Flight From Sydney Forced to Land Due to Man’s Racial Outburst at Indian / Pakistani Passengers

Flight From Sydney Forced to Land Due to Man’s Racial Outburst at Indian / Pakistani Passengers

An American man has been arrested after he allegedly was throwing verbal racial rant’s on a flight from forced Sydney on it’s way to San Francisco. The United Airlines flight was diverted to Auckland where it landed due to the behaviour of the American man yelling and swearing at the flight attendant on New Years Day.

Apparently it all began when the American passenger was throwing verbal rants and abuse at two passengers that were on the flight that were described as being of Indian or possibly Pakistani origin. The American passenger has been reported to have grown extremely angry when the two people of Indian origin that were seated on either side of them started talking to each other.

The irate passenger apparently couldn’t understand why the airline hadn’t seated these two people next to each other instead of either side of him! Apparently when the female flight attendant threatened to have the flight turned back around, the aggressive American passenger was then caught on camera filmed by other passengers hurling verbal abuse and insults at the female flight attendant.

The aggressive passenger went on to say statements such as do you know how cool it would be to have the aeroplane turned around because of me? You are going to do that? You do that? I’m being so impolite aren’t I?

Passengers on the plane that were in close proximity to the irate, aggressive passenger and female flight attendant have been reported saying that the language the American passenger used was extremely rude and disgusting! Another passenger has apparently reported that the man’s rants initially started from cursing Indians and then progressed to Asians and then Muslims, basically non whites in general!

After the pilot had announced that that the plane was going to be diverted to Auckland, the aggrieve male passenger than became more subdued and settled down. Once the flight had reached Auckland and landed, the police told him to cooperate with them or he would then go on to face additional charges. Finally the 42 year old American man was arrested and taken into the New Zealand immigration.

It has been reported that the American passenger was deported back to the US, unfortunately the crew and pass angers had to stay overnight so that they could rest after the ordeal, it has been reported that the airline paid for the hotel rooms for the 252 passengers that were subjected to the abuse.

Photo Source: Nine News

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