Birth Your Passion For Sensitive Souls in Melbourne, 14th August 2017

Do you have a passion or a dream but you struggle to take steps towards it due to the extreme feelings of vulnerability that come up when you do?

During three fortnightly sessions we will each vision our unique gifts and offerings, and develop an understanding of how we can best manifest this vision.

This is about witnessing and supporting each other in our courageous steps towards birthing our truest passions. It is about creating the secure attachment and support which enables us to find the courage to step out towards our dreams.

This has been an incredibly transformative process, helping people move from indecision, extreme vulnerability, sadness or procrastination towards stepping out and giving their gifts in the world!

What people have said about this process ( of moving from vulnerability to passion in a deeply supported way):

“You’ve helped me shift out of an extended period of stagnation due to nerves and perfectionism. Your embodiment techniques, combined with your reassuring and gentle listening, empathy and supportive insights have assisted me in finding the confidence to believe in myself and the worthiness of what I have to offer the world. Feeling very grateful.” Lara Allaway

“I feel both uplifted, inspired and more empowered as you help me to refocus on and move towards what I love. By taking little practical steps, I feel more energised and distant dreams start to feel more real and in reach as you remind me of my successes. You have held a safe space for me as I emerge from a time of great upheaval, change and emotion. Thankyou. “ Guy Simpson

“Just wanted to say thanks again Tania, you are a very good life coach – perceptive, inspiring, encouraging, genuine and practical!” Pia Morely

“I so loved working with Tania! She allowed me to move into the depths of my being in a way that I never had before and taught me that, that was okay. Almost a year later I still think of our session and try incorporate what I learned into my life. I absolutely recommend her! ” Margo James

“This is awesome! I love it! Its helping me feel wonderfully supported as I start my business” Katie Rose

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