Practical & Predictive KP Astrology, Glenroy, Melbourne, VIC

Practical & Predictive KP Astrology, Glenroy, Melbourne, VIC

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Himanshu Premi is an Indian Astrologer in Glenroy, Melbourne @ Practical & Predictive KP Astrology Specialising in Astrological Services.

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Opening Hours

  • Monday: 9am -11.30 pm
  • Tuesday: 9am -11.30pm
  • Wednesday: 9am -11.30pm
  • Thursday: 9am – 11.30pm
  • Friday: 9am -11.30pm
  • Saturday: 9am – 11.30pm
  • Sunday: 9am – 11.30pm

Additional Information

My name is Himanshu Premi and I am practicing KP astrology. I am an Electronics Engineer by qualification. I have attended the workshop of K Hariharan sir(s/o Krishnamurthi ji) on KP astrology. Currently I am practicing KP under my guru Ashok Kumar Guptaji. Astrology analysis based on Krishnamurthy Paddhati.

The questions should be genuine and should be important in your life, otherwise you won’t get correct results. You need to focus on the question, meditate for 2 mins, think of a number between 1-249, send me the question and the number. Please don’t try to test astrologers and astrology. This is for those who have faith in it.

My guruji Ashok Kumar Gupta ji is practicing KP since 25 years and he is a direct disciple of Shri Kuppu Ganpathi ji.  I would say that my guruji is a gem in KP astrology because he handles every issue with commonsense and a logical approach. He remembers KP 6 readers on his finger tips and that really requires immense hard work, determination, and passion. I thank him for his motivation and his learning which he is constantly passing on to me.

The motivation behind creating this website came from RKS Chandel ji who is a KP astrologer and very passionate about KP.

If you have any problem in life:

  • Professional
  • Marriage
  • Health

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