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Please Note: I am not an English Teacher. My aim is to help u pass OET B level, not to improve ur Level of English too much in short period of time, and we don’t need to be English elites, however, you need to have 6 band Ielts level at least. A Good OET teacher is NOT=”native English teacher”

Be attention: If you lack perseverance of studying for 4 wks, I am not a person for you. Preparing OET is tough and no short cuts. But My system is highly effective!

Ask ur OET tutor : “Were u an international healthcare professional?” “R u a nurse?” “Have u had IELTs?”+ “have you had OET? what was ur result?”


I graduated from Bachelor of Nursing 3 years study and passed OET then became a RN1. I have been doing OET Tutoring in Chinese, Indian, Japanese and Korean communities in Australia for more than 4 years, so far I helped more than 100+ nurses(a few doctors) passed OET. If you want to clear Occupational English Test for nurses and medicine, or to get 10 points for immigration, I am the right person for you. My tutoring is intensive and very exam focused.

Although OET B= IELTs7 marks, OET B level=IELTs 6 band Level. (Listening is 6.5 level)

I am confident to promise you have 80% (50% practice + 30% guidance and tips) chance to pass it in one go! As long as you study hard for a month under my supportive learning plan. If you have IELTs level for L6.5 R6.0 W6.0 S6.0, and with my assistance and guidance, you will have 80% chance to pass OET on next exam. Another 20% is luck or your exam performance. On top of that, you need to study hard for at least 3-4 hours a day, 4-8 weeks, intensively.

Unlimited writing checks via email, Skype and QQ. My system to guide you with OET preparation is highly successful. Even some students who took other “professional” OET classes, eventually they came to me ask for help, because OET classes didn’t help them to clear OET! But I am the one who know OET much better.

I have an effective learning system to help you and I will assess your chance of passing rate, If I think you can pass, U will have 80% rate to clear OET, If I say no, you’d better study more instead of wasting the exam Fee, so I save ur money in different ways. If your level of English is not too bad and you study very hard but couldn’t pass OET for 3 times, I will hit my head and refund to you!

Free delivery to your place, free POST to All over of Australia. Printed materials, USB listening recoding+ Electronic materials). 1:1 consultation plus following-up answering questions, unlimited Writing checks via Email, Line, Facebook..


  • Package A: $390 (4-6 weeks online supportive training)
  • Package B: $490 (6-8 weeks supportive training?All relevant practice materials included, 800 pages printed and organised materials– will help you until you clear OET and Passing Guaranteed in 1-3 exams!!
  • Package C: small group booking, if you have friends want to prepare OET face to face, contact me for details.

Depends on ur Level of English or previous IELTs. Package B has more assistance, which you might believe it’s expensive.

Please think again, how much you pay for the exam? About $600 once, what if you couldn’t pass? Another $600?

Or you want to take some couching courses? How much? (Enrollment fee=$200 + $300/week). So far, all my students passed OET in 1-3 attempts. So I am confident you can do it as well.

How does it work?

  • Free Consultaion + sending all study materials to your place! Then online tutoring via Emails and Skype
  • 1-3 wks, You follow my instruction to practice Listening and Reading
  • 3 wks before ur exam, Pls send me ur writing to check! Unlimited
  • 2 weeks before your exam, I will teach you with Speaking topics from previous exam and tips!
  • For Info, Contact me on mobile (Text messages preferred) or emails, Ta 0420 986 130

Pics are some of candidates who passed OET

I have their consent to use their Official results. OET Preparation Group has been set up for the coming exam.








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