Joy Window Tinting Perth, WA

Joy Window Tinting Perth, WA

Residential and Commercial

If you are looking for a hassle free and quality residential/commercial window tinting services, we are here to help you.

Residential and Commercial Window Tinting

  • Solar Black Films / Solar Mirror Films / Reflective Films
  • Glass Frosting / Door Pane Frosting / Shower Screen
  • Old Film Removals

Benefits of Tinting Your Windows

Along with heat reduction, window film can also help you protect your investments. Curtains, furniture and even flooring can fall victim to the effects of the sun. One of the leading culprits in fading your valuables is ultraviolet light. To keep those home furnishings and decorations looking their best, a window film with a high percentage of ultraviolet light rejection would be a good choice.

Ultraviolet light can not only fade your furniture, but too much of it can affect your health. Ultraviolet rays are the reason for sunburns and are also seen as one of the risk factors for cancer. According ¬to the Report on Carcinogens released by the Department of Health and Human Services, ultraviolet radiation is a known human carcinogen [source: National Institutes of Health]. For working to prevent sun-induced skin damage, several types of window film have even been given the Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation [source: The Skin Cancer Foundation].

Window films can also help to reduce the glare on your television when viewing the big game. The percentage of glare reduction is usually related to the visible light transmittance. The lower the amount of light transmitted through the film, the greater the glare reduction inside the home.

While a darker film can offer more glare reduction and privacy, a clearer film offers a more natural view from the window. Darker films can also have higher values for reflectivity. Reflectivity can be beneficial when reflecting the sunlight.

Why tint your windows in winter??

Window tinting can reduce heat loss in Winter by up to 30% through windows. Insulating window film applied to the inside face of an ordinary window can decrease heat loss through the windows by up to 30%. With more homes being built these days with more and larger windows, that 30% reduction in heat loss can add up pretty quickly to a lot of $$$.

Reduce energy costs: It all makes sense. The less energy you need to cool and heat your home means a smaller energy bill. Include the long-term savings that the protection of your carpets and furniture will provide and you’ll see that getting your home windows tinted will pay for itself, not just in your back pocket, but in your comfort levels too.

Window tinting is the most cost-effective insulation for the home.

1. Heat Rejection

Window film can reduce up to 82% solar energy versus untreated glass. By controlling hot spots and overall unwanted interior heat from the sun, window film helps create a more comfortable living or driving experience while reducing cooling costs.

2. Reduce Fading of Furnitures, Carpet flooring, wooden panels

Window film blocks up to 99% of UV rays while also extensively reducing heat. Reducing these two primary causes of fading helps to protect your valuable home furnishings and fittings.

3. UV Protection

By stopping virtually all the UV rays, window film provides an effective “sunscreen” for your skin against the harmful effects of the sun like skin cancer and permanent vision impairment.

4. Glare Reduction

Whatever the cause, direct sun, headlights, water, or surrounding buildings. Glare is not only annoying but can also be dangerous if it blinds your vision. Like sunglasses, our film does an excellent job of cutting glare.

5. Increase Privacy

Our products are designed to provide a desired level of privacy from full block out to one way vision and day time privacy while improving energy efficiency and maintaining natural lighting.

6. Increase Safety & Security

Accidents, forces of nature and human threats can instantly turn a pane of glass into dangerous shards. Thicker protective safety films are available to provide an extra level of protection in case of accidental breakage and vandalism.

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