MOJO Dancing in Melbourne, 5th August 2017

***EARLY BIRD TIX NOW ON SALE – ALL TIX $35 (15 tix available at this rate.***


***AUGUST DOUBLEBIRD tix now on sale – ALL TIX $70.***
Mojo Dancing (August 5) + Mojo Rising (August 19)

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“Divine! I feel like a human bliss bomb!”
“Truly the best possible way to spend a Saturday night.” embed/YEc8nQShsX8″

Welcome, gorgeous human!

Come dance the spectrum of human connection, in a safe, sensual space.

MOJO DANCING is a luscious fusion of free-movement, conscious relating, Slow Jam and how you wish the school social had really been.

Please note:
* You never have to dance or make physical contact with anybody unless you choose to.

* You are fully supported to choose your own level of involvement at all times. Simple tools and guidance are given to help you honour your sovereignty and communicate your personal boundaries easily.

* You don’t need a partner (but you’re most welcome to bring one if you wish). Mojo Dancing is equally suitable and welcoming to single peeps and those in relationship.

* People of all sexualities and gender identifications are welcome. There are no gender divisions or heteronormative practices.

* No prior dance or other experience is required.

* There is no nudity or sexual activity at this event.

Come as you are. Bring your authentic, uniquely awesome self, and dance in love.

MOJO DANCING is your invitation to dance with heart, humour, curiosity and to revel in the delicious medicine of human connection.

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What the peeps are saying about MOJO DANCING….

“Truly the best possible way to spend a Saturday night.”

“Open-heart surgery.”

“Embodies all that is beautiful and gorgeous in this world.”

“Authentic sensual amazingness.”

“Being able to dance, freely with authenticity. However YOU want to express yourself, without judgement, without any fear of what you might look like.”

“Connecting. I mean REALLY connecting. Not just with other people, but yourself too.”


“Such a beautiful space, with no expectation…From the sexy, the raunchy, the saucy, the playful, the sensual, the loving, the passionate, the primal, the wild, the vulnerable, the softness, the tigress in ME all in one night…YES!”


“Hilarious, sensuous, heartfelt, gentle, lively…One of the best dance events I’ve ever been to. ”


“BY FAR the best conscious relating event I’ve been to this year…I felt much relief and gratitude to finally explore the mix of dance, sensuality, sexuality, passion, partner dynamics, free humanistic expression, self responsibility, and respect of self needs and others needs…”

“Divine…I feel like a human bliss bomb!“

Welcome, friend.

You are awesome.

You are loved.

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TICKETS! https://

Here are your ticket options, lovelies…

EARLYBIRD – $35 flat rate. (15 tix available at this rate)
PRESALE – $45 Full / $40 Conc.
DOOR – $50 flat rate, if available.


JUNE DOUBLEBIRD – All tix $70 flat rate. (10 tix available at this rate)
Mojo Dancing (June 3) + Mojo Rising (June 10)


(For more information on Mojo Rising, please see events/754449794715931/)

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About Perpetual Mojo…
Jules Sutherland is a lover, dancer, dreamer and realist, who wholeheartedly believes that…
1. Humans are awesome.
2. Life is sexy.
3. It’s all about connection.

Jules’ work through Perpetual Mojo is the love child of her passionate long-term relationships with self-expression, Tantra, personal empowerment and human diversity.

The Perpetual Mojo model weaves together mind, heart, body and mojo to foster the consistent, embodied experience of living as passion in motion.

Perpetual Mojo’s regular offerings include…

Mojo Dancing – The Dance of Connection.
Mojo Tantra Dance – Sacred Sexy Connection.
Living the Lover workshops and courses.
Private 1:1 sessions, supporting your mojo to thrive in every area of your life.

Jules and Perpetual Mojo are committed to bringing sexy back to self-empowerment through passion, presence and play.

For more info, please dance on over to perpetualmojo
or connect with Jules via FB or

It’s a pleasure doing pleasure with you. 🙂

Ecstatic dance

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