A Class Fencing, Melbourne


A Class Fencing, Melbourne

I Can Speak The Following Languages: English, Punjabi, Hindi.

Contact Details

  • Address: 192 Derrimut Drv, Derrimut, Melbourne, VIC
  • Telephone: 03 8375 1800
  • Mobile: 0430 002 719
  • Email: harry@aclassfencing.net.au
  • Website: www.aclassfencing.net.au

Supplier and Installer for all your fencing needs.

Own warehouse in Derrimut.

We Do:

  • Colorbond Fences
  • Pailing Fences
  • All types of gates
  • Retaining Walls
  • Etc…..

ACl??? Fencing ?? d?d???t?d t? ?r?v?d?ng our ?u?t?m?r? w?th the h?gh??t ?u?l?t? products ?nd ?x??ll?n?? in professional services, Cr??t?ng ??ur ?wn ?t?l? w?th ?ur fencing . We combine ?nn?v?t?v? technology w?th ?r??t???l ?x??r??n??. W?th our ultr?-m?d?rn f??t?r?, ?ff????nt ?r?du?t??n l?n?? ?nd ?x??r??n?? management t??m, W? are w?ll positioned t? leverage ?t? ??r? competencies in d?l?v?r?ng ?u?l?t? products ?nd ??rv????.

ACl??? F?n??ng w?? ?n??r??r?t?d ?n 2005, ?? a wholly ?nd?g?n?u? ??m??n? ?nd a w?rld ?l??? ?r?du??r engaged ?n th? ?u??l? and installation of all t???? ?f g?t?? ?nd f?n??ng t? Residential ?nd industrial ?u?t?m?r? thr?ugh?ut M?lb?urn?. We b?l??v? ?n g??d ?u?t?m?r ??rv??? ?nd installing b??t ?u?l?t? products.

Our f?n?? ?r?du?t?, wh?th?r;

T?mb?r f?n??ng
Fencing gates
Retaining w?ll?
C?l?rb?nd f?n??ng
Aluminium & St??l F?n??ng
Decking and so ?n ?r? ?r?m?r?l? used for perimeter ?ntru???n deterrent ?ur????? ?n both ?r?v?t? ?nd ?ubl?? F???l?t???.

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