Hollow Everdaze Cartoons album launch Carlton, Melbourne, VIC

As forecast by the reverbed lushness of their breakthrough 2015 single ‘Last Laugh’, Hollow Everdaze’s long-time-coming debut album ‘Cartoons’ is a stunning new statement for a band that’s been reimagining psychedelic pop from the start.

While deeply schooled in the classics – from the Rubber Soul balladry of ‘Still Ticking’ to the jaunty orchestral layering of ‘Running Away’ – the Western Victoria five-piece have arrived at something remarkably fresh. Combining distorted guitar hooks and sighing strings with blissful electronics and heady jam-outs, these songs are sweetly catchy, yet quietly adventurous.

Surf-tinged British Invasion (‘Catastrophe’), pleading indie pop (‘Same Old Story’), and free-wheeling psych (‘Flat Battery’) all commingle beautifully, with every track housing vivid contrasts of glistening brightness and rainy-day gloom.

‘Cartoons’ is out June 23 on vinyl and digital via Deaf Ambitions.

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