Simo’s Drum Lessons, Gowanbrae, Melbourne, VIC

Simo’s Drum Lessons, Gowanbrae, Melbourne, VIC

Anyone can play, it’s all about attitude!

Contact Details

  • Mobile: 0402 840 971
  • Contact Simon Hanna

Trading Hours

  • Monday : 9:00am to 3:00pm
  • Tuesday : 9:00am to 3:00pm
  • Wednesday : 9:00am to 3:00pm
  • Thursday : 9:00am to 3:00pm
  • Friday : 9:00am to 3:00pm
  • Saturday : – to –
  • Sunday : – to –

Additional Information

I have been playing drums for 10 years starting when I was 13, having taken lessons and receiving a wealth of knowledge from some of the most renowned drummers and musicians through my studies in high school and Bachelor’s in Music including Tony Floyd, Ronny Ferella, Peter Robertson, Mark Grunden, James Rust as well as world-renowned drummer Dave Weckl (and getting a certificate from him with his signature). I have also played in a variety of styles and ensembles including Jazz, Afro-Cuban, Brazilian Choir, Balkan Choir, South Indian, Rock to Australian Rock, Middle Eastern and Balinese Gamelan.

I have also performed at many venues across Melbourne including The Northcote Town Hall, Open Studio, Wesley Anne, The Clocktower and the Hamer Hall Arts Centre, as well as perform with a variety of musicians, including Pat Bruce, Dana Crowe, Adrian Sherriff, Adam Starr, Anthony Schulz and the Orkeztra Glasso Bashalde, I have also gained experience in many fields of the music industry, including performing, teaching, arranging, composing, ensemble and band direction, studio work and many more, including the chance to create a music score for Project Zero, a video game made by Swinburne University, and arrange an Original piece of mine, The High Way, for a 44 piece ensemble at VCASS (Victorian College Of The Arts Secondary School).

My drum lessons provide knowledge and guidance on the drums to anyone, of all ages, interested in drumming, where teaching will begin with the foundations of drumming to understanding drumming in many styles of music, with focus on the students’ needs.

My fee is around $50 an hour or $30 for half an hour and I can teach at my home or come to you if you live in the northern suburbs of Melbourne or own a drum set.

I am also available as a freelance musician playing drums and backing vocals, where I perform in bands and musicals, as well as assist with music notation, arranging, conducting and film scoring.

Bands I Have Performed In

  • Dana Crowe
  • Pat Bruce
  • The Vignettes (Current band)
  • Orkestra Glasso Bashalde
  • and many others
  • as well as many venues around Melbourne including:
  • The Brunswick Hotel
  • The Evelyn
  • The Retreat Hotel
  • Open Studio
  • Wesley Anne
  • The Clocktower
  • The Hamer Hall Arts Centre
  • Terms are negotiable
  • My motto is Anyone Can Play, It’s All About Attitude!



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