Guru Property – Investment Property Specialist Brisbane


Guru Property – Investment Property Specialist Brisbane

Identifies ‘HOTSPOTS’ using in-depth RESEARCH and proven methodologies. Spot suburbs which can potentially double every 8 to 10 years

  • Recommends suburbs for CAPITAL GROWTH or RENTAL YIELD depending on customer’s budget and requirements
  • 13 years of investment EXPERIENCE in and around Brisbane
  • Local property KNOWLEDGE will help secure the right property at the right price
  • Contacts with Selling agents who can provide us the best DEALS
  • On a $500,000 property if we negotiate even 5% you SAVE $25,000
  • ACCESS to properties before it hits the market
  • Brand new houses built upto $30,000 LESS than market value
  • Provide a path to build a Property portfolio for passive INCOME

I Can Speak The Following Languages: English, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Malayalam

Contact Details

  • Address: 2 Sanctuary Close, Springfield Lakes, QLD 4300
  • Telephone: 07 3381 9721
  • Mobile: 0434 439 999
  • Email:
  • Website:


Want to know where the capital growth areas in QLD are?

Want to create passive income through property investment?

Want to create a property portfolio that is positively geared?

Want a stress-free buying process and save thousands of $$$?

if the answer to any of the above is yes then please do yourself a favour by contacting us NOW….

Guru Property Brisbane

Guru Property is Brisbane based Buyers Agent established to help investors secure investment properties at right location and at the right price. We are experienced and have the skill and expertise necessary to ensure our clients receive the best possible deal during the whole buying process. Depending on client requirements and their budget we provide options on capital growth suburbs, good rental yield suburbs and homes with long term development oppurtunities. For clients requiring brand new homes, we also deal with conception, planning, design, construction and completion right through to delivering a good quality product, making sure the entire process runs smoothly. We understand planning requirements, contracts, liaising with contractors and the buying process itself. For more details of the process please go to the Services page and click on the pdf links provided.

We have been in the property business since 2003; however we have been doing this for ourselves. Over this period we have exchanged millions worth of properties. This business established is created to help property investors build a property portfolio using proven methodologies.

After these many years of buying and building residential houses we have established a good team of professionals including builders, tradesmen. Our Business is purely based on word of mouth and the intent here is to help investors get into their property investment journey and make it a success. We take that extra step to ensure client’s expectations are met and in most cases exceed their expectations. Guru would love to be part of our client’s success.


What are the current Issues and Risks?

  • Time –When it comes to Purchasing your dream property, it begins with countless hours of shortlisting and stress. From inspections to analysing to selecting the right property –on a average a buyer spends 4 to 6 months on shortlisting and selecting.
  • Money –Are you SURE you are not paying a notch too HIGH? On an average a property deal without a buyer’s agent costs 5-10% more than the market value.
  • Knowledge –Lack of know-how, not being exposed to some great deal properties that are available, hidden costs, missing out on vital facts about the property –will lead to ill-informed decisions and high financial losses.
  • Geographical distance –Interstate, International, North side buyers wanting to buy on the south side and vice versa.

How do we assist you in addressing these Issues/Risks?

  • Time –We Seek out the ideal property which will earn you countless stress-free hours!!! We go through 100s of properties to select a few. We’d say invest your quality time with family, and other priorities and let us as professionals handle this for you.
  • Money –We have access to a wider range of property which you might not be ordinarily exposed to or know what is available in the first place. Many property deals are closed without even hitting the market. We have access to these off-market opportunities. On a $500,000 property if you pay 5% more, you have already lost $25,000.
  • Knowledge –Based in QLD, we have been investing since 2003. Having complete know-how and understanding of the market scenario that includes hidden costs, property defects.
  • Geographical distance –Whether you want to but within your boundaries or interstate or international; we will send pictures, videos, video conference and anything more that will ensure your satisfaction before a purchase, making distances disappear !!!.



We have divided our Buyer’s agent service into 2 categories namely:

  • Buy – existing house, vacant Land: We will be working one-on-one with you on getting your requirements. We can provide houses with high rental yield or high capital growth albeit low rental yield or houses on land that are sub dividable. The process of how it works are detailed here.
  • Buy – brand new house: This should not be mistaken as a House and Land package. We do not provide a House and Land package service, we do not have any tie-ups with any developers, or builders. The brand new house will be purely based on client requirements and budgets. We will be sourcing builders, contractors to suit these needs. We start from estimation, planning, design through to completion. The services offered, what we do, client’s role are detailed here.


Having a long term market experience and contacts, we are confident we will present the best deal properties. Our network will help us connect you with focussed opportunities.

We will do all the ground work; analysing, providing best option, doing physical site visits on your behalf, ideating property costs, dealing with professionals while you sit back & relax, allowing us to take lead of your hassles.

Our local property knowledge and experience helps to locate the right suburb at the right time and at the right price.

We will save your time, money and stress allowing you to let us handle all your woes relating to property and rest assure that you will get the best deal the matches the best standerds you seek – saving time & thousands of $$.

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