With GOOD Intentions AUSTRALIA Handmade Incense SMUDGE STICKS Penshurst, Sydney, NSW

With GOOD Intentions AUSTRALIA Handmade Incense SMUDGE STICKS Penshurst, Sydney, NSW

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Smudging – (AKA Smoke Ceremony)

Throughout history, the burning of natural substances has been used for cleansing, healing and spiritual purposes and are still practiced today by native traditions around the globe.

Where ever people make their habitat, smudging is part of everyday culture.

The Babylonians used smudge extensively while offering prayers or divining oracles, and so did the old Germans and Norsk tribes, as well as the First Nations of the Americas and Austral-Asia.

From the Australian Aboriginal community, to natives across the americas, European herbal healers (later condemned as witches), Celtic medicine people, the church, ancient Egypt.

In the regions of the Himalaya and the Indian sub-continent the incense trade started and via the Spice Route various religious ideas and incense came via Iran to Arabia and Mecca.

The term Smudging originated in the Native American culture. Native American Indians use a variety of smudging mixtures, depending on tradition and required effects. The herbs are picked and tied into a bundle and allowed to dry they are called a “smudge stick”.

Smudging is the burning of particular herbs to create a cleansing smoke bath.

To see and smell the smoke from the smudging is a very earthy, elementary experience.

Many hold a strong belief that smudging will purify people, homes, classrooms, place of business, ceremonial and ritual spaces (yoga & meditation), including ceremonial tools ,object and the list goes on.

Many differing cultures and peoples have their own methods and herbal mixtures for this purpose. The burning of herbs for emotional, psychic, and spiritual purification is a common practice among many religious, healing, and spiritual traditions

Smudging, when done correctly, can bring physical, spiritual and emotional balance. It is also used to rid negative energies as well as a protection for the physical and spiritual body.

There are many ways to smudge and a variety of different herbs may be used. Sage is probably the most popular herb for smudging. Herbs release strong, pleasant aromas when burnt. Other popular smudging Herbs include: Lavender, Rosemary, Thyme, Cedar, sweet grass & mugwort.











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