Expert advice on IELTS by Anil Dubey in Gurgaon, India – 17th Oct – 10th Nov 2015

IELTS Facilitation Desk

Expert advice on IELTS by Anil Dubey

  • Venue: House No 33 / Sector 47 / Gurgaon, India
  • Date: 17th Oct – 10th Nov 2015

    He was:

1) Signatory of IELTS Result
2) Administrator IDP : Ielts, India
3) Ielts Examiner Selection and Training Coordinator
4) Conducted Ielts Examination in India
5) Certified Marker from University of Cambridge, ESOL Examination

He is now:
1) Chairman and Founder of IELTS Facilitation Centre
2) Your Ielts Trainer
3) Your Train the Trainer
3) Your Band Descriptor Advisor
4) Your Author of Ielts Made Easy
5) Your advisor of IELTS Revaluation
6) Your Ielts Test Booking
7) Your ticket to success


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