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AIR PAK Freight Services Worldwide

Telephone: 07 3268 6188
Fax: 07 3868 2309
Address: 33 Curtin Ave. West, Eagle Farm, Brisbane Qld 4009
Suburb: Eagle Farm
Area: Northern Brisbane
City: Brisbane

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  • Excess Baggage Services (Sea and Air) Worldwide
  • Commercial Freight Import and Export (Sea and Air) Worldwide
  • Customs Faciliatation Import
  • Fiji Freight Specialist (Sea and Air)
  • Special Import Rate (Sea and Air) From China, Japan, Taiwan and Singapore

Competitive Rates to Fiji, New Zealand and Aisa Ports

Contact Mahen Bhagwan

  • Ph: 07 3268 6188
  • Email:
  • Fax: 07 3868 2309
  • Address: 33 Curtin Ave. West, Eagle Farm, Brisbane Qld 4009


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62 Responses to "AIR PAK Freight Services Worldwide"

  1. Lis Says:
    Thu 27th Jan 22 8:20pm
    Hi have 6 boxes X 30kg each Total weight = 180kg. I need to know the cost to deliver to Suva.
  2. Parvina kumari Says:
    Wed 19th Jan 22 5:04pm
    Hi want to air freight some 23 kg clothes stuffs to Suva Fiji.really wanted to know about your process and cost.Thanks.
  3. Ashika Says:
    Thu 7th Oct 21 6:48am
    Hi how much you guys charge to send home appliances to fiji(nadi) from Perth
  4. Satpal kaur Says:
    Tue 13th Apr 21 7:01pm
    I have enguiry about sent luggage to india you people sent to india or not
  5. Elma Spooner-Marurai Says:
    Sun 6th Dec 20 3:03pm
    I have a couple of boxes to be sent to Fiji, what’s your rate and how long does it take? As well, where in Fiji does it go to? Vinaka
  6. Mary Vunakece Says:
    Sun 22nd Nov 20 5:23pm
    Hi i have 4 boxes to send to Fiji can these be picked from Charlotte street and when does it leave for fiji and when would it arrive?
  7. Mary Vunakece Says:
    Wed 3rd Apr 19 8:11pm

    hi i have 4 boxes to send to do i go about getting a costing for this and how long will it yake to get to fiji from brisbane (it has chocolates hence my question)

  8. Geeta Says:
    Tue 22nd Jan 19 8:40pm

    Hi I have got couple of boxes to be sent to Suva, approx 20kg each.
    What’s the rate pls

  9. Shalindra SINGH Says:
    Sat 12th Jan 19 8:10am

    Clothes to Labasa

  10. Pamela Says:
    Sat 10th Nov 18 5:24pm

    How much will it cost to send a suitcase 23kg of clothes to Suva, Fiji. Do you collect from my address or where do i drop off the suitcase.

  11. Mala Says:
    Thu 26th Apr 18 9:35pm

    Hi there, i have got about 200kg of clothing and homeware item for Suva. Do you have any special rate for luggage around 200kg.


  12. Devika Says:
    Mon 11th Dec 17 3:51pm

    How much does it cost to send 20kilos to Lautoka fiji ??

  13. Air Pak Admin Says:
    Mon 4th Sep 17 10:44am

    Dear customers,

    Thank you for your messages and inquiries.

    If you have any questions or seek a quote, please call 07 3268 6188 or send us a message and like our Facebook page at:

    We can also be reached by email at:

    Thank you,
    Air Pak Freight Services

  14. Ash Says:
    Fri 7th Jul 17 9:13pm

    Hi can you please quote the price to send one box of stuff from brisbane to fiji,labasa..mainly clothes..approx 10kilos. .plus duration by either air or sea..vinaka bosso.

  15. Saroj Singh Says:
    Sun 7th May 17 9:34am

    I want to send 15 kg oracle to Suva, fiji. Cost please.


  16. Fiona Says:
    Fri 13th Jan 17 6:59pm

    How much to send a 40 kilo box to suva from Brisbane

  17. enna Says:
    Sun 18th Dec 16 6:37pm

    Want to know how much per kilo to send to Fiji and is there additional cost to pay such as paperwork etc? Sending from Toowoomba to Fiji 40kg

  18. Urmila singh Says:
    Thu 15th Dec 16 9:47pm

    Want to send 30kilos of household things including 50inch tv in that30kilos can u give da price pliz

  19. Roberta Says:
    Mon 5th Dec 16 6:14am

    Hi iam wanting to send a box containing personal items to Suva, it weighs around 25kg…how much would that be. Thanks.

  20. Bale Says:
    Thu 24th Nov 16 4:55pm

    Hi, do you do pick up boxes from homes and what is the pick-up point for Suva?

  21. Ranji Says:
    Sat 22nd Oct 16 1:59pm

    I would like to send few boxes of gifts of goods to Lautoka Fiji. Please let me know your rates and how long will it take to reach its destination in Lautoka Fiji.
    Do you pick it from home of the sender or we need to drop it off at your office.
    Please respond.

  22. Praveena singh Says:
    Mon 10th Oct 16 9:30pm

    Hi there, I would like to send about 30kgs of goods to Fiji. Could you please let me konw what would be the cost , including your charges. I will be flying out on the 5th of December.

  23. tan Says:
    Tue 13th Sep 16 9:07am

    what are your operating times and do you pick from homes

    thank you

  24. Vinita Says:
    Sun 24th Jul 16 1:55pm

    How much does it cost to send white goods and 50kgs worth of personal items to Fiji?


  25. Narda Says:
    Tue 12th Jul 16 5:10pm

    Hi – I want to send a couple of tea chests of household stuff from Brisbane to Suvw, they probably weigh between 30-40kg. How much would that cost? Ie. Min to max

  26. Kritika Says:
    Fri 10th Jun 16 5:18pm

    Hi! I would like to find out how much is the charges to send box from Melbourne to Suva and where is your branch in Melbourne.

  27. Iva Says:
    Mon 30th May 16 9:48am

    Hi there,
    Requesting freight charges from Brisbane to Suva.
    Also, if you have any special rates for heavier items.
    Looking forward to your response.
    Thank you

  28. Praveena Singh Says:
    Tue 17th May 16 9:48pm

    Hi…I would like to know how much do you charge for per kilograms to Suva FJ11.

  29. Riteshni Townsend Says:
    Mon 16th May 16 5:13pm

    Would like to send generator to Nadi in Fiji approximately weighing 56 Kilograms could you give me a price from Brisbane.

  30. asif Says:
    Sat 2nd Apr 16 8:06pm

    hi there, i want to send nearly 30 kg to Pakistan in Lahore. would you like to give me quote for this please.

  31. Justin Says:
    Mon 7th Mar 16 9:49pm

    Hi can i get cost for sending items from brisbane to suva 6 x25kg boxs please. Thabks

  32. Annie rahiman Says:
    Fri 4th Mar 16 12:25am

    I would. Like to send boxes of thing for people due to the hurricane from melbourne
    I would be very happy if u can help me out thank u

  33. Susan Says:
    Thu 3rd Mar 16 9:37pm

    Hi we are in wollongong and would like to send some things to fiji to help those affected in cyclone. Approx 25 kg can you give me a price please


  34. Henry Enasio Says:
    Tue 1st Mar 16 9:01am

    Urgent! What’s the freight for 3ctns:
    1ctnx26kg mower &
    2ctnxbrushcutter & shaft x4kg
    to Suva Fiji.



  35. Bruce Says:
    Wed 24th Feb 16 1:26pm

    Hello, I would like to send some material to Fiji could you please give me prices, some items are very heavy.

  36. Bill Says:
    Sat 20th Feb 16 7:38pm

    I want to send some stuffs to Fiji, could you please advise me on this. From Sydney to Suva.


  37. Den Says:
    Sat 6th Feb 16 1:48pm

    I want to send 4 tyres and 3 boxes to Suva Fiji. I can put it on a pellet and keep it ready for pickup or I can drop it off wherever needed. Can I get a price for sea and air freight please.

  38. urmila chandra Says:
    Mon 28th Dec 15 12:27pm

    could you please tell me the cost to send 10kg stuff to fiji by air and by sea.
    thank you

  39. Daren Korwa Says:
    Wed 23rd Dec 15 5:48pm

    Thanks very much for your awesome service.

  40. Rhoeda Natomi Says:
    Wed 9th Dec 15 4:16am

    Good morning

    We were wanting to send 10 boxes to fiji (approx 100kg) they would be ready to go next monday. could you please give me a quote and an approximate time of arrival. thank you so much Kind regards, Rhoeda

  41. om singh Says:
    Thu 15th Oct 15 9:48pm

    rate to fiji frm brisbane pls

  42. Lia Says:
    Thu 17th Sep 15 12:46pm

    I want to send second hand fridge, beds, dinning & living suites, washing machine to suva, fiji. How does this work? Vinaka 🙂

  43. Ashok Kumar(Randa) Says:
    Sun 2nd Aug 15 9:45am

    Bula Bhaiya
    Just wondering, what it will cost to send a 20 ft container (FCL) of second hand truck parts from Brisbane to Lautoka, Fiji please? Thanks

  44. Ashika Kumar Says:
    Fri 12th Jun 15 3:59pm

    I want to send 25kg baggage to Fiji what would be ththe price

  45. Esava Koraniu Says:
    Sun 9th Nov 14 8:43pm

    Hi, just want to know the cost of sending a suitcase containing clothes and personal items to Suva, Fiji. The estimated weigh is 25kg.

  46. Dennis Says:
    Tue 4th Nov 14 9:45pm

    Just want to know your charges for sending goods to Suva, Fiji. Do u go by kg’s or size??
    Would really appreciate it if I could get a quote asap.

  47. Sabina Says:
    Tue 9th Sep 14 1:57pm

    Can you provide a quote

  48. Sabina Says:
    Tue 9th Sep 14 1:57pm

    I need to send clothes to fiji – how much will it cost and do you provide cartons

  49. Sabina Says:
    Tue 9th Sep 14 1:57pm

    I need to send clothes to fiji – how much will it cost and do you provide cartons

  50. Sabina Says:
    Tue 9th Sep 14 1:55pm

    I would like to send items to fiji – do you provide cartons and can you provide quote as well

  51. OD Mishra Says:
    Mon 11th Aug 14 10:01pm

    I have never sent things before.

  52. OD Mishra Says:
    Mon 11th Aug 14 10:00pm

    I wish to send 50kg (2 Boxes of old tools and books to fiji)in Labasa.
    Could you please advise me how I could get this to my family back home.Its all gifts/kere kere.?


  53. Ashok Says:
    Tue 5th Aug 14 1:11pm

    I have a box about 26 kg to send to Fiji could u please let me know the cost thanks

  54. Ashok Says:
    Sun 3rd Aug 14 4:44pm

    Just chacking to send 30 kg to Fiji cost pls

  55. Sala Says:
    Sun 29th Jun 14 10:08pm


    Would like to know how much per kg send over to Fiji?


  56. rajeshni Says:
    Sun 11th May 14 9:20pm

    hi can I no how much we can send to Fiji.n how much per kg .thx

  57. fazia Says:
    Fri 21st Feb 14 3:46pm

    hi there, would like to know please how much is it to send things to fiji? does it work by kilograms or by cubic meters?

  58. Sharina Says:
    Thu 10th Oct 13 4:28pm

    I would like to know what is your charge to send thing to Fiji, and do you provide Carlton

  59. Anna Says:
    Fri 10th May 13 9:36pm

    I’m am just enquiring. How much is for 25kg of grocery etc to theCook island?
    Just wanted to know if I can send electrical appliance?

    Kind Regards

  60. san Says:
    Tue 23rd Apr 13 3:53pm

    is it possible to bring over a box of personal items from Fiji to Brisbane?

  61. sashi Says:
    Sat 19th Jan 13 2:35pm

    what is your Sydney contact number.

  62. kamal Says:
    Thu 18th Nov 10 6:24pm

    i need to send freight to fiji just want to know do you pick up boxs from home i have about 100kg around 10 boxs through air freight.Is there any special rate for that

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