Kick-starting Personal Change in Adelaide, 10th July 2017


Have you been putting off making a big decision, want to make a positive change or just feeling stuck in life? It’s not always easy changing the things you want to change.

Whether that is your health, your job, your relationships or starting a new business. Where to start can be hard. Kinesiology can help you to find the blockages that are holding you back from personal and lifestyle changes.
These blockages are usually subconscious, such as fear, self sabotage, or low self-esteem. A subconscious problem requires a subconscious solution. Join me as I talk about how kinesiology can be used to kick-start personal change.
This will include demonstrations on how muscle ‘response’ testing can be used to talk with the body (the subconscious mind) to identify the energy imbalances connected to the problem, kinesiology balancing techniques, and much more.

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Duration 1 1/2 hours
Cost $20
Coffee and tea will be provided.

Brought to you by the Power of Kinesiology
Presented by Enca Crosbie, Kinesiologist

Contact: 0488 097 582

Further information about kinesiology is available at

  • Mental health
  • Health education

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