Australian Federation Of International Students – AFIS Mid-Autumn Festival in Melbourne on 16th Sept 2016

AFIS Mid-Autumn Festival in Melbourne on 16th Sept 2016

Australian Federation Of International Students (AFIS) Mid-Autumn Festival in Melbourne on 16th Sept 2016

  • Event Date: Friday, 16th September 2016
  • Time: 5.30am – 9pm
  • Venue: 506 Elizabeth St, Melbourne VIC 3000 (MULTICULTURAL HUB, Blue Room)

For some, the wafting smell of mooncakes brings you on a nostalgic trip back to childhood memories. For others, it’s a cultural escapade that lets you venture out from your comfort zone to experience Asian customs. For everyone, the Mid-Autumn Festival Dinner promises a night where everyone comes together to celebrate the full moon.

The night’s programme will take you through a whirlwind of activities! Before and after dinner, you have a chance to build new friendships, socialise with other students, and learn from different cultures by working together in teams. There’ll be games to be played, lanterns to be made, and performances to be enjoyed!

End the night off on a sweet note, with the tasting of mooncakes.

REGISTER NOW for just $10 to be part of the Mid-Autumn Festival Dinner.

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About AFIS

AFIS is an award-winning organisation that was established in 2002 by a group of enthusiastic students, both domestic and international.  The initial aim was to provide international students with a chance to experience the full benefits of what Australia has to offer in the wider community.  One of the ways was to ensure that funds and grants that were out of reach to the international students community could be accessible.

In the words of the Founding President Henry Chiang, “These students do not receive direct benefits or support from the Australian government because they are not ‘Aussies’, but yet they live here and consume here. This is why we need AFIS: to assist the students to find the group they belong to and allow them to be part of the community”.

During early years, AFIS worked with various clubs and societies and assisted them to help their international students. In 2004, we developed the multimedia and radio project which provided a platform for international students to express their views in various art form. This had attracted many students to volunteer and participate.

The number of international students studying in Australia started to increase at an exponential rate from 2005. In 2006, AFIS saw the growing need of international students and started to plan for a direct service aimed to help them.  This was achieved in 2007 when the position of Executive Officers were realised with the generous support of WorldCare OSHC.

AFIS now continues to evolve and adapt to the complex environment that never stops changing, striving to meet the needs of international students.

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