Ek Avaaz – Musical Concert for Charity in Perth, 10th September 2017

Ek Avaaz 2017: A Concert for Charity!

On the 10th of September, a number of Perth’s local young musical and singing talents will be coming together again to present Ek Avaaz 2017 – a live Indian music concert for charity, at All Saints College Centre for Performing Arts theatre.

The concert will be a not-for-profit event, with all proceeds going to a Kenyan charity called Orione Community Training Centre in Kenya (further details below).
For this Project to be successful, we will be looking for sponsors to cover our costs where possible, and generate a healthy donation from the public in support of our charity.

What is the event?

The Ek Avaaz team, supported by the dynamic events management teamFuturistiq Entertainment, will be presenting an Indian Musical Concert for Charity – Ek Avaaz 2017 (Hindi for “one voice”).

Ek Avaaz will deliver the richness, depth and splendor of Indian music through well-known renditions from all parts of India.
In doing so, we hope to take the audience through a musical journey from the traditional sounds of folk songs to the dynamic new sounds of modern Indian music, whilst providing our own personal touch.



Who are we?

We are a local fusion band consisting of talented collaborators from different backgrounds, united in a common goal: to share our passion for Indian music in a way we can give back.

Our philosophy is simple – to entertain, support a noble cause and inspire. Part of this is to encourage the younger generation to take an interest in music, arts and culture.

In 2012, we presented Ek Avaaz for the first time in our inaugural performance at Sacred Heart College Performing Arts Theatre.

This was a huge success, thanks to the generosity of support from the audience and sponsors.
With a near sell-out 500 capacity, we raised over $20,000 for Santulan – an Indian-based NGO charity operating on Gandhian values to enable change in education and empowerment of under-privileged communities.
These funds went towards the building of a residential school for the under-privileged children of stone quarry worker communities.

With similar verve and intent, we hope to re-emulate that success again this year and produce a concert for the benefit of a new charity.

With a remodeled team, brand new array of songs and the introduction of Futuristiq Entertainment to assist in marketing and strategising this event, we hope to deliver an even bigger production.

Charity details

The charity we are supporting for this event is Orione Community Training Centre in Kenya- in aid of the physically and mentally disabled.

All of our proceeds will be donated to the charity.
The charity currently has two training centers for people with physical and mental disabilities. There are three main areas which they focus on:

• Educating the children about correct sanitation and hygiene, as well as how to eat by themselves.
• Physiotherapy and exercise.
• Creating jobs whereby they aid young adults over the age of 18 to use machinery to help farm and sustain animals in farm lands.
Currently they help 100 children and young adults. There is a currently a great need for raising funds to arrange for basic needs to the children such as food, medication and transport to and from school.

For sponsorship enquires, please contact us through any of the details below:

Dhaval Patani [Futuristiq Ent.] M: 0413 823 330
Viren Pabari [Futuristiq Ent.] M: 0439 935 333
Shivan Jagatia M: 0424 920 697
Anil Chawda M: 0401 586756
Nishevitha Shanmugarajah M: 0403 934 978

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