530 Little Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

Viva Immigration Melbourne City, VIC
530 Little Collins Street, Level 2, Suite 215, Melbourne, Australia
02 2899 6437
0437 667 227

EM Hub – Education and Migration Hub Melbourne City, VIC
ssist you to lodge the application, prepare the submission addressing the refusal grounds.
03 9602 1330

Ask Migration Melbourne, VIC
Employee sponsorship, Temporary graduate visa, Skilled visas Student visa, Partner visa Visitor visa, Parents visa.
Deepa Lakhanpal
Suite 1301, 530 Little Collins St, Melbourne, VIC 3000 Address
0434 468 099

Elite Education and Visa Services Melbourne
Level 8,809 A, 530 Little Collins St. Melbourne CBD
0433 695 773

Edge Migration and Education Services Melbourne
Suchi Nanda Registered Migration Agent
General Skilled Migration visas
Family: Partner and Parent
Student visa, Temporary Visa
Refugees & protection
Suite 201 Level 2 343 Lt Collins Street Melbourne
0431 442 080

Auscan Consultants Pty Ltd., Melbourne
Spouse Visa & Parent Visa Applications, Business Visas, Temporary, Provisional & Permanent Visas, Bridging Visas, Review And Appeals Tribunals.
601, 6th Floor, 343 Little Collins St. Melbourne, VIC 3000
03 9670 9124

Viva Immigration Melbourne
Harpal Singh Bajwa
Registration Migration Agent and Immigration Advisor
530 Little Collins Street, Level 2, Suite 215, Melbourne, Australia 3000
03 9077 9733
0433 295 455

Sunmarg Migration Australia Pty Ltd Melbourne
Student Visas, Fiance, Partner And Family Visa Applications, Business Visas, Temporary, Provisional & Permanent Visas, Bridging Visas, Review And Appeals Tribunals, Permanent Residency (PR), Temporary Residency (TR), Employer Nomination Visas (ENS), Regional Sponsored (RSMS) Visas, Onshore Visas, Offshore Visas, Australian Sponsored Visas, Visas For Regional Areas, Citizenships, Refugee/Humanitarian.
Sunny Pratap Chandra
Suite 10, Level 10 365 Little Collins Street Melbourne, Victoria 3000, Australia
0419 846 464

Australia New Horizon Education and Migration Center Melbourne City
Level 4, Suite 4.13, 365 Little Collins Street, Melbourne, Vic 3000
03 9642 8688
0432 606 752

Go For Visa, Melbourne
Office 402, 530 Little Collins Street, Melbourne, VIC
03 9078 8696
0422 627 098

Pioneer Migration Melbourne
Suite 416, 343 Little Collin Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000
0426 999 909

My Visa Online – Melbourne
402/343 Little Collins St, Melbourne, VIC
03 9670 1010
0404 490 111

My Immigration – Education & Migration Services Melbourne City
Suite 309, Level 3, 343 Little Collins Street, Melbourne City, VIC 3000
03 9602 5524
0414 184 524

Grace Migration & Education Services Melbourne City
343 Little Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000
03 9670 0017
0402 022 043

My Education & Migration Services Pty Ltd Melbourne City
I can speak English, Hindi, Punjabi Languages.
Level 3, Suite 309, 343 Little Collins Street, Melbourne City, Victoria 3074
03 9602 5524

VIP Migration Melbourne CBD
We Specialise in Student Visas, Visitor Visas, Work Permits, Skilled Migration and Tourist Visa.
suite 10.05, Level 10, 365 Little Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
03 9077 6161
0425 037 000

VSW Consultants Melbourne
Suite 414, Level 4, 530 Little Collins Street, Melbourne City Victoria 3000, Australia
0415 690 509

Universal Migration & Education Melbourne CBD
Suite 417 Level 4 343 Little Collins Street, Melbourne CBD, Victoria 3000
03 9642 2266

Swastik Migration & Educational Services Pty Ltd Melbourne CBD
Suite 701/343 Little Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000
03 9077 4983
0432 254 120

Auscan Melbourne : Study in Australia, UK, Canada
Australia office Suite no 601, 6th Floor, 343, Little collins St, (corner of Elizabeth st) Melbourne
03 9600 2388

Delta Immigration Group Pty Ltd Melbourne
Level 9, Suite 904, 343 Little Collins St, Melbourne Vic 3000, Australia
03 9600 3324

CIES Consultants Pty Ltd T/A CIES Professionals, Melbourne
Level 9, Suite 901, 343 Little Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
03 9600 2680
0413 527 993

Disha Consulting Services Pty Ltd Melbourne
Suite 609, Level 6, 530 Little Collins Street, Melbourne Vic 3000, Australia
03 9629 1118
0401 322 869

Clarke Migration & Associates Melbourne
Suite 418, Level 4, 530 Lt. Collins Street, Melbourne City, VIC 3000
03 9909 7125
0435 779 544

SK Migration Services Melbourne
Office 2, suits 201/343 Level 2, Lt Collins St, Melbourne, Australia 3000
0451 510 467

STAM Australia Immigration Services Melbourne
Exchange Towers, Suite 606 / 530, Lt Collins Street Melbourne VIC 3000 (corner of Kings Street)
03 9792 1555
0431 416 148

GT Migration Pty Ltd, Melbourne
I Can Speak The Following Languages: English, Bengali
General Skilled Migration
Employer Sponsored Visas
Business Migration
Partner Visas
Visitors Visas
364 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000
03 9972 7795
0424 773 579

VisaStar Migration and Education Melbourne
Bikkar Singh Brar
Suite 1, Level 15, 600 Lonsdale St, Melbourne Victoria 3000, Australia
0423 930 835

(MEIC) Melbourne Education & Information Centre
Level 1, 270 Lonsdale street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000
03 9600 0090
0431 596 438

Brar Career Consultants Pty Ltd Melbourne
Suite15, Level 1, 600 Lonsdale Street 3000 Melbourne Australia
03 9417 3659
0423 930 835

Study To Migrate Australia – Melbourne, VIC
Student Visa, PR & TR Applications, Employer Sponsorship, Business Migration.
1105, 167 Queen street, Melbourne, Australia 3000
03 9670 0955

Tejinder Kalra Migration Agent Melbourne
At Kalra Study Consultants we are here to provide you visa services to Australia, Canada, NZ, USA and Europe.
Unit 304B, 167 Queen Street,Melbourne 3000
03 9670 1444
0414 266 896

Ezy Migration & Visa Services Melbourne City
Education, Visas & Migration, Travel Services.
Suite 2, Level 10, 51 Queen St, Melbourne, VIC 3000
03 9028 5454
0452 385 395

Prospect Immigration and Education Services Melbourne
Studying Overseas, Employer Sponsored Visas, Student Visa, Skilled Migration Visa, Australian Citizenship, Passport, Travel & Health Insurance.
5/99 Queen Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000
0433 674 426

Vision Migration Consultants Melbourne
Suite 702, Level 7, 2 Queen Street, Melbourne, VIC
03 9629 2070
0433 700 256

Arjun Pandey @ AMEC, Melbourne
Level 10, Suite 3, 221 Queen Street, Melbourne, VIC
03 9600 3339
0425 763 336

Raj Migration and Consultancy Services, Melbourne
Suite 304 B, Level3, 167-169 Queen Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000
02 5590 8092
0422 182 773

Discover Matrix Pty Ltd Melbourne, Victoria
Gautam Chhokar
Suite 4, Level 5, 118 Queen Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000
03 9670 4074

Ezyvisa Immigration Services Melbourne
Melbourne Office Suite 505, Level 5, 167 Queen street, Melbourne Vic 3000
03 9670 5335
0412 587 747

SIEC Migration Melbourne
Level 5, 155 Queen Street, VIC 3000 Australia
03 9670 0071

Storm Education & Migration Melbourne
Level 11, 167 Queen Street, Melbourne 3000 (Cnr Bourke St & Queen Street)
0433 091 999

Waves Consultancy Melbourne
Level 4, 50 Queen Street, Melbourne,VIC 3000
03 9629 4529

Oceanic Consultants Melbourne, Australia
Level 5, 131 Queen Street, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000, Australia
03 8606 0200

Overseas Education and Career Consultants Pty Ltd Melbourne
Suite 3, Level 3, 167 Queen Street, Melbourne
03 9670 0955
0432 173 245

Bajwa Immigration Consultants Melbourne
Jujhar Singh Bajwa
Level 10, Suite 1002, 125 Swanston Street, Melbourne, Australia 3000
03 9077 0507
0421 552 463

Rapid Migration Services Melbourne
Student Visa, Business or Visitor Visa
Professional Year Program, Partner/Family Visa
Name: Mandeep Sidhu
migration visas represent one of the greatest opportunities for skilled individuals to live and work in Australia. Most of the visas in this category address professionals who have skills or outstanding abilities that are sorely needed in Australia.
03 9663 0944
0433 516 444

Honest Immigration Group, Melbourne
55 Swanston Street, Level 5, Suite 501, Melbourne, VIC 3000
03 8648 8627
0487 185 791

Prime Migration Consultants Pty Ltd, Melbourne
Suite 502, Level 5, Swanston Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000
03 9041 8810

Bela International Migration and Education Services (BIES) Melbourne
Level 10, Suite 1003, 125 Swanston Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000, Australia
03 9663 1833
0430 220 751

MyVisa Immigration Lawyer Melbourne
140 William Street, Melbourne Vic 3000 Australia
03 9017 0411

Chandana Nalla Migration Agent Berwick, Melbourne, VIC
Business name: Baysis Pty Ltd
Baysis Pty Ltd Mobile
0435 046 460

Infant Jesus Migration Consultants Carnegie, Melbourne, VIC
Ratna Reddy Singareddy
9-1-104, Tata Chary Compound, S.D. Road, SECUNDERABAD, AP, 500025 , India
03 9572 1978

Maneesh Awasthi Migration Agent Carnegie, Melbourne, VIC
03 9530 9474 Email
03 9530 9474

Auscon Associates Australia Pty Ltd Caroline Springs, Melbourne, VIC
Asad Hafeez Rana
0412 914 256 Email
0412 914 256

Melbourne Immigration Lawyers Caroline Springs, Melbourne, VIC
Ronald Rajesh Gordon
0433 898 292

Madaan Immigration & Educational Services Pty Ltd Caroline Springs, Melbourne, VIC
Satish Madaan
03 9363 8165 Fax
03 9363 8165

Visa Permit Australia Caroline Springs, Melbourne, VIC
Ijaz Ahmad
0402 908 034 Email
0402 908 034

Chaudhry Legal Caroline Springs, Melbourne, VIC
Rajendra Pal Chaudhry Mobile
0451 970 089

Veronica Consultancy Clayton South, Melbourne, VIC
Biswajit Dominic Ghosh
03 9544 2024

Aman Gaur Migration Agent @ Refugee Legal Collingwood, Melbourne, VIC
03 9413 0101

Ravinder Singh Migration Agent Craigieburn, Melbourne, VIC
Ravi & JB Pty Ltd Craigieburn, Melbourne, VIC
0430 280 042

Sarabjit Kaur Migration Agent Craigieburn, Melbourne, VIC
0415 787 750 Email
0415 787 750

Migration Networks Pty. Ltd. Craigieburn, Melbourne, VIC
Surekha Gimhani Kalpage is an Indian Migration Agent in Craigieburn, Specialising in All Kind Of Visas, Citizenship Applications and Education Services.
Surekha Gimhani Kalpage
0498 127 604 Website
0498 127 604

Steadfast Migration Services Craigieburn, Melbourne, VIC
Migration Visas, Tourist / Business Visas, Student Visas, Work Holiday Visas
Kanna Yadav Sangam
0450 050 567 Email
0450 050 567

Smart-Link Migration Consulting Services Australasia Craigieburn, Melbourne, VIC
Mumthaj Begam Kantara is a MARA Registered Migration Agent in Craigieburn, Melbourne Specialising in Work Visas, Business Visas, Family Visas, Student Visas and Travel Visass.
Mumthaj Begam Kantara
03 9304 2088
0401 289 140

Meher Kahlon Migration Agent Cranbourne North, Melbourne, VIC
0433 401 848 Email
0433 401 848

Boniface Consulting Dandenong, Victoria
We Can Speak Hindi and English Languages. Offices in India.
Gordon Sheeran – Registered Migration Agent
2 Edward Avenue, Dandenong, Victoria 3175
03 9793 1539

Amarinder Singh Gandhi Migration Agent Dandenong, VIC
Business name: Austral Asia
+91 172 5074677 Fax
03 9774 8787
0431 233 200

Australian Immigration & Citizenship Centre Dandenong, VIC
Business visas, Employment visas, Family visas, Spouse visas, Skilled visas, Refugee visas, Student visas, Visitor visas.
Surendra Man Shrestha
LLB, MA, LLM (Monash, Australia)
03 9793 5099
0444 167 218

Continental Migration Centre Dandenong
Kulwinder Singh Grover
Suite 4-6, Level 1, 249 Lonsdale St DANDENONG VIC 3175
0432 018 654

Global Move Services Pty. Ltd. Dandenong, VIC
Specialties: Skilled Migration Visa, Family Migration Visa, Education/Student Visa, Business Visa
Zaheer Khan
0413 685 889

Amani Lawyers Dandenong, Melbourne, VIC
Bilal Amani
03 8759 1954

Atlas Australian Migration Office Dandenong, Melbourne, VIC
Vivek Sivaraman Address
03 9705 9610

Registered Migration Agent Ananda Kumarasiri, Melbourne
03 9708 1168 Fax
03 9708 1168

BEOZ Migration Melbourne
Immigration Law & Practice, Advice on Appeals, Skills Assessment
I Can Speak The Following Languages: English, Punjabi, Hindi
irector of our firm, I wish to address you on our approach to International Migration.
0430 912 591

Aspire Global (Aus) Pty Ltd Footscray & Melbourne City, VIC
Santhosh Kumar Reddy Bisam
03 9670 8991

Success To Migration Melbourne
Student Visa, Work Visa, Skilled Migration, Family Visa, Visitor Visa.
We Can Speak The Following Languages: English , Hindi and Telugu.
Raj Kumar Saini
03 8354 7967
0433 449 828

Ace Migration Australia Glen Waverley, Melbourne, VIC
Gagan Deep Singh Address
0421 694 329

MOHIT SIDANA Migration Agent Glen Waverley, Melbourne, VIC
03 9801 1246

Dushyanthi Rajeswaran Migration Agent Glen Waverley, Melbourne, VIC Address
03 9560 3711

Map Migration Kew East, Melbourne, VIC
Meher Kahlon
0433 401 848 Email
0433 401 848

Pushpa Bhavani Hettiarachi Migration Agent Kew, Melbourne, VIC
Specialising in Holiday Visa, Parent Visa, Skilled Migration Visa, Employer Sponsored Visa , Family Visa, Spouse Visas and Temporary Residency (TR).
03 9853 2471

Australian Immigration and Education Network
Abdul Nadeem Qazi
General Skilled Migrant Visa, Business Visa
Student Visa, Visitor Visa, Family Visa
6 Telford Court, Meadow Heights, Melbourne, Victoria 3048, Australia
03 8307 6022
0422 280 207

Heer Immigration and Education Consultants Narre Warren, Melbourne, VIC
Permanent Visa,Tourist Visa,Student Visa and Employer Sponsored Visa applications.
Manjit Singh Address
0432 597 248

TJ7 Learning Migration Services Narre Warren, Melbourne, VIC
Tajinder Singh Arora
03 9563 4860
03 9563 4860

AK Migration Group Narre Warren North, Melbourne, VIC
Hasina Akbar Address
0452 489 989

Atlas Australian Migration Office Narre Warren South, Melbourne, VIC
Vivek Sivaraman Address
03 9705 9610

Australian Immigration And Education Consultancy Services Narre Warren South, Melbourne, VIC
03 8752 2117

Arun Kumar Dube Migration Agent North Melbourne, VIC
This agent also performs voluntary work with generally not-for-profit organisations. Postal Address

EVICON – Education and Visa International Consulting North Melbourne, VIC
Student Visa, Business Visas, Skill Assessment, Visitor Visas, Protection/Refugee Visas..
Muhammad Kashif Afzal Khan
0424 404 007
03 8640 9553
0424 404 007

Stratecore Migration Consultants Oakleigh, Melbourne, VIC
Parvinder Singh Kohli Address
03 9443 7553

TJ7 Learning Migration Services Oakleigh, Melbourne, VIC
Tajinder Singh Arora
03 9563 4860
03 9563 4860

Oz-World Migration Consultants, Oakleigh South, Melbourne
0401 344 718 Email
0401 344 718

Australia Calling Migration & Education Consultants Point Cook, Melbourne, VIC
Sumit Kumar Gupta
0481 841 415

Ambition Australia Pty. Ltd. Point Cook, Melbourne, VIC
Anvita Goel Mobile
0425 700 022

Advantage Visa Solutions Melbourne
0417 591 714 Fax
03 9470 1844
0417 591 714

Migration Worldwide Melbourne
Suite 10 18 Synnot St, Werribee VIC 3030
0410 692 584

SR Migration & Education Services Werribee, Melbourne
By Appointment Only
Weekend: By appointment only
sh Address
03 9741 1624
0415 628 435

EMS Global Sydney City, NSW
Suite 702 / 22, Market Street, Sydney NSW 2000
0406 053 189

Good Day Australia Sydney, Melbourne
Education | Migration | RPL | Recruitment | Apostille | NAATI Translation | Settlement.
Level 28, #26, 303 Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000
02 8005 7168
0490 690 223

PWP Migration Services Sydney and Melbourne
Manchester Unity Building, Suite 614616, 220 Collins St, Melbourne, Victoria
02 9262 4077

Meritocracy Consultancy Services Immigration Solutions Melbourne, Sydney
Student Visas, University & College Admissions, Skilled Migration(GSM), Skills Assessments(TRA,CPA,Vetassess,ACS & many more), Specialised in Refused Applications and MRT Appeals, Ongoing support & updates of Migration Law, Family Migration, Discover PR pathway for students*
Sydney CBD & Wentworthville 02 9635 3982
03 9483 0050
0483 005 024

Chawla Immigration Consultants


Indian Migration Agents in Albanvale, VIC

Professional Pakistani Immigration Agent in Melbourne
16 Trafalgar St Albanvale VIC 3021

Australian skilled visa Services - Registered Migration Agent
16 Trafalgar Street, Albanvale VIC


Indian Migration Agents in Armadale, VIC

Ausbound Immigration
High Street Armadale, Victoria, Australia 3143


Indian Migration Agents in Bayswater, VIC

Yogi Education Group
Suite 8.1, Level-8, 276 Flinders street Bayswater, Victoria 3000
03 9077 9556


Indian Migration Agents Berwick

Austpacific Education and Migration Services Berwick Melbourne
2 Tallangatta Place, Berwick, Melbourne, Victoria 3806 Australia
0412 429 423


Indian Migration Agents in Blackburn, VIC

Around The World Educational & Immigration Consultants Melbourne
201 Whitehorse Road, Blackburn, Melbourne Vic 3130 Australia
03 9077 0507


Indian Migration Agents Braybrook

Auslink Student Relocations Melbourne
Level 1, 6 South Rd Braybrook, Melbourne VIC 3019
03 9938 8905
0435 252 843

Burwood East

Indian Migration Agents Burwood East

Crossborder Migration Pty Ltd Burwood East, Melbourne, VIC
Crossborder Migration Pty Ltd Burwood East, Sydney, NSW
20 Worthing Avenue, BURWOOD EAST VIC 3151,Australia
03 9830 8839
0418 171 899


Indian Migration Agents Campbellfield

Khalsa Education and Migration Solutions Campbellfield, Melbourne
Name: Sukh Sandhu
71 Gentles Avenue, Campbellfield, Melbourne
0449 950 800


Indian Migration Agents Carnegie

Vision Overseas, Melbourne
Suite 1, Level 1, 23 Koornang Rd, Carnegie, Melbourne, VIC
03 9939 9036


Indian Migration Agents in Clayton, VIC

Yess Australia
Migration, Education, Visa (all Visas), Citizenship Services, Tribunal, AAT, MRT
1344 Centre Road, Clayton VIC 3168
0430 999 666

Clayton South

Indian Migration Agents Clayton South

Horizon Migration consultants Melbourne
4/380 Clayton Road, Clayton South(Cnr centre & clayton) Melbourne VIC 3169 Australia
03 8521 3243
0408 057 408


Indian Migration Agents Collingwood

Kaur Migration Collingwood, Melbourne, VIC
Student Visa, Partner Visa, Employer Nomination Scheme Visa, Family And Parent Migration Visa, Migration And Refugee Division, Business Visa, Skilled Migration Visa.
Kaur Migration Collingwood, Melbourne, VIC
03 9088 0229

GTRS Melbourne – Migration Agents, IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, ISLPR
Migration Agents, IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, ISLP
Level 1, 9-12 Hood Street Collingwood, Melbourne, VIC
03 9994 7302
0402 770 163


Indian Migration Agents Craigieburn

Success Migration Consultancy Melbourne
We are providing up to date and reliable migration advice in all kind of visa from a student, skill to partner. We also help students to change their courses.
36 Spirited Circuit, Craigieburn VIC 3064
0433 514 502

Mountview Migration Services Melbourne
* Student visas
* Visitor Visas
* Partner and Parent migration visas
* Skilled Visas
* Employer Sponsored visas
0430 120 176

S & S Migration Services Craigieburn, Melbourne, VIC
Shuchi Nanda: Senior Migration Agent
116 Waterview Boulevard Craigieburn, Melbourne Victoria (3064) Australia
0431 442 080

Satluj Immigration Consultancy Services Craigieburn, Melbourne, VIC
Mr. Sultan Singh Virk (Immigration Consultant)
General Skilled visas
Business Visas
Partner Visas
Parents Visas
Visitors visas
Student visas
3 Deauville Green, Craigieburn, Vic-3064
0420 712 782

SAN Migration Craigieburn, Melbourne, VIC
Student Visa, Skilled Visa, Employer Sponsored Visa, Family Visa, Visitor Visa.
Paramjeet Singh Sandhu
10 Mareeba Way, Craigieburn VIC 3064 Mob
0400 678 472

Sukhwinder Singh – Registered Migration Agent, Craigeburn, Melbourne
19 Humber Street, CRAIGIEBURN VIC 3064,Australia
03 9308 1957
0401 420 000

Austral International Education and Migration Expert, Melbourne
13, Faith Road, Craigieburn, Melbourne, VIC 3064
0430 502 482


Indian Migration Agents Cranbourne

Parminder Singh Pabla Registered Migration Agent, Cranbourne, Melbourne, VIC
Contact: Parminder Singh Pabla
Parminder Singh Pabla Registered Migration Agent, Cranbourne, Melbourne, VIC
02 2646 3633
0434 199 743


Indian Migration Agents Dandenong

Mamika Kalra – Registered Migration Agent Melbourne
11, wedge street , Dandenong -3175
0478 496 000

Ravi James Migration Agency Dandenong, VIC
Shop 2, 31 Pultney Street, DANDENONG VIC 3175
03 9792 9229

Reliable Immigration Service, Dandenong, Melbourne
Contact Michelle Brewty
49 Princes Highway, Dandenong, Victoria 3175, AUSTRALIA
0433 201 540

NAV Australian Immigration Consultants, Dandenong, Melbourne
Naresh Chandra
Suite 25, First Floor, Dandenong Hub, 15-23 Langhorne Street, Dandenong, Melbourne, Victoria 3175, Australia
03 9791 2178

SPICA Star Pty Ltd Dandenong Melbourne
Suite 36, 200 Thomas Street, Dandenong, Melbourne Vic 3175, Australia
03 9792 0054

Dandenong North

Indian Migration Agents in Dandenong North, VIC

FastTrack Migration Aust Pty. Ltd Melbourne
Work Visa, Travel Visa, Migration Visa, Student Visa, Business Visa and Settlement Services.
19 Galloway Street, Dandenong North, VIC 3175, Australia.
0425 709 805


Indian Migration Agents in Docklands, VIC

Aggarwal Immigration Consultants
567 collins street,level 21(Regus Office) Docklands, Victoria 3000
0434 366 555
0433 582 001


Indian Migration Agents Epping

Rohit Mohan Migration Agent Epping, Melbourne
37 Brush Road, Epping, , VICTORIA, 3076
0433 737 306

My Choice Education And Migration Services Epping, Melbourne, VIC
Tina Sharma
79 Greenfields Drive,EPPING VIC 3076,Australia Mobile
0433 328 231

C NINE Migrations Melbourne, VIC
Deepa Malik
Australian citizenship, Resident return visa, Permanent residence via the skill select option, Student visa…
19 Sundial Parade, EPPING VIC 3076,Australia
03 8457 0880
0433 352 066


Indian Migration Agents Fawkner, Melbourne

HK Migration Law Services Fawkner, Melbourne
6 Sandra Avenue, Fawkner, Melbourne
0469 217 731

Austral Migration & Education Services Melbourne, VIC
Offering services in Temporary Visa, Permanent Residency (PR), Family Visa, Business Visa, Student Visa, Spouse Visas.
5 Sahara Way, FAWKNER VIC 3060, Australia
03 9359 5553

Akbar Migration Services Melbourne
Akbar Jariwala
20 BAIRD ST, FAWKNER VIC 3060, Australia
03 9359 9919

Links International Immigration Consultants Melbourne
26 Bruce St, FAWKNER VIC 3060, Australia
03 9359 6621

Ferntree Gully

Indian Migration Agents Ferntree Gully, Melbourne

Saikap Enterprises, Ferntree Gully, Melbourne
7 Lightwood Drive, Ferntree Gully, Melbourne, Victoria 3156, Australia
03 9887 1241
0400 369 500

Soniez Education and Migration Melbourne
Level 1, Suite 16, 202 Ferntree Gully Road, Notting Hill
03 8594 4344
0432 940 790


Indian Migration Agents in Flinders, VIC

SharOAM Migration and Education Consulting Melbourne
Skill Assessments, State or Regional area sponsorships, AAT/MRT appeals, Ministerial Interventions
Suite 3, Level 7, 289 Flinders Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000
03 9639 6566
0433 041 752

Cosmos Consultancy Immigration & Education Services Melbourne
Level 5, Suite 507, River View bldg, 276 Flinders Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000 (Above Commonwealth Bank)
03 9912 6478
0422 157 488

Universal Visa Melbourne City
Suite 2, level 9, 276 Flinders St. Melbourne.
0401 471 205

Maypal Migration Melbourne
Level 2, 108 Flinders Street, Melbourne, Vic 3000 Australia 03 9650 1000 Fax 03 9650 2999
03 9547 3333


Indian Migration Agents Footscray, Melbourne

Global Movement Migration Consultants Melbourne
Level 1, Suite 4-5, 48 Leeds Street, Footscray, Vic 3011
03 9689 3346
0411 060 074

Glen Waverley

Indian Migration Agents Glen Waverley, Melbourne

OWH Immigration & Educational Services Glen Waverley Melbourne Victoria
5 Le Fey Court, Glen Waverley, Melbourne Vic 3150 Australia
03 9802 6170

N Square Education & Migration Consultancy PTY LTD
4/11-15 Leicester Ave, Glen Waverley VIC 3150
0411 501 706

N Square Education and Migration Consultancy
Office 4, 11-15 Leicester Ave, Glen Waverley


Indian Migration Agents in Gower, VIC

BT Immigration Services Melbourne
Name: Badrinath Thungathurthi
Suite 6, Level-1,275 Gower Street, Preston,VIC 3072
03 9470 1899
0402 859 349

Hampton Park

Indian Migration Agents in Hampton Park, VIC

Pacific Migration and Education Consultancy Melbourne, Victoria
30 Claude Ave, Hampton Park, Melbourne VIC 3976, Australia
03 9667 0211


Indian Migration Agents Highett, Melbourne

Premium Migration Services Melbourne
1 Hazel Av, Highett, Melbourne, Victoria 3190, Australia
0413 148 031

Hoppers Crossing

Indian Migration Agents in Hoppers Crossing, VIC

AA Australian MigrationServices - Ashiq Ali- MARN 1686653
2/33 Bagggott Drive, Hoppers Crossing, Victoria 3029


Indian Migration Agents in Jeffcott, VIC

Oz Consultancy – Indian/ Pakistani Migration Agency Melbourne City
Education, Migration and Business Consultants
Suite 205, Level 2, 7 Jeffcott Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000 (Corner of 373 King Street)
03 9329 9392
0430 415 255


Indian Migration Agents in Lexton, VIC

Stam Australia Immigration Services Dandenong, Melbourne, VIC
Immigration & naturalization service.
Joshi Prasad Thalluri
03 9792 2707

Meadow Heights

Indian Migration Agents in Meadow Heights, VIC

Australian Immigration & Education Network Meadow Heights
6 Telford Court, Meadow Heights, VIC 3048, Australia
0422 280 207



Vision Overseas - Complete Migration Solution
Suite 1 , Level 1, 23 Koornang Road Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3163
(03) 9939 9036

Fast Track Migration Services
Graduate Visa Skilled Visa Employer Sponsorship Visa Family (Parent/Child) Visa Partner/Spouse Visa Student Visa Expert AAT Expert
Level 32, 367 Collins Street Footscray

Australian Immigration Agency - Melbourne
Immigration & naturalization service
Level 23, Tower Five, 727 Collins Street
03 9977 9662
03 9977 9662

AEC Global Education and Migration Services
Level 7, 2 Queen Street Melbourne 3000
(03) 7014 6424
0481 840 167

OECC Group of Immigration and Education Consultants Melbourne
OECC Australia offers best Australian immigration consultants can easily state that we have comparatively been faster than what it actually takes for an application to get assessed, with our friendly workplace environment.
Level 2 Suite 203, 227 Collins Street 3000 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
03 9663 9824

BK Education & Migration Services Melbourne
Suite 310 Level 3, 365 Lt. Collins St, Melbourne, Victoria 3000
03 9077 8195
0430 762 417

Canada Express Migration Melbourne
suite 8.05, level 8, 365 little collins street. melbourne, vic 3000.
03 9600 3934
0404 440 848

Best Choice Consultancy
(03) 99422358
0433 950 054

Oxford Immigration and Educational Consultant
11/456 Lonsdale street Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3000
1300 581 400
0452 393 890

Vision Consultants Australia
Level 7, 85 Queen Street, Melbourne.
(03) 9939 0545

Visa Direct Migration And Education Services
Level 3, Suite 301, 530 Little Collins Street Melbourne, Victoria, 3000
03 9973 4873
0401 318 612

Think Higher Migration and Education Consultants
Level 4, Suite 413, 365 Little Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
03 8676 0548
0435 600 610

Kaur Migration
Level 6, 530 Lt Collins Street Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3066
(03) 9088 0229
0415 615 255

Ausmasterz Migration and Consultancy Services
0424 362 934
0431 581 315

Wales Overseas Consultants
1005, Level 10, 125 Swanston Street Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3000
(03) 9939 6830
0451 827 099

Cosmos Consultants
Suite 507/276 Flinders Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
03 9912 6478
0422 157 488

Maximus Education and Migration
Suite 1201, Level 12, 140 Queen Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000
03 8560 1984

Stepping Stones Career Solutions - Education and Immigration Consultants
Level 13, 200 Queen Street, Melbourne, Victoria
03 8648 6448
0430 190 323

Immi Smart
Level 10, Suite 10.01, 365 Little Collins St South Melbourne, Victoria 3000
0498 073 526

Honest Immigration Group
Level 5, 55 Swanston St Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3000
(03) 8648 8627

Australian Immigration & Education Network Melbourne City
Level 50, 120 Collin Street, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Navigator Consultancy
Level 4, 152 Elizabeth Street Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
0422 186 756

Migration Intelligence
Level 2, Victory Tower, 420 Collins Street, Melbourne, VIC
0433 657 462

Nikee Business Group
Suite 206, Level 2, 227, Collins Street Melbourne, VIC 3000
03 9663 5277
0414 907705

Bansal Immigration - Your Trusted Indian Migration Agent in Melbourne
Bansal Immigration 701/343 Little Collins St, Melbourne, VIC 3000
03 9602 1330

Discover Matrix - Education and Migration Consultancy
Suite 6, Level 5, 118 -126 Queen Street Melbourne - 3000, Australia
(03) 9670 4074

IAEC Education
Level 9, 267 Collins Street, Melbourne 
03 9670 1140

Tejinder Kalra Migration Agent

Tourist Visa Now Easy, From Application to Interview

Migrate to Australia with The Help Our Registered Migration Agent
288-290 Collins Street , Melbourne, VIC - 3000

AMAVE (Australian Migration and Visa Experts)

Migration Services - Student Visa/ Job Ready/ Skilled Visa
Melbourne CBD, Little Collins Street, Melbourne VIC

Registered Student Visa Agent in Melbourne: Call Today
Suite 701/343 Little Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000
03 9602 1330

United Migration
0413 633 615

Searching For Reputed Migration Agent in Melbourne?
Level 7, Suite 703, 227 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
(03) 9663 1318

BANSAL Immigration
Suite 701/343 Little Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000
03 9602 1330

CECA Migration
Level 7, Suite 703, 227 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
(03) 9663 1318

Temporary or Permanent Stay? Consult Aussizz for Australian Parent Visa
288-290 Collins Street , Melbourne, VIC - 3000

Migration Agent Services /489/ Job Ready Program
530 Lt Collins st Melbourne VIC 3000. Australia
0435 405 908

Bansal Immigration Consultants
701/343 Little Collins St, Melbourne, VIC 3000
03 9602 1330.

Urdu speaking registered migration agent


Indian Migration Agents Melton, Melbourne

Parminder Singh – Registered Migration Agent, Melton, Melbourne
57 Lakewood Bvd, Melton, Melbourne, Victoria 3337 Australia
0433 466 214

Narre Warren

Indian Migration Agents Narre Warren, Melbourne

Horizon Migration Consultants Melbourne Victoria
1 Barondi Avenue, Narre Warren, Melbourne Vic 3805, Australia
0408 057 408

Narre Warren South

Indian Migration Agents in Narre Warren South, VIC

Ace Migration Australia – Melbourne
Sherwood Road, Narre Warren South, Melbourne, Victoria, 3805
0421 477 957

North Melbourne

Indian Migration Agents in North Melbourne, VIC

Visa Experts, North Melbourne
Suite 5, Level 3, 70 Racecourse Road, North Melbourne, Melbourne, Victoria 3051, Australia
0433 692 164

CAAN World Consultants
Suite 11,520 Victoria Street North Melbourne 3051
0416 096 943

EVICON Migration Services
Suite 2/ 103 Howard Street, North Melbourne, VIC, Australia 3051


Indian Migration Agents Nunawading, Melbourne

Cosmic Immigration and Education Consultants Nunawading, Melbourne, VIC
Mandeep Kaur
40 Shady Grove, Nunawading VIC 3131
0447 670 070

Way-In Australia Education & Immigration Consultants Melbourne
40 Shady Grove, Nunawading, Melbourne, Victoria 3131, Australia
0433 295 455


Indian Migration Agents Oakleigh, Melbourne

ACE Migration Services Melbourne
I Can Speak The Following Languages: Hindi, Punjabi and English.
14 Johnson Street Oakleigh 3166
03 9424 0451
0433 970 765

Heer Immigration and Education Consultants, Melbourne
14 Johnson Street, Oakleigh 3166, VIC
0432 597 248

Oakleigh South

Indian Migration Agents in Oakleigh South, VIC

Vera Migration Service Dandenong, Oakleigh South, Melbourne
We Can Speak Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati and English Languages.
1204 North Road, Oakleigh South, Melbourne
03 8772 2492
0433 827 124

Migration Law Matters, Oakleigh South, Melbourne
We Specialize In Student, GSM, Parent, Partner, Business And ENS Visas.
18 Yarra Court, Oakleigh South VIC 3167
03 9570 7089
0429 880 043

Point Cook

Indian Migration Agents Point Cook, Melbourne

1-To-1 Australian Migration Services Point Cook, Melbourne
Charon Kahlon is an Indian/ Punjabi Migration Agent in Point Cook Suburb of Melbourne Specialising in all kind of migration matters such as student visas, business visas, family visa, spouse visa, PR, TR and Other Immigration services.
0406 812 601

Simro Immigration Services, Point Cook, Melbourne
6 Montery Bay Drive, Sanctuary Lakes Resort, Point Cook, Melbourne, Victoria 3030, Australia
0423 925 333

Expert Immigration
2 Buckmaster Grange, Point Cook 3030

Auscanz -Migration & Education Agents
C5, Level 1 , 2 Main street Point Cook, Victoria 3030

Oceania Immigration Advisory
Point Cook

Easyway Immigration Services
Point Cook

Registered Migration consultants
Point Cook


Indian Migration Agents in Preston, VIC

Immigration Hotspot Melbourne
Suite 4, Level 1, 2 Cramer Street,Preston, Victoria, Australia
03 9402 0654


Indian Migration Agents in Reservoir, VIC

Lakshya Migration & IELTS Coaching Reservoir, Melbourne
Name: Smita Sharma / Rohit Mohan
78b Orrong Avenue, Reservoir, Victoria 3073
0404 527 518


Indian Migration Agents in Ringwood, VIC

4/24 Albert Street Ringwood Vic 3134
0411 655 335

Roxburgh Park

Indian Migration Agents in Roxburgh Park, VIC

Visaa Migration Agent and Education Consultant, Roxburgh Park, Melbourne
22-36 Reservoir Drive, Roxburgh Park, Melbourne, Victoria 3064
0432 157 525

South Morang

Indian Migration Agents in South Morang, VIC

Australia Fair Migration Services Melbourne
I Can Speak English, Hindi, Tamil Languages.
0400 024 179


Indian Migration Agents in Southbank, VIC

Sunshine Migration, Southbank, Melbourne, VIC
Level 2/1 Southbank Boulevard, Southbank VIC 3006
0423 700 624

SetRite Consultants
6th Floor 40 City Road Southbank VIC 3006, Australia
1300 171 700


Indian Migration Agents in Springvale, VIC

Savie MEC
5 Upwey Ave Springvale VIC 3171
0450 272 807

St Albans

Indian Migration Agents in St Albans, VIC

Ranbir Singh – Registered Migration Agent, St Albans, Melbourne
16 Waranga Crescent, St Albans, Melbourne Vic 3021 Australia
03 9364 0965

485 Visa Services Registered Migration Agent
16 Trafalgar St Albanvale VIC 3021

St Kilda

Indian Migration Agents in St Kilda, VIC

I Can Speak The Following Languages: English, Punjabi, Hindi.
Level 14,Suite 1404, 380 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne, VIC
0416 924 477

Surrey Hills

Indian Migration Agents in Surrey Hills, VIC

Ausin Associates Pty Ltd Melbourne
2/77 Warrigal Road, Surrey Hills Vic 3127, Australia
03 9939 8574


Indian Migration Agents in Sydenham, VIC

OBCO Migration & Education Consultants Sydenham, Melbourne, VIC
Study Visa
Visitor Visa
Permanent Resident Visa
Investor Category Visa
Family Visa
Work Visa
MRT/RRT Reviews
14-A, Contursi Drive, Sydenham VICTORIA-3037 Australia. Mobile
0470 182 828


Indian Migration Agents Tarneit, Melbourne

+61430 130 328

Migration Intelligence, Tarneit, Melbourne
0433 657 462

DreamAus Migration Consultancy Melbourne
Pooja Kaushal
Registered Migration Agent
*Student Visa
*General Skilled Migration
*Visitor Visa
*Temporary Residency Visa
*Education Services
20 Chatham ave, Tarneit, Melbourne, VIC
0413 182 877

CAAN World Migration & Student Services Pvt Ltd
22 Harrington Avenue Tarneit 3029 Melbourne, VIC
0416 096 943


Indian Migration Agents in Truganina, VIC

Saina Study Abroad
31 Kondalilla Drive, Truganina, Melboume, Victoria
0469 219 576


Indian Migration Agents Vermont, Melbourne

Gagan Deep Singh – Migration Agent Vermont Melbourne
16 Cosgrove St, Vermont, Melbourne Vic 3133
03 9874 3117

Vermont South

Indian Migration Agents Vermont South, Melbourne

Net Planet Consultants Pty Ltd Melbourne
9/8 Saxonwood Drive, Vermont South, Melbourne, Victoria 3133
0411 675 429


Indian Migration Agents Werribee, Melbourne

International Immigration Law and Associates Werribee, Melbourne
Suite 21, 14 Station Place, Werribee, Melbourne, Victoria-3030
0433 655 536

West Melbourne

Indian Migration Agents in West Melbourne, VIC

Golden Horizons Migration Law Consultants Melbourne
Skilled Visas, Student Visa, Employment Visas, Family Visas, Resident Return Visas, Business Visas, Citizenship, Reviews with AAT.
14 Parris Avenue Melton West Melbourne
0421 517 594

Williams Landing

Indian Migration Agents Williams Landing, Melbourne

Arvinsunshine Immigration & Education Consultancy Melbourne
12 Rowan Avenue, Williams Landing Vic 3027, Australia
0433 167 054

Way2Oz Migration Services
2 Wildebrand Avenue Williams Landing VIC 3027
0424 466 671
0469 839 836


Indian Migration Agents Wollert, Melbourne

KMZ Migration Services
0433 503 895

Wyndham Vale

Indian Migration Agents Wyndham Vale, Melbourne

True Migration and Academic Consultants TMAC Melbourne
1258 ISON Road Manor Lakes, Wyndham Vale, Melbourne, Victoria, 3024
0402 671 354

Migration Nation Visa Services Melbourne
47 Eltham Parade, Wyndham Vale, 3024, Australia
0411 294 261

Oxford Immigration & Educational Consultancy Wyndham Vale, Melbourne
Member of Migration Alliance Australia
0452 393 890

OzAsia Immigration Consultants Melbourne
38 Grovedale Way, Wyndham Vale 3024
03 7018 1159
0402 094 096

Migration Nation Visa Services
47 Eltham Parade Wyndham Vale, 3024 Australia
0411 294 261

OzAsia Immigration Consultants
38 Grovedale Way, Wyndham Vale – 3024
0402 094 096


Indian Migration Agents Yarraville, Melbourne

Neeraj Kumar Sharma Migration Agent Yarraville Melbourne
45 Sanderson St, Yarraville Vic 3013, Australia
03 9639 6566

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  1. Christine Mukherjee Says:
    Sat 4th Aug 18 1:37pm

    I am expanding my work to assist migration agents with suitable businesses for Business Migration. Individuals are also welcome to contact me. I am Hindi and Bengali speaking with good knowledge of business in Victoria.

  2. Dikesh shresth Says:
    Tue 24th Apr 18 11:55am

    hi i am currently a masters student, looking forward for immigration lawyers in geelong.

  3. Jagannath giri Says:
    Fri 16th Mar 18 2:35pm

    Dear sir/madam
    Im jagannath giri 29 years old from west bengal,india.i would like to get a job in canada/Australia.i have 9years of experience in hotel industry as a food server including saudi arabia 4 years.
    Thank u.

  4. We offer Cheap RPL Qualification Says:
    Thu 23rd Jun 16 2:56pm

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  5. Gurpartap singh Says:
    Wed 11th May 16 3:32pm

    Need a consultant for 571 visa for my son i am from pls contact me by my email I’d I am in malborne know on tourist visa

  6. Says:
    Wed 20th Apr 16 1:58am


  7. Raj Says:
    Wed 20th Apr 16 1:23am

    Hai my brother is a mechanical engineer with 13 years or more experience looking for sponcer can any one help contact 0403744766

  8. Raj Says:
    Wed 20th Apr 16 1:22am

    Hai my brother is a mechanical engineer with 13 years or more experience looking for sponcer can any one help

  9. sarwan Says:
    Sat 16th Apr 16 6:22pm

    i am in Australia on student visa from last 1 year but i don’t wana stay here anymore and want to move new Zealand can u please suggest me it’s very urgent i wi? be very thankfull to u

  10. Gurpartap singh Says:
    Thu 24th Mar 16 2:36pm

    Sir I am heir in Melbourne on tourist visa my brother is citizen of australia I am indian citizen how can I settled heir in australia any suggestions pls even 457 or my sons schooling he is in class 7th in india suggest me pls

  11. tanmay Says:
    Mon 14th Mar 16 3:17pm

    i have just arrived as student &wish to have job and sharing gujrati locality besides my parents want to come after 4 months.kindly help.

  12. Manish Says:
    Fri 11th Mar 16 6:17pm

    Hello….i am in United Kingdom from past 8 years and want to move to australia…cud u plz suggest me how can i get work permit or PR for australia

  13. Reddy Says:
    Sat 20th Feb 16 12:59am

    I am coming on a visit visa to Australia next month. Any possibility to convert this into student visa or work permit. Please advice

  14. Reddy Says:
    Sat 20th Feb 16 12:57am

    I am coming to Australia on a visit visa next month. Is there any possibility to convert my visa into student visa or work permit.
    Please advice

  15. Proff Vishal Mehta Says:
    Thu 11th Feb 16 1:32am

    I got PR through Melbourne migration consultants in just 90 days.
    Thanks Gagan Gupta hi 9876119554.
    Best immigration consultants in the world.
    Chitkara Univ, Baddie campus.

  16. Dr Gaganpreet ghai Says:
    Thu 11th Feb 16 1:29am

    No doubt Gagan Gupta is the best immigration consultants in Punjab.

  17. Dr Gaganpreet ghai Says:
    Mon 30th Nov 15 5:10am

    Best immigration Consultants for Australia are Gagan Gupta and brother Amber Gupta of Melbourne Migration consultants 9876119554 awarded Queens medal for Best Consultants
    Both are IIT toppers. Most trustworthy. We a group of 5 doctors got PR through them
    We are indebted for life.
    Tons of thanks. wwwaustralianvisainfo. Com

  18. Manvinder singh Says:
    Fri 23rd Oct 15 11:11am

    Hi,please can u guide me as I am baker with a bakery n work experience overseas from last 20 years Iam a science graduate n have a 1 year diploma in hotel management. Can I migrate to australia on this basis , right now i am in melbourne. Thank you..

  19. Sofia Xavi Says:
    Fri 14th Aug 15 6:04pm


    Could you please tell me if there is any way to convert 476 skilled recognised graduate visa to Permanent residency.My IELTS score is 6 in each component.Am currently working as an estimator in a construction company and have been living in Australia only for 4 months.Am a B.E civil engineer graduated from Anna university. Kindly reply at the earliest. Thanks

  20. Sahil kapoor Says:
    Wed 1st Jul 15 9:06pm

    i am from india and i studied in newzealand..!! I heard that austrailan government open viza for direct PR..!! Govt ll get 60000 dollers to evry persn n give them PR…! Is that newz true..? reply must ..! Thnx ..!

    Mon 18th May 15 7:34am

    HI!my name is navneet,i am from india.My wife got student visa and i am here as a spouse.We got two kids.I got two year full work rights,can you sujjest me what should I do here job or business.If business then what kind of business i can do here in this visa please confirm.

  22. manoj Says:
    Fri 1st May 15 9:37am

    Hi i have finish first year of masters of mechanical engg. in 2013 due to medical condition I am still struggling to finish 2nd year.
    even this year i couldn’t make it. Plz help get proper stable visa so can get back on my feet again. right now totally broken cant stay here or cant go back to India. Plz reply me asap. thanks

  23. Parth Says:
    Mon 20th Apr 15 1:33pm

    Need a professional advise regarding any Australian Visas, Contact:
    Aussizz Migration and Education Consultants
    Level 1, 288 – 290 Collins Street
    Ph: 03 96023435 / 0402626810

    For cheap flight tickets and Hotel Accommodation – Call 1300 359 365, 03 9602 3020.

    Looking for Professional Year – Call 9999 7960 Get Best Offers.

  24. pradeep Says:
    Thu 2nd Apr 15 4:33pm

    HI ,
    I m working in Tata group and my age is 45 and 6months and working in SAP Abap,BI & BPC platform .If i will get a sponsership to get a PR to work for a company. Please help me how to get a PR and Job in Australia.

  25. Efana Says:
    Sun 8th Mar 15 4:46pm

    Dear sir,
    I am bangladeshi. I have skill 188 business migration visa of 4 years in Australia Victoria. Already 2 years laps & travelling 4 time in Australia. But good Lawyers of P.R cannot found in this time.
    Do you know a good lawyer of P.R in Victoria Melbourne, Australia.
    Please help me.
    Contact : 01711142523

  26. Megan Says:
    Fri 27th Feb 15 10:57am

    My name is Megan. I’m just curious I’m looking for place to study at the moment do you know a course with a mornings times or little attendance? I don’t have much time for study but I need a student visa.

    Can anyone explain me more about that please?

  27. Kamal Says:
    Tue 3rd Feb 15 9:15pm

    My sister in America she want to move in Australia bec her husband can’t get visa to America can she come here as student visa with family

  28. Sharmeen Says:
    Fri 9th Jan 15 9:35am

    Hi, I am a Phd researcher and my husband has PhD in Law with more than 12 yrs teaching experience. How can we apply for PR before completing my PhD or my husband before getting any job in Melbourne?

  29. Gagan Gupta Says:
    Thu 8th Jan 15 9:29pm

    The Best Immigration and Migration consultants in Australia are Melbourne Migration Consultants, Amber Gupta at Swanston Street. More than 10000 indian families settled by him

  30. Billing Says:
    Tue 18th Nov 14 8:45pm

    I apply protection visa and that was refused by immigration and now i apply for RRT. I have de-facto relationship with inter caste girl.I am Jatt sikh and she is SC caste and i have 3 year old son born in victoria. if anyone can give us good advice that will be really good.
    Thank you

  31. Rajkamal Says:
    Thu 11th Sep 14 6:43pm

    Hello to you all,

    My friend recently used One International Migration from 385 Bourke street, melbourne cbd. He was very happy with them and the service he received. i recommend you to go see them they will help out with visas. They are not migration agents they are migration lawyers so they know what they are doing. Hope this help for you all.

    Their phone number is 0384592100 if this helps for you.


  32. Sudhir Says:
    Wed 2nd Jul 14 4:58pm


    We are Australia’s first Green Solutions company dealing in Telecommunications and LED while giving our business customers carbon credits.

    We are keen to sell one of our subsidiary companies, to potential Indian Investors who want a AUSTRALIAN PERMANENT RESIDENCY for themselves or their children.

    Interested investors or Business men with a previous background of direct sales, telecommunications and sustainability or green solutions preferred but not necessary.

    For more details please get in touch with SUDHIR on
    Tel No – +61 3 9863 7788

  33. Mandeep singh Says:
    Wed 11th Jun 14 3:20pm

    Hi i have certificate III and i m looking gor suponser letter for 457 visa in melbourne or geelong. If some one right person can do than contact me. I have 6 each band in ielts thanks

  34. harwinder Says:
    Wed 28th May 14 4:49pm

    hi,i have cert iii nd iv in automotive technology and i want to apply 457 visa and i dont have an employer please contact me if anyone can help me mob-0430470582

  35. Ashish Says:
    Fri 2nd May 14 10:27am

    Hello,sir my name is Ashish ,I m student of Victoria university Melbourne . But I have not enrolled yet .. my intake is feb 2014 but I take defer of one year .. but I don’t want to stay here . I want my university fee back .. so plz tell me the solution hw I get my fee back .. thanks so much ..

  36. krishna Says:
    Mon 21st Apr 14 1:17pm

    krishna here pursing masters semester one in melbourne, now i feel lik moving to usa.
    can any one help with it ?


  37. Ifat Sharmin Says:
    Thu 27th Mar 14 2:57am

    Great blog..Its your great attempt to help people..We also there to help people to migrate Melbourne. We will be happy if we can help you..

  38. Preetha Says:
    Mon 3rd Mar 14 1:44pm


    I have lodged my EOI with the occupation Systems Analyst and my skills assessment has expired. I have applied for a new skills assessment with ACS and is under processing.
    Is it possible to change my ANZSCO code under this stage??

    Can anyone help me please..


  39. Deep Says:
    Sun 12th Jan 14 2:00pm

    i have done diploma in horticulture and management now i doing advance diploma in horticultural currently looking for work visa.i have 3 year experience if any one can help me


  40. Samir Sheikh Says:
    Mon 25th Nov 13 9:12am

    Hi, I’m in melbourne on student spouce visa. My wife is a research student. I have 5 years of award winning experience in graphic designing. I need to know the PR procedure for Australia. If anybody can help, Please do let me know. email me on

  41. Shivangi Says:
    Wed 21st Aug 13 2:11pm


    I just want to know the procedure for getting Australian PR?

    I am completing my Diploma in Mechanical Engineering. Also i have just finished my Senior Technician degree with distinction.

    Also i have 7 and half years of experience in mechanical field.

    Please guide me.



  42. Paayal Says:
    Wed 14th Aug 13 2:33pm

    Hi everyone,
    I am looking for office administration/ receptionist work.If any one could help.
    I know this is a strange way but anything that might work should be given a try.So let’s see if this works or not and if anyone can help me.I can be mailed at
    Thanks for reading.

  43. amarjit Says:
    Mon 29th Jul 13 1:27pm

    Hey..just wanted to tyre fitter in SOL list ..if yes , den do we have to do a cert in tyre fitter or something or we can get sponsored as a tyre fitter by doin cert 3 and 4 in automotive (motor mechanic )
    rp asap

  44. navjot Says:
    Wed 29th May 13 10:10am

    Hi can you do Canada visas.I have Australian study & work experience. Please give me information regarding visas.Thanks

  45. kiran Says:
    Fri 29th Mar 13 8:55am

    i have done diploma in horticulture and management now i doing advance diploma in horticultural currently looking for regional sponsor.i have 3 year experience if any one can help me

  46. M.H Says:
    Sat 16th Mar 13 6:42pm


  47. Upender Kumar Says:
    Tue 19th Feb 13 4:30pm


    I have done Diploma of Community Welfare (Sep 2008 – Sep 2010), then filed TR (Subclass 485) with 6 each in IELTS.

    Now, my TR is finishing in July 2013 and in between I am not able to get job / employer in my field.

    So, unfortunately I need to study again. Can anyone please tell me if I study a course which is in SOL list. Do I will be able to file the 485 visa again?

    Please email me at

  48. Arslan Maqsood Says:
    Tue 12th Feb 13 9:16pm

    hi i am looking for regional sponsorship visa for perth WA which is subclass 187. if anyone can help me out in this matter please email me

  49. maninder Says:
    Mon 21st Jan 13 10:33am

    hi i just want to know if anyone here can help with new zealand visa ? thanks .

  50. Ashwani Says:
    Fri 11th Jan 13 4:24pm

    Hi, is this possible to get p.r. for New Zealand Citizens, working full time here in Melbourne from the last six years? If anyone is able to guide, then please contact me.

    Thanks in advance for your reply.



  51. Rimpi Says:
    Fri 4th Jan 13 1:57pm

    Hiii I am on student visa in Melbourne from last four years and my visa going to expire in march I want to know I need ielts bands or not…plz help me….thanx…

  52. saurabh Says:
    Sat 22nd Dec 12 10:25am

    I am having mba and phd age is 31 and I am having 6.5 years of teaching experience .I want to apply for pr and get a teaching job .How you may help me.

  53. Suny Says:
    Thu 1st Nov 12 7:22pm

    Hi, Do you guys do Canada P.R ???

  54. chander , s Says:
    Tue 25th Sep 12 1:06pm

    i got P R in august 2008and my stay in australia only 4 to 5 months .now i ready to come in australia to maintain the P R ,my what is next for me .ansd i want setteld in melbourn .and i am ready to help for others
    my mob no india 0091-9958017778
    mail id

  55. Wadzi Says:
    Thu 23rd Aug 12 9:14am


    I am an Australian Citizen originally from ZImbabwe, My mother has recently relocated to Australia as a Political regufee and recently got her Permanent Residency. I also have a brother older brother who is studying at Box Hill Tafe and lives with his wife and child.

    However, I also have a 20 year old sister who is the only family member left in Zimbabwe. We need some advise on the quickest way to bring her to AUstralia.

    Please call us on 0468648748 if you can offer your sevices.

    Kind Regards,

  56. Pawan Says:
    Fri 10th Aug 12 1:01am

    Hi ,
    I am looking for registered migration agent who is also member of CPA to deal with my visa .
    Plz contact
    Or email :

  57. madhu Says:
    Wed 1st Aug 12 8:20am

    when can i call back….i have given the test 3 times with no success.

  58. vikram Says:
    Wed 4th Jul 12 7:28am

    hi there
    i came to australia in 2008 and did my MBA in finance and accounting but degree was for 1.5 years so i did graduate diploma as well and finished studies in july 2011 after that rules got cheanged and i applied for TR and still on bridging visa, i m interested in PR and and want to know that do i still come into old rules how much points do i need to score please contact me if u can help me i can see u personally 0401089589

  59. Elan Says:
    Sat 2nd Jun 12 8:32am

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    I, Elanchezhian an Engineering graduate from India.(B.E – Production Engineering). Currently, i am working as a Senior Design Engineer in GE Medical Systems India pvt ltd, Bangalore. I have 7+ years of experience in Mechanical System engineering.

    I came to know about your consultancy through advertisements. I have already submitted My Skill assessment to Australian Skilled Assessing authorities, that is under process.(My Client id is 4149232). I am looking for a job in Australia to explore my skills in Mechanical Engineering field or Production and Plant engineering field. I shall be highly grateful if you could help me with job vacancy details.

    Hoping for a favorable reply

    Thanks & regards


  60. Kulwinder singh Says:
    Sun 20th May 12 10:33am

    Hi I have done automotive certi 3
    I need a employer sponsor can any help me pls reply thanks

  61. vik Says:
    Fri 18th May 12 6:04am

    hi manpreet plz email me @

  62. jimmy Says:
    Wed 16th May 12 8:02am

    hey there i like to go to new Zealand just for a visitor visa or cn i book my ilets exam to get nz visa easily plz let e now i have plan to go end of the year thz

  63. Manpreet Says:
    Mon 14th May 12 6:24pm

    hi im manpreet singh. i wanna to logged my case to minister and i need somebody to help me out pls.i dont have enough time so pls reply me. thx

  64. arsh Says:
    Tue 1st May 12 7:21am

    hi sukhjinder kaur sandhu please email me @ i can help with your query.

  65. sukhjinder kaur sandhu Says:
    Mon 30th Apr 12 3:49am

    i have finised my advance diploma in hospitality and currently looking for regioal sponsor. if any one can help me

  66. Milly Says:
    Thu 26th Apr 12 9:45am

    Hi, I want to know the timelines, rules etc. as to when my Indian partner and i (Australian citizen)get married in India – Feb 2013, when he can come live in Australia? how long can he live here for? & how long do we have to wait? What visa does he need to apply for? how long do we have to have been together before we get married? do we have to live together in India for a certain amount of time etc? who is a good lawyer i can speak with to answer my questions lie these? thank you

  67. rajan Says:
    Thu 15th Mar 12 7:18am

    i have done diploma in horticulture and looking for employer sponsorship. can someone help me to find sponsorship in my field,thank you

  68. ravinder Says:
    Mon 12th Mar 12 9:02am

    i have finised my advance diploma in hospitality and currently looking for regioal sponsor. if any one can help me plz email me on

  69. anurag Says:
    Fri 10th Feb 12 1:29pm

    I have cpmpleted my grduation in Bacheler of commerce year 2001. I am currently working with aviation industry in India, as an office superintendent,deals in passenger services,having 13 years of experince.i would like to come in australia either for study or sponsered visa. can u help me out which will be the best visa and what are the eligibility criteria regarding the same.

  70. arsh Says:
    Mon 24th Oct 11 5:50am

    for new coe’s and admission please email me @

  71. tarun Says:
    Sat 8th Oct 11 10:24am

    i have finished my diploma in automotive……..and i am looking for employer sponsor…..plz contact me on if someone can help me….thanks

  72. visahq Says:
    Wed 28th Sep 11 6:23am

    Hi Balpreet ,

    would you like to contact visaworld on 1300VISAHQ(847247) and we can guide you.


  73. Monty Says:
    Tue 27th Sep 11 1:10pm

    Hi Guys. After posting my previous question I got in touch with Pooja from and she really helped me out. I recommend you call her. Monty.

    Tue 23rd Aug 11 8:26am

    hi i have 6 bands each in ilets and overall 6.5 bands .i did community welfare i want to confirm about any employer sponsorship what can i do now.

  75. minakashi Says:
    Thu 17th Mar 11 6:11am

    by badluck immigration cancelled my student visa,because igot another t.r(still under waiting) visa with me,but still i am struggling with 6 band each in work permit,can you suggest me what can i do.

  76. moni Says:
    Sun 4th Jul 10 10:32pm

    i am from India i had applied for i36 class visa in 2006 know my case is ceased become of new rules my brother is in Melbourne he got his tra last month is there is any way to live and work there if i come to AU on tourist visa

  77. seerat Says:
    Sun 20th Jun 10 2:14pm

    i have completed my biotechnology master sjust now and want to know what visa should i apply for, to live here and work.

  78. shilpi Says:
    Wed 16th Jun 10 6:41pm

    hey….i am in new zealand on study visa….although although i will be getting work permit for one year but i am not intrested in staying in new zealand and want to move to australia…cud u plz suggest me how can i get temporarily work permit for australia??

  79. amit Says:
    Mon 14th Jun 10 1:50pm

    i m a 457 visa holder i came aus 29 april 08 n i lost my job last week and i got a new sponsor the process inprogress ,n i have one year left according to visa so i want to become resident can u assessment my pepper to tra and immigration.
    thank u

  80. Naren Says:
    Sun 30th May 10 2:45pm

    iam naren, iam doing masters in biotechnology and bioinformatics,I completed my 2 nd sem, according to the new sol list, after finishing my course am I eligible to file pr directly, is their sufficient points to my course

  81. gaurav Says:
    Sat 29th May 10 6:59am

    is it renu mam

  82. ranbir Says:
    Wed 12th May 10 3:57pm


    i am ranbir and apply for tr but not came yet and i got also state sponsorship of nsw(new inland region)so ican apply for any permanent visa on basis of state sponsor please guide me

  83. channi Says:
    Mon 3rd May 10 9:53pm

    hi,My name is channi and in australia I am a student and I want to move Canada from here ,IS it possible and tell me what s required for it

  84. yogesh Says:
    Mon 3rd May 10 3:37am

    hi, i had just finished my Master in Professional Accounting and few days back i had filed my TR.I just want to know about the new SoL list as will it be going to include accounting or not.. please do reply asap..Thank You.

  85. joban Says:
    Sun 14th Mar 10 2:16am

    hi,i m on student visa which is expiring in june , but i want to stay in australia and i didn’t start any process of ‘tra’.can u help me how can i extend visa or can u do for me?

  86. gurleen Says:
    Sat 6th Mar 10 2:50am

    I am student here i complete my study in cookery i need a 6 bands but i have got 5 bands overall. i give ielts exams 3 times. can you help me.

  87. harry Says:
    Thu 4th Mar 10 4:54pm


    i am permanent residence and i am going to marry in australia and i want to know all the necessary requirements to lodge my partner's permanent residence application.


  88. Rakesh Fernandes Says:
    Thu 28th Jan 10 6:03am

    Respected Sir,

    i have got temporary residence visa of aus (485) and i need to apply for permanent residence visa (885). So, i am cureently in india and my visa is expiring in mid june 2010. I am planning to come over in australia in may ending, so it is possible to launch a visa application after i come back or can i launch the application while i am in india?



  89. NISAR Says:
    Wed 9th Dec 09 12:00am


    currently i am on graduate visa and looking RSMS visa since i am working in regional south australia and my employer is willing to soponser me. can you plase help me in this regard. Thanks

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