Cacao + Ecstatic Dance in Fremantle, 5th August 2017

A Sacred Ceremony of Ecstatic Dance & Cacao Ceremony

+ Surrender your senses.
+ Melt open your heart & birth your deepest desires.
+ Let go of inhibitions & awaken to your unlimited power.
+ Connect within, and without; from a place of wholeness.

Surrender to the potency of the alchemical fusion of Cacao & Ecstatic Dance.
Guided by yogini Kate Porotto, you will go on a sublime journey of the senses, awakening every aspect of your entire being.

Here is what is going to happen:
+ You will be tantalized & melt through a sensory explosion in a Sacred Cacao Ceremony, using ceremonial grade cacao.
+ You will awaken to your essence through a guided contact dance, gentle tantra yoga, & meditation.
+ You will unleash the inner wild self through, guided ecstatic free flow dance, riding the waves of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, as you are held in a safe sacred container.
+ You won’t know whats next, but you will love every minute.

What you will embody:
+ Sensory explosions & inner awakenings.
+ Powerful shifts through anything that is holding you back from unleashing your greatest potential.
+ Heart blasting wide open
+ Openness, expansion & awakening to your divine self.
+ Inner balance.

? ABOUT THE CACAO. Cacao is a powerful plant medicine administered in ancient South American Rituals, by Shamans of the tribe; taking you on a journey deep into the heart, for healing & awakening inner truths.

We will be sourcing Ceremonial Grade cacao for this journey, which is the highest vibrational form of Cacao. Sourced from a Cacao Shaman in Guatemala who uses it for ceremonies and inner work.

Ceremonial Grade Cacao is used in ceremony to melt the heart wide open, expands the mind & indulges all senses to heightened sensual sensory explorations.

Limited Spaces, Bookings Essential.

Energetic exchange for this event is $30 AUD.

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