Fund Raising – Death of Sreevathsanka Nallan Chakaravarthula

Fund Raising – Death of Sreevathsanka Nallan Chakaravarthula
It is with deep sadness that we convey to you the sad news of the death of Sreevathsanka Nallan Chakravarthula, in a fatal road accident in New Castle on Thursday (22nd Oct 2015) night at about 11:30 pm.  Earlier Sreevathsank arrived into Australia as a student three years ago and has finished his graduation.  He is aged 24, and had a full life ahead of him.  Unfortunately God has taken him away at a very young age.
The Consulate office has been advised of the death of Sreevathsanka while the Blacktown Funeral Directors are looking after the formalities of taking over the body from the hospital mortuary in New Castle and preparing the body to be flown to Hyderabad (Warrangal), where his parents live.  Naturally the parents are devastated to hear the news of the death of their only son.
As you would appreciate, there is a fair bit of expense involved in flying the body back to his home town.  There is a strong need to raise funds for this cause.
The Indian Support Center Inc is helping this cause by working with the people involved in coordinating this entire activity.  A special / separate “ISC Emergency Fund” account under the Indian Support Center Account has been created.
The following volunteers are working on this current situation in coordinating with the funeral directors, the Indian Consulate Office, the Police and with parents of Sreevathsanka in India.  You may contact these people for further information:
Hanumatha Rao Vamaraju                          0407 241 257
Jaganmohan Reddy                               0450 221 215
Kindly donate generously to his cause!
Subba Rao Varigonda
President – ISC   0411 335 999

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