Satrangi Film & Arts Festival 2016 in Melbourne – 22nd May

Satrangi Film & Arts Festival 2016

Satrangi Film & Arts Festival 2016 in Melbourne – 22nd May

  • Venue: Clayton Hall, 264 Clayton Road, Clayton, VIC 3168, Melway: 79 C2
  • Date: 22nd May 2016
  • Time: 1PM-5PM

SATRANGI, Seven Colors, is an Indian, Australian & Cross-multicultural festival of Performing and Creative arts which include All Australian and cross-multicultural Film, Fashion, Music, Dance, Instruments, Acting, Comedy, Drama Schools, Clubs and Community organizations to showcase their extraordinary talent to the public while encouraging the participation of the whole community in celebrating and valuing cultural diversity.

Satrangi-Seven Color Film & Arts Festival , is dedicated to our beloved patron Bollywood Filmmaker Late Shri Yash Raj Chopra, who left us heavenly abode in 2012. We are greatly inspired from Yash Ji, for his feature film “Chak De India” shot in melbourne, in which he has conveyed his soulful LOVE and patriotic message of showing the strength of uniting people of all cultures as one.

This festival also aims at strengthening Music, Film & Cultural ties of Victorian/Australian Film, Music & Arts industries with India and globally by recognizing the local talent and productions at this community platform. We have plan to run Film, Music, Dance, Yoga and Creative Writing workshops during that weekend on a separate day, to unite creatives, commercials and technicains to provide their valued input and talent developing multicultural music, film and arts projects.

Satrangi 7 Colors festival 2016 incorporates showcasing the productions of a few locall and global film makers each for two one minutes on the main stage among the culrual extravaganza, while recognizing their cast & crew and motivating them to promote the social, cultural and economic benefits of cultural diversity through their film and arts projects.

Other full films will be run along with Film & Dance workshops on other days than 22nd May (Venues & Details TBA Soon)

It’s Open to All Cultures, Origins, and Religions & Age Groups.

To showcase your films, perform, participate and volunteer please email to: or Call 61-404989336

For your Business promotions, Sponsorship, Stalls & Tickets please contact Noel Nawal Moudgil 61-403167441

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