DEVANG PATEL Dandiya 2017 : MELBOURNE 17th September 2017

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Devang Patel is an Indian singer, actor, songwriter, dancer, film producer, film director and music performer.

Devang carved his niche in the unique genre of ‘comedy rap music’ wherein he produced albums spoofing songs from musicians around the world.

He is a multi talented performer and can sing, dance, act, spoof, and keep the audiences in splits. He has also been a part of various Bollywood films like ‘Chahat’ starring Shahrukh Khan.

Some of Devang’s other hits include ‘Madhuri Mili Rastein Mein’ and ‘Meri Marzi’ from the movie Gambler etc.

India’s most popular garba “GHUME ENO GARBO” writtrn by Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi and sung by Devang Patel.

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