Dj Da-V Sydney, NSW

DJ Da-V aka Bazedrop aka Mr RNB Life!!!

Facebook: Dj-Da-V


Born in the small island of fiji and brought over to the land down under (coz he proly wasnt good enuf for his ,DJ Da-V began officially djing in 2001.. he first decided to get into djing while listening to dj moto and dj rectangle mixtapes in school and due to his love for music he decided he needed to make a statement and get on the map..and a big impact he made releasing the unforgetable “Bazedrop” , All blazed up for the summer volumes 1 and 2. His name all of a sudden started buzzin on the streets and the rest was history. One minute he was listening to DJ Moto mixtapes in class and getting detained for it, and the next he was playing along side all star djs at well known clubs.

Dj Da-V specialises in Rnb/hiphop but he also has a wide range of taste due to his love of music and also comes thru with a lil bit of everyfin like reggae/reggaeton/80s funk etc when playing his sets. He also has a very big name in the bollywood/uk bhangra scene. He has been able to fit all these types of genres together as they are nowdays backed by hip hop and rnb beats. He has also been noted for his remixes that he keeps teasing us with in his mixtapes which normally sound hot but dont go for long enuf..annoying but i beileve he likes to keep it like that..

Keep checking out his promotional works on the streets as he now has his bazedrop allstar umberella including the likes of DJ broski and dj Fabolous who put in work for the massive series “RNB DISTRICT” , SO SEDUCTIVE , SCHOOLIN LIFE & “ROCK THIS CLUB to date.

Facebook: Dj-Da-V



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