Tuli Jewellers Sydney Harris Park Indian Jewellery

Tuli Jewellers Sydney

Indian Jewellery Shop in Harris Park, Sydney Specialising in 22ct Gold Jewellery, 18ct Diamond Jewellery. We Specialise in Engagement Rings.

Contact Details

  • Address: 79 Marion Street, Harris Park, Sydney Nsw 2768
  • Ph: (02) 9635 5994
  • Mob: 0422 401 199


  • Tue-Fri 10am-5pm
  • Sat 11am-5pm
  • Sun 11:30am-5pm

3 Responses to “Tuli Jewellers Sydney Harris Park Indian Jewellery”

  1. karam Says:

    i want to see some ring, earring,and silver bangles for little girls. and some earrings for small girl in gold and diamond and some PAYAL deigning for me and my little daughter. if u have all this stuff can u please send me the photo of all this with price.

  2. Harinder Says:

    I want to see some rings and bangles for me. My fingers are thin. Some men’s chian designs. All with price. As soon as possible

  3. jassi Says:


    I want a 24 carat gold chain for men. Can you send me some designs and price for them?

    Thank you

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