Low Carb Caulfield 2017 in Melbourne, 5th October 2017

Low Carb Down Under is hosting an evening of presentations on low carbohydrate nutrition. This is suitable for the general public interested to find out more, as well as those with scientific and medical interests

Provisional Program:

Nina Teicholz “The Real Food Politics: Institutional Defence of the Status-Quo”

(NY journalist and author of “The Big Fat Surprise”)

Dr Dawn Lemanne “Carbohydrate Restriction in Cancer Therapy”

(Oregon US Oncologist and cancer researcher)

Dr Caryn Zinn “On Fat and Fasting”

(Auckland Dietician, Academic Researcher and Author)

Dr Gary Fettke “Is Fruit Good or Bad for You?”

(Launceston Orthopaedic Surgeon)

Steven Hamley “To Eat Saturated or Unsaturated Fat? – A Meta-analysis”

(PhD student at Deakin University)

Cost $35

Queries/ enquiries to:

Dr Rod Tayler


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