Australian Tamil Chamber of Commerce Sydney

Australian Tamil Chamber of Commerce Sydney

Australian Tamil Chamber of Commerce(ATCC)  is a not-for-profit body incorporating the Tamil business community in Australia and is committed to promoting and extending business relations between Australia and beyond.

Incorporated in 2015,  Australian Tamil Chamber of Commerce comprises a variety of entrepreneurs, business leaders and self-employed professionals from financial services including accounting, taxation, investment and insurance services, legal services, information technology services, audio, video, broadcasting and multimedia services, medical, dental and health care services, engineering, automotive and allied mechanical engineering disciplines, educational services, realty, building and architectural services, specialty restaurants, textile and jewellery marketing services, event management and other professional services operated by Tamil people residing in Australia.

I Can Speak The Following Languages: English Tamil.

Contact Details

  • Address: Best Road, Seven hills
  • Mobile: 0470 131 091
  • Email:
  • Website:

Opening Times

Monday: 9:00AM – 5:00PM
Tuesday: 9:00AM – 5:00PM
Wednesday: 9:00AM – 5:00PM
Thursday: 9:00AM – 5:00PM
Friday: 9:00AM – 5:00PM
Saturday: 9:00AM – 5:00PM
Sunday: Closed

Vision Statement of ATCC

“To formulate and facilitate quality Business to Business (B2B) networking and opportunities to benefit Australian Tamil commerce community”

Objectives of ATCC

  • Represent and enhance the reputation of the Tamil business community; champion and make representations on behalf of members of the chamber to advance their interests in promoting and maintaining an environment conducive to commercial enterprise and growth.
  • Provide a forum for Australian Tamils engaged in commercial activities to interact and network with each other and among the members of allied Chambers in Australia and in other countries.
  • Provide advice and organisational support to up and coming Entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals, via trade expositions and information forums on business related matters.
  • Establish and form links with like minded Chambers and  Business organizations worldwide and provide support to Tamils globally to  develop export opportunities and market on mutually beneficial manner.
  • Provide necessary market research information on specific opportunities to export and or import in the Australian Market place and provide opportunities to acquire skill sets to existing members and new entrants.
  • Establish and maintain the profile and commercial strength of the Australian Tamil community to the Australian policy makers and the wider Australian community.

Governance Structure of the ATCC

  • ATCC will be a body incorporated as “Company limited by guarantee” and operate nationally under a constitution with chapters in each major state.
  • The body will be run by Board of Management (BOM) elected by the voting members. The BOM will comprise 1 Chairman, 5 vice presidents and 3 Executive Committee Members.
  • ATCC will engage a Chief Executive Officer and an Executive Team to ensure the proper running of the day to day management of the Chamber.
  • Membership will be open to all entrepreneurs engaged in private enterprise who are of Tamil origin. They must share the vision of the ATCC and be willing to contribute positively to achieve the goals of ATCC.

What will not be permitted in ATCC?

  • Acts of Discrimination on the basis of business rival ry, political affiliation, or religious beliefs.

Reasons to join ATCC and Member Benefits

As the member of the ATCC you will receive the following benefits. As we grow in size and strength additional future benefits are anticipated.

Immediate Benefits

  1. Networking Opportunity – Receive access benefit to develop internal business networking amongst members.
  2.  Business Matching – Enables companies to develop linkages and tie-ups, joint ventures and collaborations.
  3. Links with other Chamber bodies – obtain organisational links with other Chambers of Commerce (i.e.  Indo-Australia Chamber of Commerce, Chinese Chamber of Commerce  etc) and opportunity to attend business forums and functions of those to obtain wider network and commercial contacts.
  4. Market Intelligence – Receive data and information on Australian market trends and opportunities for Tamil Business entities, when provided.
  5. Seminars I Workshops – Opportunity to attend awareness programmes conducted by experts and professionals on Australian business to help Tamil businesses at regular intervals.
  6. Chamber’s Website· Corporate Members are entitled to have their business websites hyperlinked to the Chamber’s website gateway to connect them directly to the Australian market.

Medium Term Benefits

  • Online Tamil Business directory – Members can publish and promote their business on the Online Tamil Business directory to be hosted by ATCC. The chamber of Commerce will be responsible for the publication of the online Tamil Business Guide in Australia, listing member your business
    profile and contact details.
  • Discounts deals – Obtain specially negotiated discount deals from other service providers using the Chamber’s combined purchasing power.
  • Hall of Fame Awards -In recognition of taking the financial and other business risks and achieving successful outcomes and achievements, up to 5 business people will be selected annually and will be awarded “Hall of Fame” honour in the following categories – Best Entrepreneur, Successful Business Woman, Best Young Business Person and Professional Service Person.

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