The Essence of Winter in Melbourne, 22nd July 2017


Winter is associated with the water element. The water element consists of the Kidneys and Bladder.

The Kidneys reflect Winter as they are like the seed of the tree from which everything grows, the organ that provides the fuel for all bodily functions.

During Winter that seed returns to the depths of the earth to restore and to gather strength and energy.

The Kidneys are also the organ that react to fear, a common pattern associated with the water element is excessive fear.

Fear represents itself by over or under-action. Overly driven, exhausting oneself in order to fulfill ones life purpose, OR, becoming paralysed by fear, withdrawing from oneself and others.

Either way there is often a great distrust of their instincts, the innate knowing that directs us and keeps us safe, that finds trust in the flow and allows for balance between the yin/yang activities of daily life.

In this workshop there will be plenty of silent space to listen to the subtlety of our own innate knowing.

The workshop will include:

Silent seated meditation
Yin and Restorative Yoga specific to the Kidneys and Bladder
Chakra Nidra

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