Pandit Shubhendra Rao & Saskia Rao-De Haas in Sydney on 20th & 21st Sept 2016


Instrumental Duet Of Sitar & Indian Cello

Pandit Shubhendra Rao & Saskia Rao-De Haas in Sydney on 20th & 21st Sept 2016

When two musical giants accomplished in their own right come together, something magical happens.  The couple’s music is hailed as a new musical language that is both avant-garde and traditional at once with an effect that conjures a symphony orchestra.

Together, Shubhendra and Saskia carry Indian music towards new horizons with their strong belief in the unifying power of music.

Internationally, Shubhendra and Saskia have performed at prestigious concert halls, jazz festivals and open-air festivals including The John F. Kennedy Centre for Performing Arts in Washington DC, Edinburgh Festivals in Scotland, the Tropical Institute in Amsterdam, Fajr International Music Festival in Tehran, Musee Guimet in Paris.

Shubhendra and Saskia Rao are International Artists in Residence at Alice Springs, Desert Song Festival.

From Indian Bhajans to Bach & Beethoven”… a Classical Fusion of Sitar and Cello, Shubhendra Rao and Saskia Rao de Haas’ work has been described as exemplifying the very best in the musical traditions of the East & West. This internationally experienced and cutting edge duo will present a unique concert program – a first for Alice Springs.

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