Just Veggie Indian Catering Wollongong, NSW

Just Veggie Indian Catering Wollongong, NSW

The best home cooking pure vegetarian food in the south coast NSW.

Gujarati food made from the best spices and freshest vegetables available. A taste different to all. Finger licking good.

Justveggie the Indian food specialist.


  1. We cater for all your needs.
  2. Small parties to big parties of 150 people
  3. Food gurenteed to be different
  4. Can supply food warmers for display
  5. Also availble for kids parties,slushy machines
  6. Kiddie castle
  7. Pooja
  8. Birthdays
  9. Very reasonable prices
  10. Indian food
  11. In house catering



  1. Samosa [Pastry Filled With Potatoe And Mix Vegetables And Deep Fried]
  2. Pakora [Bok Choy ,Onion,Pea Flour,Flour,Spices , Deep Fried]
  3. Batata Vada [Potatoe,Spices,Coated With Chana Flour Deep Fried]
  4. Idli [Rice,Lentils,Grounded,Steamed,Served With Coconut Chuntney]
  5. Sweets [All Kinds ,Please Enquire]
  6. Fry Rice[Mix Veg,Jeera,Potatoe,Carrot,Lemon,Curd,Tomatoe]
  7. Potatoe Curry[In 10 Different Ways] All Curries Serves
  8. Roti [Indian Bread Puffed On Hot Plate]
  9. Chick Pea Curry[Chick Pea Cooked With Spices]
  10. Aloo Baigan Curry[Potatoe And Egg Plant Cooked In Spices]
  11. Dhal Soup[Lentils Cooked With Spices ]
  12. Mix Veg Khichdi[Rice,Lentils Cooked With Mix Veg]
  13. Aloo Paatra[Potatoe And Dalo Leaves With Spicy Paste]
  14. Bhindi Curry[Okra Fried With Spices And Tomatoe]
  15. Dalo / Cassava[Coated With Batter And Deep Fried]
  16. Dalo Curry[Dalo Diced And Cooked With Spices]
  17. Paatra[Dalo Leaves With Lentil & Spice Paste,Steamed & Fried]
  18. Snake Bean Curry[Snake Beans Fried With Spices]
  19. Dhal Bhari Roti[Indian Bread Stuffed With Lentils]
  20. Aloo Paratha[Indian Bread Stuffed With Spicy Mashed Potatoe]
  21. Pani Puri [Small Indian Bread,Potatoe,Lentils,Sauces]
  22. Dahi Puri [Small Indian Bread With Lentils And Yogurt]
  23. Sev Puri
  24. Jackfruit Curry[Jackfruit Fried With Spices][When Availble]

Prices Different For Plate And Big Orders

Our Taste Different To Others,We Make To Fiji Indian, Fiji Gujrati, And India Gujrati Tastes.

Please Note, Some Items Seasonal,Some Depends On Availbility, Some Require Orders To Be Placed At Least 7 Days In Advance,,,

Can Supply To Individual Needs And Taste[Mild,Med,Hot]

“We Can Cook & Supply Or Cook At Site”

Contact Details
Address: 354 princes hwy, Dapto, New South Wales, Australia 2530
Mobile: 0424 275 890
Email: justveggieindian@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/justveggie/
Website: http://www.justveggie-indianfood.com/

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