Stop Live Exports’ Human Chain 2017 in Fremantle, 8th October

It’s Stop Live Exports’ SEVENTH annual Human Chain, for World Animal Day (4 October)!

Live animal export is STILL cruel, the abuse is STILL happening and we STILL oppose it!

Please do whatever you need to do, to make this Sunday morning free and clear to attend this and BRING FIVE FRIENDS!

This is a PEACEFUL, silent protest. Download your “I AM A _____ STILL OPPOSED TO LIVE EXPORTS” sign: jfk8keplxndbvl3/ I_AM_A_PDF.pdf?dl=0

Dress in BLACK and join us on the Stirling Traffic Bridge (Stirling Hwy between Canning Hwy, East Fremantle and Tydeman Rd, North Fremantle) a bridge that has seen tens of million of animals cross it on their way to a fate worse than death.
Free Admission
Kid Friendly

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