CAD Design Australia – Melbourne


CAD Design Australia – Melbourne

Are you looking for a cheap drafting services? Price starts from $150 depending on the job.

I Can Speak The Following Languages: English, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Hindi.

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  • Address: 120B E Esplanade, St Albans VIC 3021, Australia
  • Mobile: 0405 412 027 OR 0404 256 757
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CAD Design Australia – Drafting Made Simple

CDA offers a diverse range of authentic CAD Drafting, Architectural Drafting, CAD Conversion, Electrical , Mechanical & other drafting solutions, 2D, 3D modelling and Building Information Modelling (BIM) services that meets your business requirements and helps you create your independent design.

We are a drafting company in Melbourne, Australia, run by qualified Architects & Engineers giving us an advantage over other drafting companies by providing best solutions for Architectural & Engineering drafting.
Our all-inclusive * CAD service * makes sure that you have access to advanced and user-friendly technologies, economical methodologies and fastest turnarounds.

Our aim has always been to enable customers to meet important deadlines and resolve complex design geometry giving us a competitive advantage for building long term client relationships.

About CAD Design Australia

CDA is an Australian based start-up committed to deliver world class Engineering & Architectural services such as Cad Conversion, 2D,3D modeling and Cad Design and 3D CAD printing for the local & International market. We use highly comprehensible, resourceful and advanced software like AutoCAD, REVIT, ArchiCad, 3DS MAX, 12D, Microstation, Bentley, Solidworks etc. making each project a landmark for the customer and a milestone for us.

Our proficiency lies in offering a full range of CAD drafting and conversion services which includes accurate technical drawings of plans, elevations, sections, diagrams and layouts on time, facilitating Architects and Engineers to create pleasing and positive environments.


Architecture is seeing development that allows for team work on the internet. People are no longer bound by geographic locations to work together. Architecture involves multiple disciplines such as structures, mechanical, electrical, and interior processes to name a few. One of the most difficult processes is to manage the documentation involved.
Countless drawings may have to be issued during the design process. The drawings for various disciplines may be issued in various stages of the design or construction. At each stage there may be changes that need to be coordinated in all the documents. This coordination may be a daunting task.
Due to advanced database management software’s available and the internet, all this coordination is possible between the architect, contractor, drafter, owners regardless of location.

Outsourcing is basically sending parts of a project out to a subcontractor for completion. This gives the Architect more control over the production process and also reduces overhead costs due to the fact that they do not have to maintain full time staff for seasonal/ temporary work.
CDA offers a diverse range of authentic CAD Drafting, CAD Conversion, 2D modeling and Building Information Modeling (BIM) services that meets your business requirements and helps you create your independent design.  Our all-inclusive CAD service makes sure that you have access to advanced and user-friendly technologies, economical methodologies and fastest turnarounds.

Our aim has always been to enable customers to meet important deadlines and resolve complex design geometry giving us a competitive advantage for building long term client relationships.

List of Services

  • 3D Modelling
  • 2D Drafting
  • CAD Drawings and Rendering
  • 3D Design Services


  • $20/hour for Short term Projects (2-6 Months)
  • $18/Hour for Long term Projects (1-2 Year)
  • $15/Hour for Full time position


  • Direct control on project using Skype and other VOIP services
  • Dedicated staff and Project manager
  • Local Support in Melbourne for Initial setup up-till 2 months
  • Additional QC from Overseas team


Converting your drawings to CAD helps you maintain your files more systematically and efficiently, giving you greater room and, eventually, an increase in productivity.

CDA offers an incredibly low priced yet highly specialized CAD drafting and conversion services both for large as well as small sized projects with adherence to AUSTRALIAN National CAD Standards.
Whether you desire a total cad conversion or a partial raster to vector conversion, our CAD service comes with various integrated features which are trouble-free and easy to use.
Our team is proficient with all major CAD software such as AutoCAD, ArchiCAD and REVIT to assist in your architectural drafting and conversion needs. Moreover, our CAD conversions go through rigorous quality checks before they are delivered to you.

We can transform and digitize your architectural, engineering, electrical or CAD drawings, paper plans or images into various CAD formats such as JPG, TIF, PDF, etc. with maximum accuracy.


With  CDA 2D modeling service, you no longer have to wait for prototypes, modifying, scaling, redrafting or resizing your current designs. Simply give us your rough sketches or any paper drawings and we will transform them into professionally editable, 2 dimensional and detailed architectural drawings which include elevations, electrical layouts, architectural and structural sheets, floor plans, and much more.

To meet our clients’ diverse needs in the civil, mechanical, electrical and structural fields, we offer a broad range of architectural drafting services described as below.


Would you like to gain the benefits of CAD onshore outsourcing services without compromising quality or turn-around time? Get your project done on time and on budget? Have a source for highly trained staff that flexibly scales with your needs? It’s all possible… with CDA CAD Services.

CDA Cad Services is prominent Australian CAD Outsourcing Company serving as an innovative partner without compromising the quality and spin time.

We are the foremost reliable, innovation driven outsourcer of CAD based architectural, engineering outsourcing support services. We and have developed as pioneers in conveying high satisfaction to empower customers from around the world. We comprehend the significance of nurturing client relationships, and this reflects through our immovable morals and a constantly finishing quest for brilliance.
Partnering with CDA CAD Services, you can leverage the talents of well-educated and experienced CAD designers without the headaches of hiring staff. Very simply, CDA CAD Services makes CAD outsourcing easy.
Our extensive scope of virtual development and computational scrutiny results are expected to offer you to help with managing and executing projects proficiently finishing them on time. With this we make projects conversions into higher profits for ventures.
We combine the capabilities of advanced software tools and cutting edge technologies with wide-ranging experience of our specialists to help you optimize designs and improve processes; consequently initiate higher productivity, enhanced performance, lean manufacturing and ease of operations to steer your projects towards profitable outcomes.
We consolidate the abilities of cutting edge software tools and latest technologies with wide range of experienced experts to help you with optimizing designs and enhance process; in this way, as a cad outsourcing company, we present higher profitability, better performance, lean manufacturing and simple operations to guide your projects towards profitable results.


Proficient in AUTOCAD, EPLAN with AUTOCAD Electrical (all versions). We have worked on varied projects here in Australia and aware of Australian standards used. Certified user of Autocad/Revit/Eplan/ Bentley / Microstation.

-Preparing Electrical systems design documentations (low voltage voltage switchgears including SLD’s,

-General Assembly and Circuit Diagrams), control systems design documentations (PLC circuit diagrams, IO allocations, Automation layouts).

-Support for Paper to CAD, PDF to CAD or any drafting related work.

Civil :

We are offering low cost effective with high quality AutoCAD & REVIT drafting services .

Specialist Architectural drawings, town house planning, engineering up to construction drawings.

High end custom designed homes .

Price starts from $150 depending on the job.

New house / addition & alteration / extension of house / garages etc. can be done.


We are CAD Company based in Melbourne , VIC.

We provide Design engineers, Draftsman on Contract basis to manufacturing firms, plants and engineering industries/companies.

Short and long term with AUTOCAD, Microstation, Bentley, 12D & Solidworks License and workstation.

We also supply Software and hardware on lease as required.

We dont charge to change / edit our drawing and make the corrections if it would be required in future.

We hold our own software license and computer workstation which we use at customers facilities and from own premises.

Having a sound understanding of engineering methods and management, We are also committed to workplace health and safety.

Please email / text / call me for the quote.

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