Kinesiology Muscle Monitoring with Essential Oils in Perth, 5th August 2017

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Kinesiology Workshop with Essential Oils

Learn how to access the subconscious mind through muscle monitoring in this 4.5 hour worskhop. We will incorporate essential oils to deeply support the process to guiding you through the understanding and transformation that is kinesiology.

The workshop will include:
*Kinesiology background and education.
*Energy medicine and how this works with our body, heart, mind and spirit.
*Understanding how the mind percieves our belief systems, positively and negatively.
*Overview of the survival system (limbic system) and its influence in our lives.
*Tools and strategies that support our kinesiology insights.
*How to implement effective and sustainable change.
*Take home workshop manual.
*Essential oils supplied and sound meditation with tuning forks to close.

Teresa La Monica: Level 5 Kinesiology Practitioner, Qualified Aroma Touch Technique Certified Trainer and doTERRA Wellness Advocate.

Arrive: 9.15 am for 9.30am start. Finish 2:00pm
Bring: Water bottle. Some snacks for morning tea.
Wear: Comfortable clothing.

$50 Tickets must be purchased via eventbrite:

The Lotus Room.
The Flourish Centre, 32 Stirling Street, Stirling. 6021.


“The kinesiology workshop that Tess presented at my centre has been the most popular workshop we’ve offered this year! The event was very professionally run, and her detailed knowledge of both muscle monitoring and doTERRA oils was greatly appreciated by all in attendance. Everyone left with the confidence to apply muscle monitoring to themselves and family / friends. I personally use the skills gained from the workshop on a regular basis, and definitely recommend it to others as a great way to learn how to ask your own body what it actually needs.”
Simone Collins, Intuitive Reiki Master and Reflexologist.

“I was very keen to attend Tess La Monica’s class on Kinesiology and Essential Oils as this health modality has always fascinated me but I didn’t know much about it and even less about how to use essential oils on the body in this way. Tess expertly explained the founding principles of the mind, body, spirit connection in kinesiology and went through the basics of kinesiology in an easy to understand way. She then demonstrated how muscle testing works and we got the chance to practice on a partner in the class to understand the concepts she taught. We then looked at how essential oils work on a holistic level and how to ask the body what essential oils it needed at that given time and where to apply to best support the body. Again, we practised this.
We were given a booklet with information taught in the class and space to write notes and refer back to in the future. I got a lot of insight from this class and about how kinesiology works and look forward to practising these skills.”
Jessica Widnall RN

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