Red Carpet Functions Brisbane City, QLD

Red Carpet Functions Brisbane City, QLD

Red Carpet Functions (RCF) was born off the idea to celebrate the rich art and culture from around the world but, with style.

The creative heads behind RCF are from diverse industries, cultures and ethnicity.

However, what’s common in us is the ‘Passion for Fashion’.

At RCF, we are striving to bring designers, artists, models and the entire community who love creativity, art and above all fashion & style under one roof.

We are proud to bring you the biggest multi-cultural fashion show of Brisbane, The Red Carpet Fashion show 2015 where we look forwards to bring designers from over 15 countries where people are likely to witness their style, ethnicity and a tinge of culturally inspired designs.

Not only this the models are also from all around the globe and very excited about waking the stage wearing mixed designs.

It doesn’t stop there, we have performances and acts inspired from the designs to compliment the models on the runway which makes this show even more exciting.

This is a perfect platform for talented designers (budding or experienced), stylists, make-up artists, artists, performers & fashion ambassadors to show case their work, talents and portfolios to the people.

A lot of hard work and effort’s been put by everyone involved in and around this show just to being the best possible experience to the art & fashion lovers of Brisbane.


“Reena ia outstanding! A do-er of such calibre I have never met before ??”

“It was an amazing event. Really loved it. Can’t wait for the next year!”

“It is a great event. Very professional very colourful and a wonderful atmosphere.”

“What an amazing showcase of talent and togetherness. well done Reena, keep the spirit alive.”

“Was absolutely fantastic show! I belive every single person who was there had great time! Sensational!”

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