Infinity Kathak Dance Company Brisbane

Infinity Kathak Dance Company Brisbane

Infinity Kathak is Australia’s Premier Dance Company located in Brisbane who delivers the essence of Indian Kathak Dance form in a modern context.

Kathak Dance classes and performance group.

NEW: Kathak batches for Kids and Adults commencing in August at West End! Stay tuned…

Want to be able to dance in palaces like the royal courts of India before Kings and Queens?

Come and learn Kathak in its pure form!

Kathak is an entrancing art form whose beauty lies in sparkling rhythmic footwork, whirling movements and subtle expressions.

Introduction to Kathak for Absolute Beginners (Suitable for all ages, no prior dance experience required). Perfect for kids and teens! Give your kids an opportunity to learn an authentic art form.

Private Kathak tuition also offered.

  • When: Saturday morning classes
  • Where: River City Ballroom, 4 Mollison Street, West End, Qld, 4101

Dr Helena Joshi

Dr Helena Joshi, the Dancing Doctor Extraordinaire, is a medical doctor by profession and a dancer by passion. Helena is a solo kathak artist who has performed kathak recitals with live musical accompaniment in both India and Australia. Previously a dancer of various genres including contemporary, ballet, jazz, tap and Bollywood she developed an intense calling to turn to her Indian roots with a resonance towards kathak dance. Whilst studying medicine, and during her travels to India, destiny answered her intention by introducing her to Guru Prerana Deshpande, a leading exponent of kathak dance in India. Helena has learnt dance in a guru-shishya parampara (master-disciple tradition) and with daily ‘riaaz’ and discipline, kathak soon became her means of artistic expression.

Helena was the recipient of the inaugural Sangeet Mela Rising Star Awards in 2014, and returned to Sangeet Mela 2015 to perform the feature item after high audience appraisal. Helena has previously performed a fully fledged one hour kathak recital with internationally acclaimed musicians in Pune, India. Helena believes that Kathak dance is a field that has exquisite depth. Kathak is a form of mental, physical and emotional discipline which has lead her through a journey of self discovery. It brings ecstatic joy and the art form is the ultimate form of prayer. She finds kathak a tangible means of exploring both realistic elements of rhythm, grace and expression and abstract elements of time, space and energy. Helena is deeply committed to revive the richness and intricacy of Kathak and aims to promote the essence of North Indian artistic traditions relevant to a western audience. Helena is the real deal when it comes to Authentic Indian Dancing! Submit an enquiry below and we will get back to you on trialling your first class!

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