Aromatic Sanctuary Retreat in Fremantle, 30th July 2017

Take time in the peaceful surroundings to ‘just BE’ Create a dream for you as we commence the journey towards the second half of this year.
Did you have goals and dreams at the start of the year? How are they travelling? The YOU that you were when you made them, may not be the YOU that you are today! That is Okay, we are all journeying this earth, all reaching for the stars!

We have created a day for restoration, review and refreshment on all levels, with all senses! We would love to share this with you, this is a personal invitation to reach into the deepest part of yourself and honour who you are and where you wish to go!

We begin with Yoga : Facilitated by the beautiful Mandi Nelson; Mandi has cultivated deep interest in spiritual growth and energetic expansion. “Yoga brings me back to me, the truth of who I am on every level” Mandi Nelson is a Yoga Teacher, Holistic Counsellor, Transition Guide and a DoTERRA Wellness Advocate

Incorporating Sound Healing : with Julian Silburn; he has dedicated his life to this work nationally and internationally.

Julian will include the didjeridu he has been playing for over 20 years, because of his longstanding work with Aboriginal Elders Julian was given permission to use this instrument in healing.
Julian uses a variety of sound modalites in a multi faceted approach and techniques to restore the bodys vibration to its natural harmony and balance.

Mindfullness and Body Wellbeing with Pamela Zakostelsky Naturopath and Creator of Miss Vitality.Feel rejuvenated and energized! Incorporating energy in our food and how to revitalise at a cellular level, Pam will share her wisdom and knowledge with us. “Daily rituals in lifestyle, nutition and health support changes essential for a happier, healthy life” Pam

Dream Creation and Meditation with Helen Shaw and Helen Duke; We will engage in interactive experiences of discovery to assist you with dreaming your best version of you and your vision and purpose for this second half of the journey through 2017! We will also include ways to use your essential oils and modalities of meditation, tapping and intention to create long lasting sustainable goals!

Helen Shaw is a Diamond Founding Member of DoTERRA, who has a background in Counselling, Education, Coaching and Leadership, Reiki and Emotional Release Techniques.
Helen Duke is a Platinum Leader of DoTerra and has a background in Massage Therapy and Multi – modalities for change on all levels

Fully included in the day is Morning tea, afternoon tea and lunch – with beautiful nourishing healthy foods and blissful treats!

Please arrive at 8:45 am to register and to be ready to start
Yoga begins at 9am!

Investment is $65 (Early Bird is $55)
Please confirm by eventbrite tickets
Note : Spaces are limited!

Ticket sales will finish on July 25th for catering purposes and their can not be any refunds after this time.

Questions/ Contact: Helen Shaw 0424 729 528

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness


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