Anahata Chakra Vinyasa with Les Leventhal in Melbourne, 23rd July 2017

Join master teacher Les Leventhal for a unique and invigorating workshop into your heart space.

Sun 23rd Jul 2pm – 4.30pm

Flow through a sequence of postures that will bring your heart chakra back into balance and complete harmony.

We will explore many different ways of working with and without props, along with physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of a backbend.

Your heart will dance through the fine art of balancing and effortless surrender.

We will work on bringing more awareness to pranayama and ujjayi breathing in this workshop, acknowledging the lungs as an integral part of this body region, as well as the role our breath-work plays in the practice.

Heart Openers and Backbends are some of yoga’s most exhilarating postures. In this workshop we will open the entire front body, with emphasis on the heart center.
This workshop is accessible for beginners to advanced practitioners and teachers, who want to pay special attention to this area of practice.


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