A Sikh Man & 3 Muslim Men Kicked Off US Flight Because Their Appearance Made Pilot Uneasy


A Sikh man along with his three Muslim friends (All US Citizens) have been kicked off the American Airline flight because their appearance made the pilot feel uneasy.

They have now filed a USD $9 Million lawsuit against the Airline.

Shan Anand (a Skih), and his three friends were ordered to get off the flight 44718 from Toronto to New York.

Mr Anand and Alam switched their seats with other passengers so that they can sit with their other two Muslim friends W.H. and M.K.

Several minutes later the on duty flight attendant approached then and asked W.H. to get off the flight according to the lawsuit, which was filed yesterday in Brooklyn Federal Court.

When they asked the flight crew why they were being removed, the flight attendant told them to exit “peacefully” and “demanded” they return to the gate and await further directions, the lawsuit said.

“It basically made me feel like a criminal,” W.H. said, adding: “It was like I was put on a pedestal where everyone is pointing at you. I was frightened that they were frightened.”

It was only after the plane took off that an airline agent told the men “they could not board because the crew members, and specifically the captain, felt uneasy and uncomfortable with their presence on the flight and as such, refused to fly unless they were removed from the flight,” the report said.

The flight took off, leaving the four men behind.

“They said it was protocol,” said Anand.

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